Top 10 Most Sexiest Professors in The World

Education is very important for an individual. Humans have progressed at the super-fast rate of today mainly because of education. Education began in prehistory, as adults trained the young in the information and skills necessary in their society. It is as important now as it was before. Education helps an individual to make a career and a career helps in adding a meaning to life. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, who are called as teachers in schools and professors in colleges. But one of the largest hurdles in pursing higher education and specialization is the level of knowledge, which creates several difficulties.

Many of these problems can be resolved if students are able to understand the subjects clearly and are motivated. Regrettably, this is rare in most cases. This totally depends on the professors who teach and the students who learn from them. The main role in this situation is of the professors’. Many prestigious universities have some exceptionally able and accomplished professors who make their students grasp even the most complicated subjects effortlessly. But maybe beauty plays a role too. Studies have found shown that students who have attractive and confident professors study better!

So here are the world’s Top 10 most popular and sexiest Professors

10. Michael Christian

Michael Christian Top 10 Sexiest Professors in The World

Amongst the most creative lecturers we have today, he comes along by being dashing and stylish too. Christian has a huge list of followers making him very active socially. Student claim to understand his teaching very well. In the University of North Carolina, Kenan-Flangler Business School Michael teaches students Organizational Behaviour. He is also an awarded teacher, researcher and writer. His teaching and additional skill of explaining sets him on number 10.

9. Adam Alter

Adam Alter Top 10 Sexiest Professors in The World 2017

At number 9 on the list, we have the youngest teacher in the category. Associate Professor of Marketing at New York University’s Stern School of Business. His research focuses on judgment and decision making and social Psychology. Being as creative as he is, he is automatically the students’ favorite. His research has been published in Psychological Science. He is amongst the highest paid professors in the world.

8. Cynthia Rudin

Cynthia Rudin Top Most Famous Sexiest Professors in The World 2018

The subject of Statistics at the MIT Sloan School of Management is taught by Cynthia. She is also an associate professor of computer Science, electrical and computer engineering at Duke University. She has a keen interest in specific methods of lecturing making it utterly easy for students to pay attention as statistics is considered a boring subject. She uses internet as a mode to socialize and also teach. Many of her videos are available online on websites.

7. Panos Patatoukas


At number 7 we have Patatoukas, a very charming and interesting teacher by profession. He qualifies in subjects such as Accounting and Finance. He is a lecturer at U.C Berkeley Haas School of Business since 2010. He interests upon measuring and forecasting economic activity with the use of financial analysis And Proprerties of Finincial Accounting data and also Finincial Reporting practices. Apart from being an excellent professor he is also an award winner winning over 10 awards. He is also very handsome and good looking. he is one amongst Top 10 Most Sexiest Professors in The World 2017.

6. Luis Diestre


The Strategy at IE Business School is taught by Luis Diestre. Known for his cool and calm nature, Diestre is also very famous for his innumerable unique teaching methods. He is very subjective and could explain any part of the strategy in a crystal clear format. There are many class discussions during his classroom. He believes that a student possesses more than of a teacher and can educate each other just by having a small and brief discussion. He is also extremely good looking an undoubtedly a charming man.

5. Keisha Cutright


Keisha lectures at the University Of Pennsylvania Wharton School. Known for her easy understandable language skills, she could explain a lot more than you can imagine. She keeps the students hooked at all times, and no one needs a small nap. Her research points out on the Psychological drivers of consumers’ behavior. The interaction she poses with students really shapes the way of looking into the subject. She also was awarded the Wharton Excellence in teaching Award in the year 2013. Claiming the 5th position in the list of Top 10 Most Sexiest Professors in The World 2017.

4. Victoria Brescoll


Brescoll is amongst the lecturers of Yale University and School of Management. She is an excellent researcher and lecturers on Organizational Behavior . She is very active on social networks and other media making her teaching widely available. She is also regarded as a very sexy lecturer and has written a number of articles on the business sector. She has been awarded many awards and fellowships of which the National Science Foundation awarded her the graduate research fellowship.

3. Cait Lamberton


At number 3 we have, Cait Lamberton, she is a very beautiful professor and controls students by her speech like no other. Student pay an extra eye to grasp a little more. It is said that her teaching skills is very different from most others, and her students have progressed to another level. She teaches at the University Of Pittsburg Katz Graduate School Of Business. She is also a regular writer to the Huffington Post. She lecturers on topics of business administration. Her interests include the self-regulation, sharing behaviors and envy. She is also very attractive and has an overall god personality.

2. Neil Malhotra


Neil is a professor at Stanford University Graduate School of business. An efficient lecturer in teaching Political economy. He holds a courtesy appointment in his department. Authored over 60 articles on a number of relevant topics making him very influential to economic study. His researches are well known for their realistic approaches. He is also exceptionally good looking, and I bet you will pay complete attention to Mr. Neil. He is cool, composed and confident and slips in a little humor to keep the class going.

1. Daniel Oppenheimer


The always excited Daniel is a lecturer in branches of psychology and Marketing in the prestigious UCLA Anderson School of management. He won the Noble prize for literature in the year 2006. He is well versed with a variety of subjects and knows more than you can ever envisage. His teaching tops him to number one in today’s countdown making him the most efficient, talented, smart and sexiest lecturer in the world. His teaching methods are often challenging and enrages his students to believe in themselves. He is a fanatic of volleyball, cookies and corny jokes.

This was the list of the Top 10 Good looking and Most Sexiest professors in the World for 2017. These professors are immensely blessed with good looks and carry several traits that makes them look attractive. They are not only good looking, but also very prolific and knowledgeable too.

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