10 Famous & Sexiest Men In The Philippines

Women love a handsome man and the Philippines has some of the most handsome to offer. Here is a list of the most gorgeous men the Philippines has to offer.

Here are some of the Top 10 Sexiest Men In The Philippines

#10. Christian Bautista

Christian Bautista Top Most Sexiest Men In The Philippines 2017

Christian Bautista is a Filipino singer, actor, tv show host and model. He was the finalist on Star in a Million and wooed us with his amazing vocals. He has had multiple singles top the charts in the Philippines and has topped the charts in other countries as well, such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. He is well known all over South East Asia and that’s why he made the list! He stars on many different Filipino TV Shows and is a household name among Filipinos. He also stars in multiple musicals; his biggest break was for The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He received rave reviews for his amazing acting skills. He is such a handsome man with so much talent and that’s the main reason why he made the list.

#9. Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff Top 10 Sexiest Men In The Philippines

This man is a hit on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube. He has over 1.1 million followers alone. He has the perfect body and such a handsome face! He is famous for his youtube food criticism with a fantastic personality. He is known as “The Fat Kid Inside” for his deep love of food. He is far from fat with his gorgeous abs and fit body. He is also known for his travel shows; who doesn’t love a man that is cultured? He used to be overweight and realized the demise that comes with that. He dedicated himself to healthy foods and changing his life habits. That self-realization alone makes him extremely sexy!

#8. Aljur Abrenica

Aljur Abrenica Top 10 Sexiest Men In The Philippines 2017

He is a very talented Filipino actor, dancer, model and singer. He became well known when he joined the show Star Struck and won the Ultimate Hunk title. That says it all! He has appeared in many different television shows, such as All My Life, The Last Prince, The Half Sisters and others. Fans love his soft facial features and incredible talent. He is currently in Hermano Puli which has been a hit in the Philippines. He has an amazing body and no one can stop looking at it. He is one of the Philippines hottest people.

#7. Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee Top Famous Sexiest Men In The Philippines 2019

This very attractive man is a Filipino actor, model and swimmer. He quit working for KFC to be the spokesperson for Jollibee. He has the Filipino spirit deep in him. He has been in many different movies including Maria La Del Barrio, The Reunion, Katorse and some others. He has also won many awards for his sexiness including the Choice Breakthrough Artist of 2010, Pop Pin Up Boy, Dance Hit of the Year (Chinito Problems), and Best Loveteam for TV and Movies. There’s no question why he won Pop Pin Up Boy of the year; he’s definitely earned his spot on this list.

#6. Richard Guttierez

Richard Guttierez

This Filipino actor and model had to be added to the list; he has the most gorgeous almond shaped eyes, beautiful complexion and a rockin’ body. He’s definitely attractive whether he’s wearing just an undershirt and jeans or in full suit. He has been acting since childhood and has since won many awards. He received the title “Prince of Philippine Movies” for The Promise and “King of Valentine Movies.” His most recent film was Overtime and his first movie ever was Lahing Pikutin in 1987. He is an amazing father as well. We get to witness this in his reality tv show “It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.”

#5. Xian Lim

Xian Lim

Xian is a Chinese Filipino that is so attractive from his head to his toes. He is most famous for playing Andy in My Binodo Girl. This handsome man was born in San Fransisco, California and moved back to Manila at the young age of 6. He made his first cameo appearing in 2008 on My Girl and has been a rising star since. He’s also an accomplished musician. He is a very hot package that is desired by many fans. In 2012 he won the Breakthrough Actor of the Year, Pop Pin-up Boy, in 2014 he won Pop Screen Kiss, Fab Star of the Year in 2015 and so many others. With all these awards acknowledging his handsome features and great talent he is a hot commodity.

#4. Tom Rodriguez

Tom Rodriguez

This gorgeous man is known for being comfortable at stripping his clothes off and has awe striking dimples. He always looks clean cut which woos women’s hearts everywhere. He gained a great deal of popularity from being on the reality show Pinoy Big Brother: Double Up. He was eliminated from the contest but still got signed. It’s completely understandable considering his enigmatic personality and handsome looks.

#3. Diether Ocampo

Diether Ocampo Top Popular Sexiest Men In The Philippines 2018

This man is German Filipino and the mix created a very handsome man. All Filipino lovers and thankful for his presence. He gained fame from the band Blow and The Pin-Ups. He is a huge PETA activist and his love for animals only grows our love for him. He currently has two Best Drama Actor and one Best Supporting Actor awards and launched as a mestizo teen actor. His hottest moment has to be in an ad for PETA where he bares all and glows with his long locks. He’s highly admired on the model walkway where he has the opportunity to expose his gorgeous body and confidence.

#2. Dingdong Dantes

Dingdong Dantes Top Most Popular Sexiest Men In The Philippines 2018

Dinging is an acclaimed actor, dance and model. He can accomplish anything whether its acting or hosting; he has it under control. He glows of masculinity and has a recognisable and sexy face that can’t be forgotten. In August of 2009 he started promoting his album The Dingdong Dantes Experience which made it to gold in under a week! He is definitely loved and appreciated. He’s been in a long running relationship with his wife Marian Rivera but that commitment only makes him more attractive in our books.

#1. Piolo Pascual

Piolo Pascual

This man can sing and it’s sure to make your heart melt. He earned the title of the Philippines Heart throb. He has since been performing in blockbuster movies and Filipino soap operas. He knows just how to make you sweat in all his of his steamy love scenes. He looks good whether he has clothes on or off. He is naturally handsome and has a body any woman would die for. Filipino’s are known to be caring and patient and the same has been bragged about this wonderful man. His gentle personality, hot looks and incredible talent definitely pushed him to the number one spot!

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