Top 10 Most Handsome Chinese Actors in 2017

China is the home of a huge cinematic empire, and as such, produce a vast variety of superb and excellent film fare. Below we have garnered the top ten favorite Chinese actors of 2017. These actors have a solid history entertaining the good people of China and as a result are seen as highly representative of their country’s talent.

Check out our fantastic list of the top 10 most handsome Chinese actors

10. Liu Ye


Liu Ye became interested in the art of acting and perfected his craft at the Central Academy of Drama in Beijing. His debut was as Zhao Xiling in the 1998 film, “Shiji Zhi iMeng” However, it was not until 1999’s film, “Postmen in the Mountains”, where he found fame, a fan base. His role in “Lan Yu” netted him the Best Actor Award at the 38th Golden Horse Awards. What is interesting about his career, is that he could have chosen the ‘idol’ route. Instead, he based his choices on more challenging fare. This got him the attention of high quality film directors who saw him as more than just a pretty face. In 2007 he played opposite the amazingly talented, Meryl Streep as Liu Xing in the film, “Dark Matter”. He is currently filming “The Bombing” for a later release date.

9. Jay Chou

Jay Chou Top Most Popular Handsome Chinese Actors 2018

Jay Chou released his first album, “Jay” in 2000. Since then his career has seriously gained momentum in Tawan, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. Jay is a composer, lyricist, record producer, actor for film and television and film director. His musical style is described as pop, rock, rhythm and blues, hip hop and Mandopop. He is an accomplished musician whose skills include, piano, cello, guitar, guzheng, flute, percussion, and beatboxing. Time Magazine, Asia named him the “King of Asian Pop” in 2003. His film debut as a lead actor was in 2005’s “Initial D”, as Takumi Fujiwara.

8. Vic Chou


Taiwanese actor, vocalist and model, Vic Chou is a favorite with the people of Taiwan. The good people of Taiwan love their Taiwanese dramas, and he has starred in many of them, such as “Poor Prince” and “Mars”. Chou is also part of the boy band, F4. Born in Yilan, Taiwan, he found his fame in the 2001 series, “Meteor Garden”. His musical style is considered as Mandopop, Rock and Roll and his vocals as a lyric baritone. He has made four solo albums and three with F4, plus numerous musical contributions to soundtracks, such as “Let Me Love You” from the 2004 “Mars” soundtrack.

7. Edison Chen

Edison Chen Top Popular Handsome Chinese Actors 2017

Edison Koon-hei Chen was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on October 7, 1980. Known as Edison Chen, this versatile award-winning, and multi talented entertainer is fluent in several languages, and is an actor, vocalist, producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer. His musical style can be described best as Hong Kong hip hop, Chinese hip hop and Cantopop, with his first album, “Edison Chen” dropped on November 30, 2000. He credits his main artistic influences as Sammi Cheng, Leslie Cheung, R. Kelly and Janet Jackson. His first film appearance was in the 2000 film, “Dead or Alive 2: Birds”. He is the recipient of numerous film, television and music awards, including China Fashion Awards for Breakthrough Artist, 2002 Chinese Music Awards for New Singer, and 2011 MTV Super Festival Annual Trend of Most Style Award.

6. Show Lo


Show Luo is also more commonly known as Show Lo. Born on July 30, 1979, in Keelung, Taiwan, Show Lo specializes in singing, dancing , author of 4 books, acting and business owner with his own brand, STAGE. His musical styling usually centers on Mandopop. His Chinese nickname is Xiao Zhu, or ‘little pig’, which came about due to a period of being overweight in his childhood. He gained much fame and favor by being the television host for the show, “100% Entertainment”, and numerous other television series. He is also known as “Asia’s Dance King’ due to his extensive dance skills. He has acted in the films “Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons” (2013), “The Mermaid” (2016), and “Bleeding Steel” (2017).

5. Chen Daoming


Chen Daoming has been around for white a while in the world of Chinese Cinema. His first film was playing Cao Tieqiang in 1982’s “Flying Snowstorm”. Since then he has led quite a successful career in both Chinese films and television. Chen Daoming was born on April 26, 1955 in Tianjin, China, and honed his skills at the Central Academy of Drama. His debut came playing “Puyi” in the series “The Last dynasty”. His most famous roles include “Hero” (2002), “Coming Home” (2014) and “Internal Affairs 3” (2003). He has won the Golden Rooster Award for Best Actor, The Golden Eagle Award For Best Actor, and a Huabiao Award for Outstanding Actor.

4. Nicholas Tse


Nicholas Tse Ting-fung is known as Nicholas Tse. He is a multi talented singer/songwriter, musician, businessman, and actor born on August 29, 1980 in Hong Kong. This award-winning talent started his career as a singer. In order to be successful in Asian cinema he realized he needed to learn martial arts, in order to work in television and film. His first film was 1998’s “Young and Dangerous: The Prequel”. Nicholas was awarded the Hong Kong film Award for Best New Performer. Tse also founded and sold a successful special effects post production house in Hong Kong, called the “Post Production Office Ltd.” As far as music, he is a cantopop rock artist with chart toppers such as “Front, Back, Left, Right”, “Exposure”, and “Lonely Base”.

3. Leehom Wang


This handsome Chinese actor is also a singer/songwriter, record producer, actor and film director. Leehom Wang is versatile and very active in the entertainment industry. born on May 17, 1976, Leehom Wang received his training at the Eastman School of Music, Williams College and Berkley College of Music. He has a progressive view towards his art and will infuse traditional styles of Chinese music with more modern fare, such as hip hop and rhythm and blues. He is quite prolific, and has won four Golden Melody Awards and has made 25 albums. As an actor, he appeared in Ang Lee’s “Lust, Caution”. Off screen, he is heavily invested in making environmental changes for the future of our planet.

2. Tiger Chen


Tiger Chen is a Chinese martial artist as well as actor. His mentor is the famous martial arts genius, Yuen Wo Ping, and also known as one of Keanu Reeves martial arts instructors involved in the Matrix trilogy. Indeed, Chen can be seen in the famous Vampire Chateau fight scene. Chen was born on March 3, 1975 in Chengdu, Sichuan. Tiger Chen not only worked on the Matrix trilogy, but also was the fight choreographer for “Charlies Angels” (2000), “Once in the Life” (2000) and “Kill Bill: Vol 1” (2003), where he was also Uma Thurman’s stunt double. Tiger played the lead in the film “Man of Tai Chi” starring with Keanu Reeves in 2013. Tiger is currently working on Kungfu Traveler for a 2017 release.

1. Tony Leung


Tony Leung Chiu-wai was born on June 27, 1962 in Hong Kong, and is an accomplished Chinese actor and C-pop singer. As a child, Leung worked odd jobs in order to help support the family such as working as a delivery boy and salesman. When he was 16 his life was about to change, as that is when he met actor/comic Stephen Chow who suggested he enter acting. In 2000 Leung won the Cannes Film Festival for Best Actor for his performance in “In the Mood for Love”. He has also won a variety of Hong Kong Film Awards, Including Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. Leung is an extremely prolific performer with a stellar portfolio and is one of the most successful Hong Kong actors in the world. Leung is a devoted Buddhist and is heavily involved in his belief.

There you have it, our top ten list of the most handsome actors in China for 2017. If you happen to not be familiar with the excellence that is Chinese cinema, we encourage you to take a look, and see how diverse their films are, from dramas to comedies, there is sure to be something you’ll find to your liking.

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