10 Most Trolled People in The World

Internet trolling is all about provoking and stirring up controversy by stalking the victim’s social media and leaving high shock value memes and comments. Trolls claim to engage with internet profiles in this way for “lulz”. Trolling can range from clever pranks, hilarious takedowns, to harassment to threats of violence.

Read on for a list of the top ten most trolled people in the world

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Top Most Famous Trolled People in The World 2018

Angelina Jolie’s story has always brought the Internet’s trolls, sexists and misogynists crawling from their dark sad little corners. When she courageously underwent surgery to avoid breast cancer social media lit up with sexists lamenting the loss of her breasts and criticising her for the move. The Angelina Jolie fake death hoax rumour was created by the internet trolls who started to spread reports claimed that her death was triggered by her divorce from husband Brad Pitt. A scam website started this totally fake news story alleging that she posted a farewell video before committing suicide.

2. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Top 10 Most Trolled People in The World

Jennifer Aniston is without a doubt the second most trolled person in the world. The internet is obsessed with whether the actress is having a baby but Aniston says she’s not and penned a moving letter asking people to back off and respect her privacy. The trolls unremitting attacks on the actress who is worth $150 million have savaged her for her weight, her relationships and her lack of children.

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson Top Popular Trolled People in The World 2019

The gorgeous Harry Potter star is a well known subject of internet trolling. Internet trolls threatening to leak private naked photos of Watson, in response to rousing speech she delivered in the UN headquarters on gender equality. She is a famous object for the trolls and easy target for slut shaming because of her courageous leadership on rights for women and girls. The internet harassment she receives is relentless in an effort to knock her down a peg but the actress gets the last laugh as she has a reported wealth of $60 million.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

Who knows what goes on in the minds of trolls who spend their time mounting online assaults against celebrities? Jennifer Lawrence who has a net worth of $75 million was subjected to a torrent of online abuse when she had the nerve to stand up for herself after her private photos were stolen and posted on the internet. Provocative trolls managed to post the pictures on her Wikipedia page. Lawrence who said she had nothing to be ashamed of and called out the cruelty of her harassers fights back by ignoring the trolls and is not on twitter and avoids social media.

5. Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones

Leslie Jones is a woman, and a proud African-American. As a stand-up comedian she is no stranger to banter and could not be accused of having a thin skin. The notorious troll Milo Yiannopoulos was recently banned from Twitter for insulting Jones with racist, sexists and other vile slurs. While he and his band of lame supporters declared themselves martyrs for free-speech they had just proved themselves as officially the worst people on the bottom half of the internet.

6. Adele

Adele Top Most Trolled People in The World 2017

When singer Adele had baby boy she never expected the avalanche of internet trolling which followed included death threats and insults. Twitter trolls made jokes about her heaviness, laughed about her “inevitable” baby blues and even made actual death threats against her newborn baby. One vicious troll speculated whether the baby was born handicapped and fat. Adele’s fans stood by her and defended her through this awful episode and eventually the nasty troll accounts were deleted.

7. Ellen Page

Ellen Page Top Famous Trolled People in The World 2019

At number 7, Ellen Page is the not the only celebrity to be the target of Twitter trolls and threats. The Oscar-nominated actress who is worth a cool $14 million is reported to have received death threats on Twitter. The menacing messages sparked a police investigation. The actress who came out as gay in 2014 was treated to cruel and homophobic internet provocation but remained cool and collected throughout.

8. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is no stranger to the world of internet trolling. Since she emerged as a teen she has been subjected to endless trolling and harassment. With an estimated worth of $250 million she is seen as an easy target for online trolling and harassment from other celebrities who ignite the spark and are joined by the legion of sad trolls who live in basements. Swift is not one to take it lying down and is very out-spoken about cyber bullying and has sent messages of support to fans that have been the target of trolling.

9. Chris Brown

Chris Brown Top Most Popular Trolled People in The World 2018

Chris Brown who has a net worth of $90 million is known for his bad treatment of women. He certainly is no gentleman and he has made many mistakes in his career. Internet trolls seem to think that makes him fair game and he is subjected to constant barrage of insulting twitter and social media taunts by Rihanna’s fans and followers who are unwilling to allow him ever forget his well published assault on the singer. Brown tends to give as good as he gets has engaged in hateful tirades and regular twitter feuds. The unprovoked written troll attacks are extended to his off again on again girlfriend.

10. 50 Cent

50 Cent Top 10 Most Trolled People in The World 2017

50 Cent may not seem like a likely candidate to be trolled or bullied off line or on-line. Born on the 6th July 1975, the notorious rapper has had an incredible rise to fame. He is currently worth $15M and is a well known internet troll himself having targeted Melania Trump among others. But he has also admitted to being a victim of trolling himself as a high profile public figure he says that he’s considered public property and people have made low comments to him.

These are the top ten most trolled people in the world who are subjected to ongoing internet abuse sometimes dressed up as humor or defended as free speech. The best advice to all of these celebrities and anyone who is a victim of cyber trolls is simply “don’t feed the trolls”.

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