Top 10 Most Famous People from Australia

Come to the Land Down Under to see some of Australia’s most famous people. These people are individuals that help to shape the culture of Australia and to make it the land that it is today. The people on this list are significant because of their various contributions to Australian society. They are more than just actors and dancers; they are public figures and even criminals. Yes, these different types of people have influenced generations of Aussies who find their work to be uplifting and great.

Here are some of the Top 10 Most Famous People in Australia

10. Bushranger

Bushranger Top 10 Most Famous People in Australia 2017

Bushrangers were popular but notorious figures in Australian society. They were around during the 20th century and they were outlaws that escaped from prison. Most bushrangers are viewed as common criminals and scum. However, there was one bushranger who transcended this label. His name was Ned Kelly.

He became such a popular outlaw figure that the Australian government had to pass the Felons Apprehension Act 1865 (NSW) for bushrangers to be shot. Many people have made movies, films, songs and constant mention of Ned Kelly. This guy has been immortalized in the history of the Aussies.

9. Sir Donald George “Don” Bradman

Sir Donald George Don Bradman

Sir Donald George is known as The Don and he is considered the greatest cricketer in the history of the sport. He has a batting average that is almost 100 percent. Very few people can achieve his legendary status as a cricketer. He was a heavy hitter in the past and many people enjoyed seeing play the sport. The Don transcended the game and went on to become a famous personality in Australian history. His work as a cricketer will never be soon forgotten. His records still remain as a testament to his great skill as a player.

8. Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman is another great cricketer that hails from Australia. He is considered another great living legend of among cricketer lore. The Don came after Bradman and up until his arrival Bradman was the premiere cricketer in Australia and in the world. He was also involved in other aspects of the game. He became selector, sage and administrator. His contributions helped to transform the game as most people knew it.

7. Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is the CEO of News Corporation. This media company is the second largest media company in existence. Murdoch controls a lot of the news and information that is in the world today. He even has the Wall Street Journal as a part of his empire.

He has a net worth that is over $6 billion dollars. Murdoch’s control of the news is important to the Australian people. He ensures that his nation is staying up on current affairs and situations that impact the Aussies.

6. Cathy Freeman

Cathy Freeman Top Famous People in Australia 2017

Cathy Freeman is an Australian sprinter that became the first Aussie to win a gold medal. She accomplished this feat in the 2000 games. She competed in the 400-meter dash to accomplish this feat. Her contribution to this sport has not helped the Aussies as a nation but she also helped her people the Aborigines. They were a discriminated group but when she won the gold medal people started to rethink their position against them. Freeman is a mega star in Australia and her legacy endures.

5. Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman Top 10 Most Famous People in Australia

Nicole Kidman is a famous Australian actress that has been around for many years. Her first film was Bush Christmas and since that time she has played in other flicks such as Days of Thunder, Far and Away, The Others, Eyes Wide Shut, Cold Mountain, Happy Feet, Paddington and the Secret in their Eyes. Kidman is an accomplished actress that knows her craft. She is a treasure to the Australian people. She also does charity and works in other fields as well.

4. Eric Bana

Eric Bana Top Most Popular People in Australia 2018

Eric Bana is a superstar film actor who has made many on screen hits. Troy, Munich, Star Trek, Deadfall and Deliver us From Evil are among his best films to date. Bana has been in the U.S. for many years but started his career back home in Australia. He loves his country and makes films there as well as the U.S. he is among Australia’s finest import of stars to the U.S. film industry. The people back in Australia really love his work and are glad that he is one their own.

3. Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger Top Popular People in Australia 2018

Health Ledger was a great actor who came from Australia. He died in 2008. However, his legacy lives on. Ledger was a great actor that many perceived would become the greatest actor to emerge from Australia and within the U.S. No one can say if that would be absolutely true or not.

The fact is that Ledger was about to skyrocket before he died. He made films such as Brokeback Mountain, 10 Things I Hate about You, A Knights Tale and The Dark Knight. Ledger and his work will not soon be forgotten.

2. Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe has been involved in various movies for many years and is a mega star performer. Some of his best films to date include The Gladiator, Proof of Life and a Beautiful Mind. He also is a philanthropist and helps out many people in the U.S. and back at home through his charitable organizations. Crowe is a great actor who enjoys his work and his legacy still remains one of the best today.

1. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Top Most People in Australia 2019

Hugh Jackman is an A-List actor that has been busy doing his work Hollywood primary as the Wolverine. However, he has also been acting in other roles as well. He also appeared in films such as the Fountain, Prisoners and Les Miserables.

Jackman is primarily an action performer but he also plays in dramatic and comedy roles. He is a great Australian performer that gives back to his people. Jackman uses his talents in Australia as well as in the U.S. He wants to ensure that he is keeping touch with his people and helping the new generation of performers to be successful as well.

All of these great people have helped to make Australia into the vibrant place that it is today. While half of these people on this list have passed away their work still remains a vibrant part of the Australian culture.

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