Top 10 Richest Women In The World

Women as we all know are some of the most ideal people in the world. It is the sophistication and beauty of these women that drive most men crazy. Almost every man usually dreams of marrying a woman whom he finds very interesting and exquisite. Women are also considered to be very important in terms of proliferation of the human race as per new scientific researches as it is said that it is possible to reproduce offspring without the presence of a man by culturing certain cells from a woman’s womb but it is quite next to impossible to have a world without women.

A lot of such propositions as to the importance of women have made them quite important in the modern day. Even though a lot of women had to fight for equal rights as that of men in the not so distant past, in present day a lot women hold very important positions throughout the world. While many countries are even headed by women rulers, a lot of world famous business firms as well as companies are also looked after by talented women.

So, here is a list of the top 10 richest women in the world

10. Iris Fontbona

iris fontbona, Top 10 Richest Women In The World 2018

Iris Fontbona is undoubtedly one of the richest of all the Chilean women in the world. She was born in the year 1942 and is quite popular as a billionaire business woman who made her fortune after she got the ownership of Antofagasta PLC. This corporation is still considered as one of the biggest mining companies in the world. She is also involved with a lot of breweries in Chile which she holds assets of. She also has direct contact with the central bank of Chile and owns a chain of Croatian resorts.

9. Johanna Quandt


Johanna Quandt is quite popular throughout the world especially because of relationship with the famous German Industrialist Herbert Quandt. She is currently the widow of Herbert Quandt and is also one of the most successful women in the world. Even though she expired in the year 2015, she still has assets and net worth of about 13.9 billion dollars. She join the BMW company as a secretary of Herbert Brandt, and later married him in the year 1960.

8. Susanne Klatten


Susanne Klatten is the daughter of the German Industrialist Herbert Quandt and his wife Johanna Quandt. She was born on 28th of April, 1962 in Germany. Susanne is said to inherit 50.1% of the shares Oscar famous Pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing company Altana. She has been one of the major reasons for the success of most of her companies is currently the 8th richest woman in the world 2017.

7. Anne Cox Chambers


Anne Cox Chambers is one of the most famous and popular of all the politicians of The United States of America. She is also the daughter of the 48th governor of the state of Ohio. She made her fortune as a media proprietor and has since the beginning of her career dominated the field of media and television coverage. For the past 33 years Anne Cox has been one of the most successful media persons especially due to a very sound business that has been taking place in the Cox Enterprises since the past 33 years.

6. Laurene Powell jobs


Laurene Powell jobs is undoubtedly one of the most famous and well-known of all the women in the field of education. She has been a very important person in shaping and developing the field of education into something much better with the company she called Board of college track. Even though the sudden death of her husband Steve Jobs slowed down her advances in the field, she made a significant comeback by creating the Steven P Jobs trust. She is currently one of the richest women in the world with a net worth 19.5 Billion dollars. She is one amongst the world’s top 10 richest women 2017.

5. Maria franca Fissolo


Maria franca Fissolo is currently one of the richest women in the world especially because she is the owner of Ferrero spa which is the second popular confectionery store in all of Europe. The confectionery store was first owned by her husband but after his death, she exclusively got the rights to take over the entire business of that company. One study conducted by the Bloomberg billionaires index has also name Maria franca fissolo as the 20th richest personality in the world with the net earnings of 23.4 billion dollars.

4. Jacqueline Mars


Even though Mars Inc., was founded by Jacqueline’s father she is currently the undisputed owner of the same. She is one of the richest people in America and according to a recent study by the Forbes magazine she was also named as the richest personality of America. She is quite popular as a financial investor as well as philanthropist. She said to have a net worth of about 26.6 Billion dollars.

3. Alice Walton


Alice Walton is one of the most famous and richest of all the American women. She was born on 7th of October 1949. She is the sister in law of Christy Walton who is currently the richest woman in the world. Walton as a shareholder of the Wal-Mart stores inc. of America. She is quite reputed for the extraordinary expertise in the field of finance and economics. She has also been given the famous Arkansas Aviation Hall Honor.

2. Liliane Bettencourt


Liliane Bettencourt is one of the most important shareholders of the famous L’Oreal Paris brand. She was born on 21st of October, 1922 in France. She is the only daughter of the famous French entrepreneur and pharmacist Eugene Schueller. The L’Oreal Paris was first introduced to the world by her father. In the year 1950 she got married to one of the most prominent politicians of France known as Andre Bettencourt and is currently one of the major shareholders of L’oreal.

1. Christy Walton


Christy Walton is undoubtedly the richest woman in the world especially because of whopping net worth of 5.4 billion USD. Christy Walton is a widow of the only son of Sam Walton who was the founder of Walmart. Her husband unfortunately died in a plane crash in 2005 after which she had to take on the industry. She is currently one of the richest person in the United States of America is quite popular as one of the roaring faces of business in the country.

So, this was a list of the top 10 richest women in the world as of 2017. These women have gained great success in their career and stand as examples to all those who think women can’t achieve success amidst male domination. Today, women have proved their might by attaining name and fame in all the fields and stand equally with men in all standards.

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