10 Most Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever

The Golden Age of Hollywood was the began in the 1920’s and ended in the 1960’s. Esquire magazine featured an article that stated ‘during Hollywood’s Golden Age, the title “leading man” wasn’t just a catchy phrase for marketers, it was a badge of honor for those actors who loomed so large that the screen couldn’t contain them.’ That is just what these 10 actors did; they created unique styles that set precedents even after their films had long since left the silver screen.

Check some of the below listed Top 10 Most Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever

10. James Stewart

James Stewart Top 10 Most Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever

Askmen did an article about the actor as a style icon. Adam Fox wrote ‘His decent character was matched in suits with the classic gentleman’s fit and silhouette of the day…It’s the look of a true man’s man, which is exactly the mark Stewart left on screen and in style.’ He is remembered for onscreen roles like It’s a Wonderful Life and Mr Smith goes to Washington where he epitomized the quintessential boy next door of yesteryear.

9. Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck Top Famous Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever 2018

He started out as a pre-med student in California and was drawn Hollywood. The bookish refined style radiates in his movies. Men’s Fashion Magazine summed it up perfectly; ‘One thing you have to give Peck credit for is his ability to carry off any style of suit or blazer. The formality of this style of outfit was always given extra cool and Gregory always knew how to carry a suit and not let it carry him.’ The actor was 6’3″ so it was easy for him to stand out. His classic style of well cut suits made him prominent not only because of his height but his timeless appearance.

8. Robert Redford

Robert Redford

Made man called his style “casual cowboy chic”. His support of all things independent originates in every fiber of his appearance. When Askmen commented on why he is such a style icon they said ‘You’ll see Redford in garb ranging from ’70’s Mediterranean nautical wear to the finest of tuxedos, but the hallmarks of vintage Redford are blue jeans, a tweed blazer over a blue oxford shirt and plastic dark-rimmed glasses.’ In the 1969 movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid he made western wear look chic and fashion forward. Two years prior, In the movie Barefoot in the Park he donned the preppier suit and tie to portray half of a Newlywed couple New York.

7. Marlon Brando

Marlon Brando

India Gladstone a contributor for Gentleman’s Journal wrote ‘There’s something about the actors of the past that the actors of today just don’t have. A certain old-school, unaffected charm: one that automatically made them some of the most stylish, inspirational and interesting gentlemen of their time.’ She was referring to Marlon Brando. In her article she went on to talk about Brando’s “casual cool style”. In movies like The Wild one’s he made simple wardrobe basics completely fashion forward. It could be a simple leather jacket with a white tee-shirt; on him it was legendary. He made those basic wardrobe staples people too often take for granted the epitome of style.

6. Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson

James Sanders did a focus piece on Rock Hudson, a style icon;’ He pre-dated the word “swag” but would have done it justice.’ What Marlon Brando did for jeans and t-shirts Rock Hudson did to classic menswear. The 50’s and 60’s call to mind shows like Mad Men. Rock Hudson was the original. The things he wore focused on the basics of classic fashion; uncomplicated and timeless. As Sanders said ‘If he looked like he didn’t try that hard, it’s probably because he didn’t.’

5. Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper Top Most Popular Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever 2018

In 2013 Sonya Glyn Nicholson wrote about ‘The Unflappable Nonchalance of Gary Cooper’. The article is an indepth look at Cooper’s fashion evolution. A lot of Cooper’s attire was classic suits with quirky touches like striped socks. In the book Gary Cooper:Enduring style Bruce Boyer said that his style was the ‘finest example of elegant, international, masculine style rooted in an American ideal of the everyman as hero.

4. Cary Grant

Cary Grant Top 10 Most Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever 2017

‘The name Cary Grant has become synonymous with “well-dressed man.” wrote GQ in 2013. In winter 1967/68 Cary Grant wrote about this distinction; ‘The odd distinction surprises me: first, because I don’t consider myself especially well dressed, and, secondly, I’ve never, as far as I can compare the efforts of others with my own, gone to any special trouble to acquire clothes that could be regarded as noticeably fashionable or up-to-date.’ He never had to be up to date on the fashion trends. It was the Cary Grant smile and the way entered the room that made what he wore timeless.

3. Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart Top Most Famous Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever 2019

Esquire dubbed him “the original hardboiled icon”. According to New World Encyclopedia; ‘Bogart popularized the “natural” style while creating a film persona of the world-weary tough guy with a heart of gold’. This style translated both on and off screen. There is not one photograph of Bogie where his clothes are not well tailored. Nor is there a picture where his style can fully mask the brooding far away look.

2. Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra Top Popular Stylish Classic Male Celebrities Ever 2017

Bill Zehme wrote ‘Arguably, no man ever lived life more broadly or confidently or stylishly than Frank Sinatra,’. Fedora hats and well tailored suits were the staples of his wardrobe. As reiss.com stated ‘It’s hard to overstress the importance of Sinatra’s approach to dressing, not only did he provide a stellar sartorial example among his contemporaries, but his approach to dressing continues to be a template of sophisticated masculinity which has far outlasted the man himself.’ So many of today’s trends are disposable; perhaps a classic style similar to Sinatra’s will be en vogue again soon.

1. Sean Connery

Sean Connery

The original James Bond is the most fashionable of all the classics because his style is timeless. As Murrary Clark of Men’s Fashion Magazine said ‘Every single look is relevant to menswear today, proving the strength of classic heritage style over fleeting novelty trends and statements. For more casual affairs, a turtle neck (for those of our kind lucky enough to pull them off) or a more mainstream-friendly polo is always a quintessential Bond look when paired with slacks and brogues’

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