10 Most Evil Women in History

Although in today’s society it is not so difficult to believe nor imagine what women are capable of history is proof that there are plenty prime examples of the exact opposite persona of the typical everyday woman. While the most commonplace belief of the everyday women is in regards to one who is caring and nurturing the woman is also typically seen as independent and seeks to pursue her own goals, dreams, and aspirations. This article lists the Top 10 Most Evil Women in History and sheds light on the “not so good” persona and acts as prime examples of women who, for whatever reason, committed the worse crimes imaginable.

Here are Top 10 Most Evil Women in History

10. Queen Mary I of England

Queen Mary I of England

Ruling the English and Ireland lands beginning in 1553 until her own death in 1558 during the influenza epidemic. Queen Mary I, also known as “Bloody Mary”, was responsible for involuntary and violent conversion of the English people back to the Catholic religion executing those who refused to go back on the religious views that they held dear. During the forceful conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism those who were blessed enough to avoid Bloody Mary’s wrath 800 citizens relocated until they were able to return to England at the announcement of the Queen’s passing.

9. Rosemary West

Rosemary West

Currently imprisoned for crimes committed between the months of April 1973 through August 1979, Rosemary West is on this Top 10 list of the World’s Most Evil Women in History because of the 10 people she had murdered. Alongside her husband and partner in crime, West is known as a British serial killer who was caught when her daughter went missing. While her daughter’s body was eventually found West was convicted and sent to a prison in Durham in 1995. It was discovered that all the body’s of the victim’s remains were found along with Wests’ daughter.

8. Katherine Mary Knight

Katherine Mary Knight Top Popular Evil Women in History 2019

Sentenced to life without parole, Knight is dubbed the first Australian female to get this exact type of punishment. What led to her imprisonment? Life prior to incarceration was not peaceful for Knight and was the direct result of several abusive and violent relationships – 3 for sure. During one relationship Knight’s issues became publicly known as an Apprehended Violence Order was issued. From there it was all downhill and led to Knight stabbing her last known lover 37 times with a butcher’s knife prior to skinning, hanging, and cooking parts of his hide and attempting to feed i to her children.

7. Elizabeth Bathory

Elizabeth Bathory Top Most Popular Evil Women in History 2018

Known as the Countess of the Hungarian kingdom, Bathory is dubbed one of the evilest women in history because of the unstated number of murders she comiitted. The Countess’s M.O. was to take lowly peasants, specifically females, and torture them through beatings, burnings, and all other forms of torture. The Countess was eventually confined to house arrest due to her official stature in the kingdom. As the killing sprees commenced the Countess was dubbed as “Blood Countess” and is considered to be the most well known serial killer throughout all of history.

6. Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley

Teamed up with her partner Ian Brady, Hindley (an English serial killer) was found guilty of murder after the two tortured and sexually assaulted three of the five children who were under the age of 12 and murdered the other two, aged 16 and 17. It wasn’t until Hindley was ratted out via her brother-in-law that the partners in crime were caught. While it is unknown what happened to Brady, Hindley eventually died in prison at the age of 60. Hindley had been sentenced to life for these horrific crimes yet when brought to justice she pled not guilty.

5. Charlene Adelle Gallego

Charlene Adelle Gallego Top Most Famous Evil Women in History 2018

Gallego and her partner in crime Gerald Armond were responsible for the 10 murders that took place in the California area, Sacramento to be precise, and although Gallego only served 16 years in exchange for flipping her partner the two used their victims as sex slaves in order to fulfil their own sexual pleasures and fantasies prior to killing them. The murders took place from 1978 through 1980 when the two were finally caught. After flipping on her partner Gallego pled not guilty to all charges and although the charges did not apply to California law they did in Nevada.

4. Mary Ann Cotton

Mary Ann Cotton Top 10 Most Evil Women in History

Prior to dying a slow death in 1873 Cotton was responsible for the deaths of an approximated 21 kids not to mention any husband or boyfriend whom she lived with. Killing her children with arsenic poisoning, Cotton’s first marriage resulted in the death of four out of the five children from gastric fever prior to her first husband dying from an intestinal disorder. The same cause of death happened numerous times but Cotton was finally brought to justice after Charles Edward Cotton’s death. Mary Ann was executed by lynching but the lynch man used to short of a rope.

3. Belle Gunness

Belle Gunness Top 10 Most Evil Women in History 2017

Eventually labeled as a folklore due to the post mortem misrepresented information in regards to her assumed six-foot stature, Gunness was a serial killer who was powerful and productive. While there is no exact number in regards to the total number of people who were killed multiple accounts state a well-figured ballpark of about 20 victims although other sources have counted several others. Gunness was full of greed and only sought to kill boyfriends, guys looking to be her boyfriend, and husbands for their money (due to her income). Additionally, Gunness also killed her two known daughters though it is unknown if there were any more children that fell victim to her criminal ways.

2. Beverly Allitt

Beverly Allitt Top Most Evil Women in History 2017

Labeled as “a serious danger”, Allitt went on a killing and torture spree that lasted 59 days and took place between February through April of 1991. A state-appointed nurse, Allitt tended to children in the children’s ward of Grantham and Kesteven Hospital. Her common M.O. was to either cause extreme bodily harm or give large doses of insulin. It is unknown exactly how the crimes were carried out but in the end Allitt was charged with the murder of four children and the attempted murder of three others. Additionally, charges were brought before the court for six counts of bodily harm. Allitt was sentenced to 13 life sentences.

1. Irma Grese

Irma Grese Top Famous Evil Women in History 2019

Heavily involved in the actions that took place in many of the concentration camps during the Holocaust, Grese favored various torturing methods and worked mainly at the Ravensbuck, Auschwitz, and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps. she could commonly be seen carrying a pistol and wearing heavy working boots. She was sentenced to death shortly after her 22nd birthday and is the youngest known person to be judicially sentenced to death under English law. Common nicknames included “The Beautiful Beast”, and “The Beast of Belsen”.

As it is plain to see there are several noted incidents where the kind, loving, and gentle nature that is typical of a woman’s personality is nowhere near what is commonplace. While each woman, and person for that matter, have different personalities the prime examples of pure unadulterated evil have reared its ugly face in the form of extreme crimes that took place throughout the course of history.

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