Top 10 Richest Tennis Players In The World

Tennis is one of the most loved, viewed sports in the world. It is followed world-wide and has been played since a long time. Numerous star tennis players have emerged in the history of tennis and have set their mark.

Here is the list of the Top 10 tennis professionals who have achieved great feat in their career and also have earned big out of tennis and other brand endorsements:

Here is the list of world’s Top 10 Richest Tennis Players

10. LI NA($40 million)

LI NA Top Most Famous Richest Tennis Players In The World 2018

The last entry on our list is this Chinese tennis player, who started off playing badminton in her childhood. Though she is the last player on our list, in 2010 she was one of the highest paid athletes, earning over 18 million USD in salary and brand deals.

9. ANNA KOURNIKOVA($50 million)

ANNA KOURNIKOVA Top Most Richest Tennis Players In The World 2017

This Russian American retired professional tennis player, stands 9th on our list. With a net worth of $50 million and her appearance and celebrity status made her one of the best known tennis stars worldwide, although she could never win a WTA singles title. One half of the “Spice Girls Duo of Tennis”, she reached her career heights playing doubles, where she even held the world number one position.

8. NOVAK DJOKOVIC($56 million)

NOVAK DJOKOVIC Top Famous Richest Tennis Players In The World 2019

The current world number one by ATP makes an estimate of 21 million USD from on court performances and 34 million from endorsements, this Serbian professional is ranked eighth on our list. In the past five and a half years alone, he has won 12 Grand Slam titles. This is fourth maximum in the history of professional tennis and he has also held the world number one spot for a 221 weeks. Djokovic also holds the best match winning rate (83.00%) in Open Era, as of August 2016.He also holds the record for the being the first player to earn a prize money of 20 million USD in a single season. He currently lives in Monte Carlo, Monaco with his wife and child.

7. VENUS WILLIAMS($75 million)


The three time world number one ranks number seven on our list of world’s Top 10 Richest Tennis Players 2017. She also happens to be the first African American to be ranked number one in the open tennis era. The elder sister of tennis legend Serena Williams was born in California. Since turning pro in 1994, Venus has won a total of 21 Grand Slam titles. Despite being in her 30’s, she is amazingly fit and even designs her own clothing line Eleven and sells it with Glite Groupe. Venus also holds a small interest in Miami Dolphins along with her sister Serena.

6. RAFAEL NADAL ($125 million)


Born on June 3, 1986, Rafael Nadal is a very gifted player. Known as “The King of Clay” he has achieved some astonishing feats in his career. In his few years as a professional tennis player, he has climbed new heights including the World Number One, 10 Grand Slam titles, 6 French Open titles and an Olympic gold medal in 2008 Beijing Olympics. With major endorsements like Nike and Bacardi under his belt, he has made a huge sum off court alone. To top that up, he earns 4.5 million USD for every match he plays. Although he was knocked down due a knee injury in 2012, he came back in 2013 to bag prize money of $6.8 million in men’s tour.

5. SERENA WILLIAMS ($145 million)


Serena has literally been ruling the women tennis world for 14 years now. In fact she became the oldest women (31) to hold the top place in February 2013 and has been hinging in there ever since. She has made more money in tennis than any other female counterpart, with earning around 77 million USD solely from on court performance. Off court, she has grossed double that amount and she even recently unseated Maria Sharapova as the highest paid female athlete, resulting in a self-made net worth of 150 million dollars.

4. PETE SAMPRAS ($150 million)


This 14 time grand slam champion ranks number three on our list. He is the last American man to win the ATP tour finals and the Wimbledon. Former world number one starts playing tennis as early as three years old, with training professionally by the time he reached 10.he is married to Bridgette Wilson, former Miss Teen USA and actress. The couple remains together until this day and are raising two sons, Christian Charles and Ryan Nicolas.

3. ANDRE AGGASI ($175 million)


From being a young rebel with glam-rock hair to being a retired tennis professional who has held the world number one position, he is one of the greatest in the game history. Starting his game in 1986, he had already made a couple of millions in two years. Over the course of his career he has won over 60 titles, 8 grand slams and even an Olympic gold medal. He is actively involved in philanthropic works and is also the proud founder of the Andre Agassi charitable foundation which works with at-risk children in Nevada.

2. MARIA SHARAPOVA ($195 million)


This Russian beauty rules both on court and off court. With a stunning beauty and even more stunning game, she stands second on our list of world’s Top 10 Richest Tennis Players 2017. In 2015, Forbes named her the highest paid female athlete in any sport. She has made around 9 million USD per year just by wearing Nike merchandise. The five time grand slam champion almost lost millions of dollars from her endorsement deals and faced an irreparable harm to the image when she was found guilty of using a banned drug to enhance her on court performance. While she was tested positive, she faced a two year suspension at the hands of ITF. This could have cost her anywhere between 70-100 million dollars, had Nike dropped her as their brand ambassador.

1. ROGER FEDERER($320 million)


When it comes to tennis, it doesn’t get bigger than this guy. Having won 16 grand slam titles, Roger has also earned over 71 million USD over the course of his career with his on court presence. In addition he has some major brand endorsements with Nike, Rolex, Wilson, etc.

Infact in 2015, he earned 58 million USD from brand endorsements only, the figure being 52 million in 2014 and 65 million in 2013.

Born on 8 august, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland he started playing tennis from early on and started his professional tennis career in 1998 and has never looked back since. He has been in the ATP top 10 players list since October 2002.

This was the list of the Top 10 Richest Tennis players 2017. They have accumulated a lot of wealth and are well-renowned around the globe. Players like Federer, Sharapova, Sampras and Nadal have accomplished some great milestones that are said to be unbeatable in at least a decade.

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