Top 10 Highest Paid Wrestlers in The World

Be it football matches or Baseball, United States of America has it all. Another famous arena for the adrenaline filled people to vent out their aggressiveness is the wrestling ring of Total Nonstop Action, World wrestling entertainment etc. They have been the refuge of the Wrestling arena freaks, providing entertainment to millions of Americans and wrestling fans worldwide. The wrestling matches have a popularity more than 50 countries worldwide. What’s more the wrestlers themselves have become very famous and have achieved a status of being a celebrity and not to mention the billions of dollars they earn per annum.

Here are the top 10 highest paid wrestlers in the world

10. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio Top Popular highest paid wrestlers in The World 2019

Here’s the wrestler who’s got a mysterious aura around him! As the name says, Rey Mysterio. What’s actually mysterious about this man is that his actual name is Óscar Gutiérrez and he has Mexican American origins. He was trained by Rey misterio sr, who happens to be his uncle. Asistencia Asesoría y Administración,World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling were some of the wrestling arenas where he portrayed his electrifying wrestling skills. High flying hits are his speciality added to that his eccentric costume which ensures that he’s pretty famous and that explains his hefty payroll too. His net worth is about 7.5 million dollars.

9. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler Top Most highest paid wrestlers in The World 2017

Nicholas Theodore Nemeth, The man of the wrestling arena is a a famous standup comedian too. He had shown interest in wrestling since his school days and continued wrestling in college too, earning a lot of medals in the process. He won title of world Heavyweight championship twice. He was also a part of 8 video games and numerous television shows. He has worked his way to success with a lot of efforts and stands ninth on the list with his net worth being 9 million dollars.

8. Sheamus

Sheamus Top 10 highest paid wrestlers in The World

The blood of Ireland moulds and takes the shape of Stephen Farrelly aka Sheamus on the wrestling arena. He had a brief stint in Irish wrestling, European Circuit, United States wrestling and other international arenas, before beginning his career in WWE. He is known for his unique style and negative roles. His net worth stands at 12 million dollars.

7. Big Show


Paul Donald Wight or the popular Big Show is the man seventh on the list. He’s had a great career in wrestling. He rocked every wrestling arena be it WrestleMania, Raw or WCW World Tag Team Championship and many other. He is the heaviest person to win the prestigious ECW Heavyweight Championship. He has made a name for himself in Hollywood with movies like Star Trek: Enterprise, Royal Pains, Knucklehead etc. This big man is worth 12 million dollars.

6. Randy Orton


This American wrestler here on 6th position has been a world champion in wrestling and has won the belt 12 times and is the youngest one to receive this honor too. Wrestling seems to be in his blood since his father, uncle, and grandfather have all been wrestlers. His father coached him initially too. He gained popularity after his matches in WrestleMania , Raw and Smack down! And is called as the viper by them. Randy is famous for his violent acts but he manages to pull them of because pain never seems to be his problem. He has appeared in movies like 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded, That’s what I am etc. This young chap aged 36 has earned handsomely and is worth $15 million.

5. The Undertaker


The world might remember The Undertaker as the scariest wrestler, but he’s much more than that. Mark William Calaway is his name, he has been a part of wrestling since almost 3 decades now. He is widely popular for his scary entry and the ghostly rolling eye thing! He was never the last one when it comes to winning titles. His marked achievement was the historic The Streak, 21 winnings in WrestleMania. This beast is worth 18 billion dollars. He is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Wrestlers in The World 2017.

4. Kurt Angle


Fourth on the list we have Kurt Angle. He is s a popular wrestler and an acclaimed actor too. He got his first professional wrestling break with World Wrestling Federation. He has won many awards in wrestling since his college days and went on to win 6 world championship. He was a part of Inoki Genome Federation, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling and many other ring events. Nevertheless he has made a lot of cash for himself too its evident by the fact that his Net Worth stands at 20 million dollars.

3. Triple H


Famous all over the world with his ring name triple H it is the abbreviation of his former ring name Hunter Hearst Helmsley, his original name being Paul Michael Levesque. He is married to Stephanie McMahon whose family has the ownership of wwe. He is popular for his fights in Smack Down! And Wrestlemania. He is a corporative executive too. He has a total of 25 championships to his credit. He had been a part of many movies too. His Net Worth is about 25 million dollars which is absolutely great.

2. John Cena


Though his song says “You Can’t See Me” we surely can see him on top of the list alright. John Cena continues to be the most adored wrestlers of all and what’s more, he’s rich too. Starting off his career SmackDown! of WWE , this was the very platform which gave him thrust to stardom. His famous rap went on to be the most popular song. He has also appeared in TV shows like Deal or No Deal, Saturday Night Live. He acted in movies like The Marine, Legendary, 12 Rounds etc. The man with great body has a big heart too. He is a philanthropist making maximum donations to Make-A-Wish Foundation. He is also famous for his slogan which days “Rise above hate” His Net Worth is $35 million.

1. The Rock


He is probably one of the greatest wrestlers the world has seen. The Rock or Dwayne Johnson is a wrestler currently associated with World Wrestling Entertainment. He is famed for winning titles with style. The professional wrestler took to acting with the block buster movie The Scorpion King and became a famous figure in Hollywood after his Fast and Furious series. But his name in the world of wrestling is forever, eternal. “The People’s Champion” is one of the handsomely paid actors and wrestler and his Net Worth is $125 million and he remains on the top of this list.

These were the top 10 highest paid wrestlers of the year 2017 who continue to earn millions of dollars between those punches, kicks and throws where as we innocent mortals continue to be amazed at their power and their net worth.

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