Top 10 Best MBA Schools in The World

The abbreviation of MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. Basically this degree originated in United States of America in the time of industrialization. But now most of all the countries has MBA schools. Its core course has accounting, human resource etc as its branches.

Now let us see the list of top 10 MBA schools in the world

These MBA schools have offered the best quality education and are well-renowned all over the world:

10. Copenhagen Business school-


The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is the host for this MBA college which presently stands 10th best in the world. This college was established in the year 1917, for the improvement of education in business and economics. Having over 20,000 students and over 2,000 teaching staff, presently this college is having a very good growth. This college offers many programmes related to business. Major of them are BSc in business, BSc international business and politics, intercultural market communication, English organisational communication etc. This college, in order to maintain international standards, recruit 50% of the faculty from abroad.

9. London school of Economics and political sciences-


Affiliated to the university of London, this university is a public university which is located in London. 1895 was the year when this college was founded in Westminster, London. This college has 26 different departments like law, human geography, statistics, mathematics, etc. 26% of the Nobel prizes in economics is been awarded to the alumni associated with this college. The old building which is the Principal building was initiated by the King George V. The library of this college is the world’s largest political and social science library and the second largest in the world. This college is so reputed that there were 17,000 applications for only 1500 seats.

8. University of Oxford-

university of oxford, Best MBA Schools in the world 2017

This is the oldest university present in the English speaking world. Their Slogan is “The lord is my light”. Established in the year 1096, this university grew very fast when the English speaking people were not admitted to the Paris university. They have numerous institutions under their name, which consists of 38 different colleges and various departments. Though all these colleges are under the big name , it management and control is vested in their own hands. It has the world’s oldest university museum and houses the world’s largest press. It has been the house of knowledge for many great persons including 27 prime ministers of the UK, 27 noble laureates and also heads of states.

7. Bocconi university-

bocconi university, World's Best MBA Schools 2018

Public administration, economics, management, law, finance, are the major fields of interests in this college. It offers various under graduate, graduate, post graduate education. This university is ranked 1st in Italy. This college offers both MBA and Executive MBA courses. This college was started in the year 1902. This college has approximately 1500 places in dorms, for the aide of the students from different countries. This college provides three year undergraduate programmes with different branches. This university, also has press and publications which are run by the students themselves.

6. Massachusetts institute of technology-


Most famously known as MIT, Massachusetts institute of technology is the best engineering college in the whole world presently. Established in the year 1861 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, this university has been stressing on the Laboratory teachings more. They have adapted the European university model in their teachings. Though it is mainly known for engineering courses and physics department, they also provide course in several other departments like economics, management, biology etc. Out of which management course stands their 2nd best course. 6 field medalists, 85 Nobel Laureates and many more awards have been associated with this university.

5. University of Pennsylvania-


This university was established in 1740, in Philadelphia. This university was founded by Bejamin Franklin. Commonly known as Penn, this university was one of the first university to follow the multidisciplinary courses, started by the British Universities. 28 Nobel Laureates, 3 supreme justices, 12 state heads and several other important alumni have been affiliated with this university. This college has about 25,000 students along with 7,000 staff including administrating and teaching. This institute was started initially as a charity school, but die to scarcity of funds, the charity school idea had to be dropped.

4. Stanford university-

stanford university, World's Top 10 Best MBA Schools 2019

Established in the year 1891, this university is one of the leading universities from many decades, which provides courses in various fields such as engineering, business management, medicine, law etc. It has a total campus of 8,180 acres, making it the largest university in the United States of America. Leland Stanford and his wife Jane Lathrop Stanford founded this college in the memory of their son Leland Stanford Jr. Who died the previous year. There are sixty people who gained their Nobel prize from this university and seven field medals, by students, faculty and alumnis put together.


insead, Most Popular Best MBA Schools 2017

This is an institute, which was a pioneer in executive education in MBA. They have campuses in many places in the world, Abu Dhabi, Singapore etc It offers courses like 1 year executive MBA courses, 1 year full time MBA, PhD etc. This university has been very consistent in the past few years in which it has always been in the top 5 MBA colleges in the world. Average salary of the outgoing students is approximately $1,40,000. There are about 96% of the faculties working here, have their doctorate title. This university was established in the year 1957 and has many branches like Singapore, France etc.

2. Harvard University-

harvard university, World's Best MBA Schools 2018

One of the most famous colleges in the world, Harvard university stand 10th in the world ranking this year. It is known for its courses in applied sciences and management courses. They have faculties who have won various awards like Guggenheim Fellowship, McArthur award etc. It has a 209 acre main campus. They have athletics facility, sports facilities etc. They have school of applied sciences, school of engineering, medical research, dental studies etc. It has the biggest private library system, consisting of about 80 libraries, 18 million books and alumnis of most of the VVIPs of the world.

1. London Business School-


This college is located in Regent’s park, London. It was established in the year 1964. This college is not only the best school in UK, but also for the whole world. They offer courses like e-MBA, full time MBA, masers in management, masters in finance and also Ph.D. 98 out of 100 faculties here have a doctorate in their name. Due to the small campus size and the numerous application coming to this college, it is very competitive. London graduate school of business studies, in the year 1964, gave way to the present London business School. This college has 3 cafeterias, 1 restaurant and a huge library.

This was the list of the Top 10 Best MBA colleges in the world, where graduating with the MBA degree is such a big thing for any aspirant. These are the prestigious colleges around the world, that have gained widespread reputation for the service in the field of education.

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