Top 10 Richest NFL Owners in The World

The National Football League or NFL as it is called as a professional American Football League which contains of about 32 which are equally divided amid the National Football conference and the American football conference. It is also known that the NFL is one of the four major professional sports leagues in North America, and is also considered as the highest professional level possible in American football throughout the world.

This extraordinary tournament was formed in 1920 as the American Professional football Association before it was named as the National Football League in 1992. Unlike the game of soccer this kind of football even though not popular in all the parts of the world, is somewhat that the people of the land of chance die to watch. It may come as No surprise at all, that besides basketball and baseball, American football is one of the most viewed games in the US. It is very similar to rugby and Gaelic football. It is the owners of the NFL teams who obviously profit the highest, at least in terms of money from this tournament. Even though a lot of NFL owners have owned their teams for generations, the NFL forbids religious groups, government or any other nonprofit organizations from owning a team.

So, here is a list of the top 10 richest NFL owners in the world

10. James Irsay: $1.7 billion

james irsay, Top 10 Richest NFL Owners in The World 2017

James Irsay owns the Indianapolis Colts. He is especially famous for his abilities as an entrepreneur and is regarded as one of the most important owners of any NFL team. He has a network of about 1.7 billion dollars.

9. Arthur Blank: $2.4 billion


This great, well-known businessman is the owner of the Atlanta Falcons. He is considered to be the soft spoken and serene owners of any NFL team. It is very difficult to find a businessman who is this gentle and calm. He has a net worth of about 2.4 billion dollars.

8. Bob McNair: $2.4 billion


Bob McNair is a ton of things, with a splendid illustrative also the proprietor of the Houston Texans. This man needs no introduction as he is one of the most popular businessman of The United States of America. He is said to have a striking ability of making the best out of business, and with his network of 2.4 billion dollars and is ranked 8th on this list.

7. Stephen Bisciotti: $2.7 billion


Stephen Bisciotti is the owner of the Baltimore ravens. He shot to stardom by purchasing the team and is currently expected to have a net worth of about 2.7 billion dollars. He also owns the largest privately held staffing firm in the world.

6. Robert Kraft: $4 billion


This owner of the famous team New England Patriots has an estimated net worth of about 4 billion dollars. He is also famous for the paper manufacturing industries that he owns and has made achieved remarkable milestones in the business. He is one amongst the world’s top 10 richest NFL owners 2017

5. Jerry Jones: $4.2 billion



4.2 million dollars is good enough for Jerry Jones to take the fifth place in this list. He started his career of quite early right from the time when he helped his father in the grocery shop. He is known to be the owner of the Dallas Cowboys which he purchased in 1999.

4. Shahid Khan: $4.4 billion


Shahid Khan owns English football club Fulham and the Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, and it is trusted that the NFL is keen on having an founding overseas, particularly in London.This entrepreneur was born in Pakistan but came to USA when he was just 16 years old. With an engineering degree from the Illinois University, this man is one of the most famous business magnates of the NFL world with the net worth of about 4.4 billion dollars.

3. Stanley Kroenke: $5.8 billion


He is one of the only veterans is to feature on this list. He is also respected by a lot of people and followed by many more in the world. He has Sporting teams in almost every game except basketball. He has the net worth of about 5.8 billion dollars.

2. Stephen M Ross: $6 billion


This extraordinary entrepreneur has every right to start second on this list, because he owns 95% of the NFL team Miami dolphins. He has the net worth of about 6 billion dollars and he is known throughout the world for his extraordinary business ideas that have made him crucial part of his business world.

1. Paul Allen: $17 billion


When you are a fellow patron of an organization like Microsoft, you can own practically anything you need. That includes NFL group the Seattle Seahawks and the Portland Trailblazers of the NBA. It was he who started Microsoft along with Bill Gates when they were both students at Harvard University. He has a net worth of 17 billion dollars, which undoubtedly makes him the leader of this list of the richest NFL team owners for 2017.

This was the list of the Top 10 Richest NFL owners in the world 2017. NFL has grown to be one of the most celebrated and most followed tournaments from around the world. The game has been taken to the next level through this tournament and the owners are always enthusiastic in getting their teams perform better. Stay in touch with this space for more trending, latest and interesting topics from around the world.

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