Top 10 Most Overrated Sex Symbols in The World

Many people are famous for their good looks. Musicians, actors, actresses and others in the public eye often get a lot of attention for their looks. The more they are seen the more appealing they become to most people. They become instant sex symbols and objects of desires. While there are some very good looking people out there, there are also some that are just average at best.

These are the top 10 overrated sex symbols in the world

10. Johnny Depp

Depp is a great actor with a lot of talent. He can play many different types of characters and really gets into his role. He even tried his hand at music and his band was not terrible. He has won a number of Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards for his performance. While he is talented he is not exactly a sex symbol. He is attractive but not a stand out. In his roles it is hard to see his face under the costumes and makeup. Johnny is also known to keep an untamed beard and has questionable personal hygiene it is rumored.

9. Robert Pattinson

Robert is known for his role as the vampire in the Twilight series. He is good looking but many would say that he is average at best. People would also say that his acting talent is average as well. His look does not change much and after looking at him in this series there is nothing special about him.

8. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay at one point was a pretty girl. She had a cute face and a nice body. Her red hair set her apart. Over time she is not looking or doing that good. She has gotten to be too skinny and lost all of her curves. Due to her poor lifestyle choice both her skin and her hair are not looking too healthy. Her hair looks dull and her appearance is affected as well. It is said she had some plastic surgery done including her lips. Instead of making her look good it made her look unappealing.

7. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer is a pretty girl but there is nothing special about her looks. She is skinny and her hair and appearance is just average. She got the attention when she kicked butt in the Alias movie. This got her attention and she appeared on commercials and magazine covers. She looks more like the girl next store than a sex symbol.

6. Steven Tyler

Steven is the front man of the band Aerosmith. Just being in a rock band can instantly make someone a sex symbol. Steven may be a cool guy to hang out with but this does not mean that he is sexy. His hair is often a mess and he is on the skinny side. The years have not been to kind to Steven. Due to his age as well as some of the hard partying that comes with being a rocker Steve’s skin is old and tried looking. While he may be cool for being the front man of a band for decades he is not a sexy symbol or sexy in any way.

5. Mischa Barton

For a while it seem like Mischa was going to be the next big female start. She gained her fame on a show dedicated to teenagers and showed enough skin to keep teenage boys interested in her. That is about where it ended. She has an accent which some people find attractive and other find annoying. In public she seems like she is stuck up. Many will pass on her and go onto someone that is both attractive and friendly. It does not take a lot of talent to show off skin either.

4. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

These two twins are famous for being part of a set. While they have their own style they do share the same looks. Americans grew up with these twins since there were babies. They were cute babies and went on to be pretty young ladies. They have used their cuteness to expand their brand and their wealth. Just because these ladies were famous when they were young does not make them sex symbols. Many people also say that these twins were better looking when they were little girls. They did not exactly make the transition from child stars to actresses that should be taken seriously.

3. Gavin Rossdale

This is another rock and roll front man that got attention because he was the lead singer of a rock band. He is a good looking guy but if he was not famous his looks would be no more than average. He used to have some nice abs but that has changed as he got older. He got attention for his famous relationship and marriage. When it comes down to it he is just a decent looking guy but not a sex symbol.

2. Sting

Sting is a nice guy and he is in good shape. He is also a talented singer and songwriter. This does not mean he is a sex symbol. People first became interested in the sexiness of String when he shared that he is a fan of yoga and his has tantric sex with his wife for hours on end. He is very environmentally friendly and does a lot of work to help others and the environment . While Sting seems like a good guy he is not a sex symbol.

1. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica may have been on a little show called Sex and the City. This can be a reason why she was seen as a sex symbol. She was open to a number of things and her show talked about sex all the time. Many say that looking at her alone she is not very attractive. While her shows deal with sex she is not that sexy.

These are some of the most overrated sex symbols. While they may be attractive looking they are no better than average. If they were not famous many people would not even give them a second glance.

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