Top 10 Most Beautiful Latina Actresses

The world has lot of beautiful people and is therefore one of the most beautiful places to live in. There are a lot of beautiful men and women in this world whose beauty as always, is charming enough for anybody who looks at them. But there are certain kinds of classes in beauty that make it different from one another. Why some people might prefer Asian beauties over Caucasian beauties is still a mystery.

Out of all these kinds, there is one particular kind that is quite sensational because of its ability to convert any form of beauty into erotic and sensual indulgence in the minds of the people and that is none other than the beauty of the people of Latin America. They are some of the most differently beautiful people in the world and the Latina actresses are undoubtedly some of the most charming and sexually attractive actresses in the world and even a slight smile or moan from their side, changes the entire mental picture of a man. These actresses have made quite a big difference in the history of Hollywood and continue to do so.

So here’s a list of the top 10 most beautiful Latina actresses

10. Leonor varela

leonor varela, Top 10 Most Beautiful Latina Actresses 2019

This beautiful actress who came to popularity as Cleopatra in the ABC TV series Cleopatra was born in Santiago, Chile. She also appeared in the hit show Dallas and what made her quite famous worldwide was her small time engagement with The Mummy, and The Hard Target actor Billy Zane. She also has one child from the producer Lucas Akoskin. Even though she is not very famous in the Hollywood industry, her bikini images will undoubtedly give you an idea as to how ho she actually is.

9. Mia Maestro


She became one of the most popular people after appearance in alias the popular TV series of JJ Abrams, this beautiful damsel who comes from Buenos Aires of Argentina, supposedly got the role when she was auditioning for Lost which is also a series by JJ Abrams. She has also appeared in 4 movies such as The Hotel, In The Time Of The Butterflies, Timecode And Freida. In 2004, she got the Imagen Award for Best supporting actress.

8. Morena Baccarin


Morena Baccarin is especially famous throughout the world for her recent role in the movie Deadpool in which she stars alongside Ryan Reynolds. This beautiful Latina damsel is also part of the series Gotham and is one of the most beautiful ladies of Latin America. She is from Rio de Janeiro and her association with movies began after her father who worked with the headquarters of Lobo TV in Greenwich village.

7. Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria is a very famous actress who comes from Corpus Christi of Texas, and made quite a name for herself after featuring in the TV blockbuster series Desperate Housewives. Her confident roles in this series have also made sure that she gets a Golden Globe Award nomination for the same role as Gabrielle Solis in this show which also gave her International prominence. It also gave her opportunities to act in movies such as The Sentinel.

6. Eva Mendes


For those of you who watched 2 Fast 2 Furious, or the Ghost Rider, starring Nicolas Cage, it might be quite evident to you as to who Eva Mendes is. But for those of you who do not know, her controversial nude scene in one of the most famous movies Training Day made her famous internationally. She is also a model for the popular PETA ad campaign which is popular as “Fur? I’d Rather Go naked” in which she appeared in her birthday suit.

5. Jessica Alba


Who wouldn’t know Jessica Alba the one who played The Invisible woman in the Fantastic Four movies and was famous for her bikini scenes in the movie, Into The Blue. She is undoubtedly one of the sexiest Latina actresses for a long time and has dominated silver screen. This beautiful Mexican woman got famous with Dark Angel, which is a show by James Cameron and her acting in this show also won her Golden Globe nominations. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Latina Actresses 2017.

4. Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara is undoubtedly famous in a lot of TV shows and movies, but is especially famous for the popular series Modern Family, in which she plays the role of Gloria Delgado, and her sensuous acting and revealing dresses made her one of the sexiest actresses in the world. But unlike most other actresses who have made their names only for beauty this beautiful actress is famous also for having brains, as she is one of the most famous business women. She has helped launch her own fragrance brand and jewelry and clothing line.

3. Penelope Cruz


This beautiful lady who won an Oscar for Vicky Cristina Barcelona, is not just a pretty face but is also 1 actress, quite famous for one of the most amazing bodies and for her terrific skills. She promotes brands like Nespresso and l’oreal, and styles herself brave enough as a fashion icon in the Global world. Her accent is also one of the most charming traits of her personality.

2. Salma Hayek


Salma Hayek is one of the most famous Latin actresses known for her movies like Desperado and Everly in which she appears as one of the hottest women on silver screen anybody has ever seen. She has won a lot of nominations in the Oscars, Golden Globes and screen actors Guild awards. Her revealing outfits and amazing sense of dressing make her one of the most charming people for the men who look at her.

1. Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is still one of the hottest actresses in all of Hollywood and is usually On The Dance Floor. With sensational albums like J.Lo, Brave and Rebirth as well as movies like The Wedding Planner, Shall We Dance and Enough, she has made quite a name for herself across the globe. One of her earliest movies, The Anaconda, was quite famous also because of her acting and not just because of those long snakes. One of the most amazing traits of this beautiful actress is that she has one of the most amazing bodies in the history of Hollywood cinema.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful Latina actresses of the world 2017.

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