Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in The World for Girls

As the proverb quotes “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizen”, it is so important to choose a right school for our children. There are plenty boarding schools around the world which are not safe for girls. So it is better to make a list and to make a right choice when choosing a boarding schools for small children. Especially when it comes about boarding, parents see to it that their children are safe and secure up there.

Here is the list of top 10 best boarding schools in the world

These schools are ranked by the reviews of the experts and the children and parents and the countdown follows:

10. TASIS, The American School in Switzerland-


This institution was established in 1956 by Mrs. Christ Fleming. This was the first boarding school in Europe to be set up by American. This school has many important facilities which makes it race to the top 10 in the world’s list. They have a theatre, a modernised computer labs, music department etc. They provide many extra-curricular activities such as badminton, tennis, yoga, dancing etc. It has a very beautiful 9 acre campus, having a lake view of lake Lugano. They teach in historic building to show the importance of it. It has a very challenging level of teaching, in which they prepare for their colleges, the tuition fee here is around $53,000.

9. Hurtwood house-

hurtwood house, Top 10 Best Boarding Schools in The World for Girls 2018

This is an institution established in Dorking, England. They majorly concentrate on children learning everything required in the day to day life, not just whatever is in the book. They do have an outstanding result academically, along with which cultural activities are very much encouraged by them. These cultural activities include, drawing, arts, movie making, acting, singing, dancing etc. They have several clubs and committees which are set up to help the children in developing their cultural skills such as composing, preproduction and post-production of movie making etc. The tuition fee is around $57,000.

8. Brillantmont International school-

brillantmont international school, Top 10 Best and famous Boarding Schools in The World for Girls 2017

Established in a place called Lausanne in Switzerland, this school has over 130 years of experience in this field. It was established in the year 1882. It is a day and a boarding school for girl of age 11-18, which has a very good intention of developing the communication skills importantly. They provide international academic English programmes. They have a lot of physical activities and physical education provided here. They have zumba, trampoline, Yoga etc. For arts interested people there is singing, dancing and drawing classes conducted. They yearly tuition fees comes upto $74,000.

7. St. George school-


Established in the year 1927, this school takes every step in shaping the life of the students in the best possible ways. They majorly focus on the student’s creativity, make sure that the students use their full potential to realise their creative dream. By doing this, along with the student’s creativity, her confidence level also gets boosted to a very good extent. Movie editing, Jazz, sound recording, trekking, rock climbing are the few major attractions for the children joining this school. The tuition fees in this school comes upto about $75,500.

6. Leysin American school-


Sports, arts and Education has to be given equal importance and that is exactly what his school does. Its location is in an awesome scenic view of the alps. They motivate the students and nurture them in such a way that the students succeed in their life, in the field that they are interested in. Since it is a boarding school, the students expect at least a small quantity of family atmosphere, which is provided by this institute. They provide education for people studying in class 8-12. This college is a very eco friendly campus, to maintain which the campus is complete green. Hot water to all the students is provided by using solar energy. The tuition fee here is $75,500.

5. Lyceum Alpinum Zuos-


Established in 1904, in Zous, this school stands 5th in the top 10 schools in the world. They have a lot of scope for students interested in physical education. Almost all types of physical activities possible to imagine, is provided by this school, which includes cricket, skiing, snowboarding etc. They also have a few optional courses like Spanish, Latin, Drama, Philosophy etc which helps the students in overall development. Discipline, tolerance, respect towards others and fair play are the major backbone of this institution. Around 300 students between the age of 12 and 18 are studying here. The tuition fees payable here is about $79,000.

4. Aiglon school-


This school is basically a boarding school, completely based on British Boarding school lines. It was established in the year 1949. Students from different parts of the world come here to get their primary education from the right people. This school encourages students who are interested in community and social service. They have a lot of offerings in the outdoor events such as skiing, trekking, mountain climbing, camping etc. They have a lot of tours provided to free the minds of the students studying here. Education wise, this is one of the best schools, making it to the 4th place in the world. Tuition fee in this school is around $91,000.

3. Institut Auf dem Rosenberg-


Founded in 1889, this is one of the very famous schools in the world. The quality of education here is outstanding. They have a staff to student ratio of 1:4, which probably no other school has. It concentrates on giving high importance to languages. At least 90% of the students here can speak more the 2 languages and a minimum of 60% of the students can speak more than 3 languages. This is the only institute which is offering five different educational paths. American high school diploma, Swiss matura, Italian maturita programs, German abitur, British IGCSE. The tuition fee here is $89,000.

2. College Alpin Beau Soleil-


This institution which was established in the year 1910, was under the Meyer family till 2010. But later on it was passed on to the Nord Angelia Education family of schools. This family is one of the world’s leading school organization, who are taking responsibility of around 35 schools in around 14 different countries. This school is one of the most expensive schools in the world with tuition fees of $1,00,000. They have a unique style of teaching, following two different systems in parallel, the international system and the French system. The students here belong to more than 40 different nations.

1. Institut Le Rosey-


This college provides a bicultural and a bilingual education system. It was established in the year 1880, which makes it one of the oldest boarding schools in the world. Language of instruction in this school is dependent on the students’ academic program, either English or French. They have a staff to student ratio of 1:5, which is a very good figure required for a good education. They provide various sports activities such as Swimming, water skiing, curling etc. It has a separate winter and summer campus, hence it is also referred to as king of schools. The tuition fee here is a whopping $1, 04,000.

This was the list of the Top 10 Best Boarding schools for girls in the world that are known to provide great care, support and assistance to the students, thus helping them to attain excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. These schools are very much concerned in shaping of students in making their future light up.

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