Top 10 Richest Kids in The World

When you can spend your entire life and never make $1 million, for other people they become millionaires immediately they are born. Many people will ask why these kids get very wealthy at birth. It’s because they are children of the iconic in the world and that why they have the massive fortunes. If you were born by this iconic, you could also become a multi-billionaire at birth. Whatever reason or the source of their wealth, the kids live the highest life with that large amount of money that most of the low class and the middle class will never get till they kick the bucket.

These kids have too much money that you can’t even imagine. I will list the amount of money the have in their account and will increasingly become more over time. These kids will inspire you a lot and at the same time, you can feel frustrated. You may wonder whether their parents spoil them but the answer is “No” They did not know that they were to be born in such a family. It is not their fault. Below is a list of the richest kids in the world:

List of the world’s top 10 richest kids

1. Prince George Alexander Louis ($1 Billion)


This young prince is not even three years old, and he is already a billionaire. Despite being cute and adorable, his net wealth will leave your mouth wide open. Prince George Alexander is the son of the famous Prince William and Kate Middleton. He is the third in the throne in the United Kingdom. For you to be royal, you must have a perk. No wonder he is that rich.

The prince has property assets in his name worth $5 billion; he receives $400 million in every year to make sure that his assets well maintained and taken care of in his lifetime. When this boy grows up, he will have a lot of pressure because he will grow in front of the public’s eyes. Every move he makes is monitored and ever on cameras. He needs the money to protect him and evade the evil people.

2. Knox and Vivienne Jolie Pitt ($67.5 Million)


These kids are twins of famous Hollywood stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Despite their recent differences, the couple has been of great significance to the world. This lovely couple has some children that they have adopted over the years from different continents, but their biological kids are rumored to be the wealthiest.
When these kids were born, the paparazzi hunted them down to get a glimpse of how they looked. The couple decided to sell the pictures of their children in the magazines which they saved in the accounts of the two angels for their future use. That was the onset of their income. It might sound strange for the magazine people buying the pictures of the twins, but the expectations of the outside world were also very high.

3. Dannielynn Hope Marshall Birkhead ($59 Million)


Hope Marshall is a daughter of the late Anna Nicole Smith. Before Anna died, she was married to a man known as J. Howard Marshall who owned an oil industry that was worth billion dollars. When her mother died, she was the heir of all her wealth which was of the net worth of $10 million. Hope received all the wealth from her mother and got nearly $49 million more in different lawsuits on behalf of her mother.

When Marshall died after their marriage, they got into a battle with the husbands family but did not win the case. The amount given to her was enough to set aside for her daughter Dannielynn which is sufficient for her in her entire life.

4. Nick D’aloisio ($30 Million)

Nick D’aloisio Top Famous Richest Kids in The World 2019

All the above kids are rich due to their parents being iconic or an inheritance, but for Nick, his case is very different. Nick is an entrepreneur who started from the scratch. He has made himself a millionaire and the youngest self-made millionaire. In 2012, Nick created Summly which is an app that makes a summary of new articles and moved them down to small reads that are easier. With the Summly app, as a user, you can always be updated with the current events and news.

Summly an app in Apple was the best in 2012 and boosted more, and all eyes turned to Nick for tha remarkable invention. He later sold the app to Yahoo for approximately $30 Million to focus on his studies. He schooled in King’s College in the United Kingdom and worked for Yahoo as the manager.

5. Valentina Paloma Pinault ($12 Million)


Valentina is the daughter of a popular actress Salma Hayek and Francois Henri Pinault who is a corporate executive. While her net worth listed at $12 million, she will inherit too much in future from her parents who are wealthy. Her known asset is a home that is worth the $12 million that was in her name.

It seems quite awkward for this young girl to wait and know how much her parents are worth. Her mother Salma Hayek has a value of $85 million because of her career as an actress. The net worth of Hayek is nothing as compared to Pinault’s fortune. Pinault has a not worth which is an estimate to be $15 billion and is currently a chairman in Kering which based in France. He also serves as a board member in two successful companies. She is one of the few richest kids 2017.

6. Abigail Breslin ($12 million)

Abigail Breslin Top 10 Richest Kids in The World 2017

Abigail is an actress and has appeared in movies such as “Signs”, “Zombieland” and Little “Miss Sunshine” which have made her more famous. Although she is still in her teenage, her experience as a Hollywood actress has been a great success than most actors. Abigail started becoming wealthy in the movie “Signs” and was her first significant role in that film. Her talent has made her win awards such as Academy Award nomination.

It is also very possible to her soon in the list of the richest actresses in the acting career. Recently she appeared in the films “Final Girl” and “Maggie” which will push her forward in the world of the wealthiest kids.

7. Jaden Smith ($8 million)

Jaden Smith Top Popular Richest Kids in The World 2018

Jaden acquired his wealth from his career as an actor and a rapper and his parents who are millionaires. His parents are Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith who are well known to be wealthy. Jaden has been in the industry for more than ten years, and his starting point was “The Pursuit of Happiness” with his father who aided him.

Jaden has played many films and has played as the main actor in each one of them. Some of the major movies he acted are “The Karate Kid”, “The Day the Earth Stood Still” and “After Earth”. Although they did not do well, they also added his net worth.

8. Elle Fanning ($5 million)

Elle Fanning Top Most Richest Kids in The World 2017

Elle is a sister to Dakota Fanning who is an actress and has appeared in many films. Elle is currently 17 years old, and she is still an under 18. She started the career as a toddler in the film “I Am Sam” Where she played a role as the younger version of her sister.

Some of the notable films that Elle was involved in were “Babel”, “Maleficient” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. She has been in nine movies so far and much more that she is scheduled to release shortly.

9. Rico Rodriguez ($4 million)

Rico Rodriguez Top 10 Richest Kids in The World

Rico began his acting career when he was very young and played minor roles. He was not popular until he was in a gig on a TV show and ended him becoming a smash hit in “Modern Family”. Rico has a great significance in the film Modern Family because he gives it a broad appeal.

His acting Career has so far earned him $4 million where most of his wealth is from the “Modern Family”. Rico will soon be a star in a movie known as “El Americano”.

10. Jaylen Bledsoe ($3.5 million)

Jaylen Bledsoe Top Most Popular Richest Kids in The World 2018

Jaylen is the second kid on the list who is an entrepreneur. He started a company which he named it after his name Jaylen Technologies when he was 13 years old. Within two years after launching his company, he was already on the list of the millionaire. His company specializes in graphics design and information technology where over one hundred people hired it in the first 24 months after being launched.

This young millionaire started investing in other businesses and opened other new companies. Jaylen is doing one of the most incredible things by touring all over from city to city inspiring young people who would be like him. He is a good example of the young kids who wants the best for all.

Are these kids aware of how much wealthy they are? Do you think that these kids spoiled? In a real sense, they are not. They are very young and innocent that is either become rich because of their parents, due to their sharp minds to venture into technology or because of their career. You may think that they have the feeling of being rich but maybe they are not aware of their worth. Other than the few teenagers in the list, the other kids are very young and have never handled much money. They will grow up, and someone will inform them of the amount of money they are worth because currently, the do not have that knowledge.

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