10 Most Famous Retired Sportsmen Ever

Sports is a unique filed of competition that is very popular within modern society. Millions of athletes all over the world compete with one another at different levels of play. Many people engage in sports to show off their physical talents and skills. They enjoy competing against other people and trying to win games.

The following information will describe the top 10 most famous retired sportsmen ever. These individuals were exceptional athletes in their day. Most of them are considered some of the best sportsmen in their field.

Here are some of the Top 10 Most Famous Retired Sportsmen Ever

10. Pele


Edson Arantes do Nascimento is known to the world as Pele. He is considered the number one athlete on the planet. He is a soccer player that is primarily known for his role on the Brazilian national team. He is considered the greatest soccer player that has ever step foot onto a field. Brazil never lost a match when they put Pele in a game to play. He was that good. Pele is now retired and is an ambassador. He is a great athlete and a very respected man all over the world.

9. Brett Favre

Brett Favre Top Famous Retired Sportsmen Ever 2017

Brett Favre was an NFL quarterback who spent most of his career in Greenbay, Wisconsin. Favre is considered one of the best quarterbacks in all of history. He retired from the league back in 2010. During his time as a quarterback he accomplished many great things. Favre really cemented his career in Greenbay and he had led the league in terms of touchdowns, yards, completions and pass attempts. Favre was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016. He truly deserved this honor.

8. Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth Top 10 Most Famous Retired Sportsmen Ever 2017

Babe Ruth was simply known as the Babe, The Bambino and The Sultan of Swat. He played outfielder and pitcher for the New York Yankees. He also played for other teams as well. However, it was during his time with the Yankees that Ruth cemented his legacy a legendary ball player. Ruth retired in 1935 but by then he was a larger than life figure that had done a lot to make the world of baseball and sports a great thing. Ruth was an outstanding public figure. He passed away in 1948.

7. John McEnroe

John McEnroe Top Popular Retired Sportsmen Ever 2018

John McEnroe started to play professional tennis in 1978. During his time as a tennis player he accomplished many great things. He has won many Grand Slams during his day. He by far is among the best tennis players to have ever stepped foot onto a court. McEnroe retired from the sport in 1992. He was inducted within the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 1999.

6. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps Top 10 Most Famous Retired Sportsmen Ever

If a person was to look at Michael Phelps the last thing that they would think of is retirement. This guy is only 31 but he is the most decorated Olympian in all history. Phelps is a superstar athlete of mega proportions. He has won a total of 28 medals. His form of athletic competition is in the area of swimming.

Phelps received his greatest achievements on the world stage at the Olympics he competed in 4 sets of games between 2004 to 2016. He retired because he did not have anything left to accomplish. His record of 28 medal will be hard to break by any contestant.

5. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica and he is the fastest man in the history of the world. He is also called Lightening Bolt because his quick speed. Usain is only 30 years old he plans on retiring from the sport of track and field in 2017. Usain Bolt can move at least 27 miles per hour. The average person can only run at 8.3 miles per hour. Bolt is at least 3 times faster than the average person. His great speed has made him one of the best athletes on the planet. He is a superstar in Jamaica.

4. Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky is hockey royalty. He is considered the best player that has ever stepped foot into a rink. Many people who know about Gretzky’s feats often refer to him as the Great One. He was so good that he scored over 200 point within a season. This is an astounding feat in hockey. Very few players can score this high within a season.

As a matter of fact, Mario Lemieux was the only person who could come close to doing this. Gretzky was such a scoring machine that he literally scored 200 or more points for 4 years in a row. Gretzky retired in 1999 and he is revered as an outstanding athletic hockey player.

3. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Top Most Popular Retired Sportsmen Ever 2018

Kobe Bryant retired from the NBA in 2016. He played professionally for a total of 20 years before he decided to move on. He spent his whole entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers and is considered one of the greatest basketball players in the history of the game. Bryant has helped his team to win 5 Championships while he was there. He is truly a basketball player that had a lot of talent, skill and depth. He is one of the best basketball players in history.

2. Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan Top Most Retired Sportsmen Ever 2019

Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 1998 and then for good in 2003. Jordan is considered the best basketball player ever. He was such a significant ball player that he has been inducted 2 times within the Basketball Hall of Fame. This is a rare honor for any athlete. Jordan and the Bulls dominated the NBA during the 90s. He is truly a significant player that seriously impacted the world of basketball and the world of sports.

1. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali passed away in 2016 but before he died, he had retired once in 1979 but only for a short while back then. He came out of retirement to take on Larry Holmes. He lost this fight and one more after that. He no longer was fit for the ring and finally retired in 1981.

Ali was a man that transformed the world of boxing and he transcended it. He was first and foremost a fighter. He was also an ambassador, an activist and fighter for human rights. Ali was a towering giant of the 20th century. He will forever be remembered for all he accomplished during his lifetime.

The sport men listed here competed for many years. They truly were among the best in their chosen professions. All of these retired sports heroes truly are a testament to the greatness that sports men can have in modern times.

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