Top 10 Most Famous Billionaires in The World

Despite the fact that it takes money to make money, most of these famous billionaires are self-made. There are those who inherited their wealth while others built their wealth from nothing. Majority of these billionaires started this journey with some savings and a vision. These famous billionaires direct a portion of the world’s economy. Currently, they have huge empires that deals with entertainment, real estate, telecom and fashion. Almost a quarter of these billionaires have made it in tech business.

If you are looking forward to earn big money, get some inspiration from the top 10 most famous billionaires of the world

10. Ingvar Kamprad

Ingvar Kamprad Top Popular Billionaires 2019

He founded IKEA at age 17. This is the world’s largest furniture retailer shop whose sales exceeds $33 billion. His main aim was to keep it off the stock market and still secure it in a complex corporate structure. Kamprad has been generous with his wealth by donating to immunization, child rights, environment and wildlife.

9. Michael Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg

He founded his financial data firm with a lucrative career at investment bank. Michael is reported to explore an independent presidential bid. Regardless of him facing an uphill battle, Michael is a pro-business fiscal conservative. He supports gun regulation, abortion rights and ways to prevent climate change.

8. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg

As a student at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg launched He eventually dropped out of college to focus fully as Facebook’s CEO. Facebook gained popularity and currently, it attracts more than a billion users. It is worth more than $275 billion.

Facebook made Mark Zuckerberg the youngest of the richest people in the world. They are involved in an organization called Chan Zuckerberg where the pair has pledged to give 99% of their wealth. Mark and his wife donated towards the fight against Ebola in 2015 and gave towards improving the standards of New Jersey public-school system. At age 31, Mark Zuckerberg is worth $42.8 billion.

7. Larry Ellison

Larry Ellison Top 10 Most Famous Billionaires

In the year 1977, Larry joined forces with two other colleagues. They were from an electronic company and their aim was to start a programming firm. They later got a contract to create a relational database management system for CIA. This project grew to Oracle Corp, which is the second largest software maker just after Microsoft.
Larry also has a global real estate portfolio that shows the whole Hawaiian resort island. Ellison loves tennis and currently, he is passionate about reviving the sport by investing in “fifth grand slam” in California. This tech guru is a generous man and has partnered with wildlife conservation groups and Lawrence Ellison Foundation. These organizations does research on aging and global infectious diseases. Larry Ellison is also a member of Giving Pledge.

6. Charles Koch

Charles Koch Top Most Popular Billionaires 2018

At age 80, he has a net worth $46.8 billion. He is from US and his source of wealth is from inheritance and Koch Industries. He is the chairman and Koch is the second largest privately owned company in America. Koch industries gets $115 billion in sales, since they have specialized in petrochemicals, Clothing materials and Dixie Cups. He is outspoken in the world of politics alongside his brother.

They are hugely involved in charity networks and recently news were Charles is planning on reshaping American Politics. These started when he began planning and developing a libertarian movement.

5. David Koch

David Koch Top Famous Billionaires 2018

David alongside his brother operate Koch industries. This is the second largest private company that features fertilizers and Dixie Cups. These two brothers have a huge influence in politics and have pledged to spend in philanthropy. These two brothers have different characters since David stays out of spotlight than Charles.
David has survived a plane crash in 1991 and won a battle with cancer. He is a humble man and loves giving to charity and has pledged to give over $ 1.2 billion to cancer research, hospitals and education.

4. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos Top Most Billionaires 2019

He introduced e-commerce to the world earning him a huge fortune. Jeff Bezos founded, in his Seattle home in 1994. Amazon Company went public in 1997 and has grown to include furniture, electronics and food. All these generated $89 billion in sales. Despite the negative reports, Jeff still thrives with the growing Amazon Web Services.

Jeff Bezos not only is he working on Amazon but also Blue Origin Company that launched its first spacecraft in 2015. He is also working to detect every form of cancer.

3. Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett

Warren is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway who started his quest for success at a young age. He used to deliver newspapers, although at age 11 Nebraska native bought his first shares. At Columbia Business he was taught by investor Benjamin Graham who later became his mentor. Before he started his investment firm, he worked as a security analyst.

Buffett purchased Textile Company that has many lucrative investments which was used to create a huge fortune. The companies and investments that made him a rich man may appear random. Warren loves junk food and gives to charity. Collaborating with his good friend Bill Gates, they created The Giving Pledge where billionaires give almost half of their fortune to charity.

2. Amancio Ortega

Amancio Ortega Top 10 Most Famous Billionaires 2017

His source of wealth is Inditex, a retail business. At age 79, he has a net worth of $66.8. This man from Spain controls fashion behemoth Inditex. He started off as a delivery boy for a local clothing store, it was later developed into the largest fashion empire.

The company’s biggest brand giant Zara has brought tremendous changes in the company stock and profit. They have also opened other new stores. They sell chic yet affordable designs and this changes the landscape of retail. Their customers are constantly craving new designs at cheaper prices. Amancio remains humble despite the immense wealth accorded to his name. He still takes lunch with his employees at the cafeteria and wears a simple uniform to work.

1. Bill Gates

Bill Gates Top Most Famous Billionaires 2017

At age 60, Bill Gates is worth $87.4 billion. He is from the US and his line of business is Tech, Microsoft. The idea of Microsoft came to him when he was 20 years. Later, Microsoft Company went public few months before his 31st birthday. Initially he was the CEO of software titan and also the biggest shareholder.

He is not only a rich man but also generous. Together with his wife they have worked with many charity foundations. Their aim is to raise people’s standard of living, eliminate HIV, malaria and other diseases. They have an undergoing plan to provide mobile banking to those with no bank accounts. Jeff Bezos together with Bill gates are working to ensure they provide the kits to detect every form of cancer. The Giving pledge that Bill Gates is a co-founder receive donations from its 139 members.

Most of self-made billionaires got their wealth in more traditional industries. Never underestimate what you have at hand, start where you are. Success is not for the selected few but for anyone ready to take a risk. Have a vision and a little capital and look for like-minded people to jump-start your journey.

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