Top 10 Sexiest and Most Popular Princesses in The World

It is every young girl’s dream to be a princess. To own a crown and wear the prettiest of dresses that flow behind her back. And while these young girls dream their time away, let us scroll down to see the most prettiest and famous Princesses of all time. Where some have inherited the prestige, while some didn’t know they had a lush future ahead.

So, here are the Top 10 sexiest and most popular Princesses in the world:

10. Jetsun Pema

jetsun pema, Top 10 Sexiest and Most Popular Princesses in The World 2018

Princess of Bhutan -Pema was born in Thimphu in 1990 Queen consort of Bhutan is Queen Jetsun Pema Wangchuck. She is the beautiful wife of the king of Bhutan, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck. She is the second eldest of five children. She was educated in Little Dragon School and Sunshine school. She received Convent Education in West Bengal, India. She is the youngest amongst all the princess on the list, she has a special interest in basketball. She is considered amongst the prettiest women on the planet. Dhondup Gyaltshen from Trashigang is her father. She was married on 13 October in the year 2011, at Punakha Dzong in Bhutan.

9. Keisha Omilana


At the 9th position in the list, we have Keisha Omilana, who is the princess of Nigeria. Very well known as ‘Pantene Girl’, is the wife of Prince Kunle Omilana. She is originally from California, from a place called Inglewood. Her husband Kunle is the founder and CEO of Wonderful TV. This channel has a powerful chord on the Christian television industry. They have a son Diran King Omilana. Keisha is also a very influential fashion designer. She is regarded the only person who featured in three commercials consecutively. She has a professional degree in Fashion in Chicago.

8. Tatiana Ellinka


Tatiana is the princess of Greece and Denmark. She was born in Venezuela on august 28 in the year 1980. Prince Nikolaos married Princess Tatiana in 2010. Her Parents were Ladislav Blatnick and Marie Blanche Bierlein. She is supposedly a descendent of the Prince of Hesse, Elector William II. She was brought up in a very unroyal family and made her daily bread with a job as an event planner. She also worked for the Fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg as a publicity personnel. She has got very charming and attractive look and amazing body structure.

7. Zara Phillips


At number 7 we have Princess of England, Zara Anne Elizabeth Tindall. Zara was born on 15th May 1981 in England. Currently 35 years old. Mike Tindall, a former Rugby Union player. Her maternal Grandmother is Queen Elizabeth II. She is mostly called by her maiden name. She excels in many sporting activities including athletics, hockey and a special liking for gymnastics. She studied at Exeter University and is currently holding a Physiotherapy degree. She is the second child of Princess Royal Anne. She is also very stunning and fit, and looks very graceful.

6. Victoria


Victoria is the Crown Princess of Sweden. Her full name is Victoria Ingrid Alice and was born on the date 14 July, 1977. Being the eldest child of King Carl XVI Gustaf she was raised with royalty. Her mother is a German from Silvia. The royal house of Bernadotte is where she is an active member. She was crowned as the crown Princess of Sweden in the year 1979. Her brother was crowned in later years. The Act of Succesion introduced complete primogeniture and she secured the first place in succession in the year 1980. She wears the very famous HRH Crown. Along with being very pretty she is also very joyous and fun loving and spends an extra minute to spread a smile acing her to number six of the list.

5. Madeleine


The younger sister of the famous Princess Victoria is Princess Madeleine the crown princess of Sweden. She is currently 34 years old, but looks as pretty as a dove. The duchess of Gästrikland is fourth to the throne. An equestrian that she is, very skilled. She owned several horses of her own and has a unique yet beautiful relationship with horses. She is also very adventurous and active. She has a peculiar interest in performing art and enjoys dancing. She is also very compassionate and donates in charity. This also helps young budding horses make their way to glory. She interned in UNICEF and worked for 6 months in the branch of Child Protective Services. Madeleine currently stays in America and is happily wedded to Christopher O Neil, a Businessman. She is one amongst the Top 10 Sexiest and Most Popular Princesses in The World 2017.

4. Letizia


Prince of the Asturias and heir to the Spanish throne married Letizia. A journalist she was before her marriage and royal ascension. Letizia has witnessed and reported many huge events and landmarks. Even though she was worn to a middle class family on 15 September 1972, the young princess is says she likes her middle class lifestyle and prefers this over royalty. On 19th June in the year 2014, she was crowned queen of Spain. She is the first Spanish queen, to be born away from royal treatment. Her ancestors too hailed from middle class backgrounds and finds them to be closer than the others. She also has due respect to all of them and never caught the wings of royalty. Letizia mastered in audio visual journalism and has travelled extensively. She is said to have reported for the tragedy of 9/11 Attacks. She is now married to Felipe and subsequently has 2 children.

3. Charlene


Charlene Lynette Wittstock is the Princess of Monaco. She is very pretty, born on 25 January in the year 1978 in Rhodesia. She married the prince of Monaco in the year 2011. It is said that they met at a swimming event which was held in Monaco. Both are skilled swimmers. Albert II is her husband, and a Olympic swimmer. She is now 38 years of age, yet looks very sexy and glamorous.

2. Mary


Crown Princess of Denmark is the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. She was born in 1972 in Australia. In Copenhagen Cathedral She was married to Fredrik, the Crown Prince in the year 2004. They met at the Slip Inn, which was a pub in Sydney and were soon married. They now have 4 young children. She has a very elegant look and a beautiful charm and is one of the hottest princess in the list.

1. Catherine


At number one we have the duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Elizabeth. She was born on January the 9th in the year 1982 and now wears the HRH Crown. She is wedded to Prince William who is the Duke of Cambridge. She was married in the year 2011 and has en exceptional sense of dressing and style. Her smile is very natural and is very sensual. Also awarded the Best Celebrity Smile in the year 2012, she is blessed with two children. In Vanity Fair’s best dressed list, Catherine Elizabeth was awarded most beautifully dressed woman.

We have summed up for you the list of 10 most sexiest and popular Princesses 2017, and hope you liked the countdown. These are very beautiful ladies and have gained popularity with their elegance and charm.

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