Top 10 Most Beautiful Girls in Philippines

Philippines is an island country from Asia but most people know it especially for the beautiful faces that people who live there possess. It comes as no surprise especially given the fact that Asia has always produced some of the most beautiful faces in the world and it is rather known for its distinctly unique faces and like most of the Western countries where similar faces are considered beautiful sometimes, Philippines is different in terms of its production of some of the most beautiful women in the world and time and again it has proved that the people of Philippines are some of the most beautiful people in the world who are extremely charismatic. Some women are totally mesmerising. So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful girls in Philippines 2018 who show very early signs of beauty right from the beginning.

10. Kim chi

Kim chi

Kim chi is one of the most famous faces in the Filipino fashion magazine shows and television shows. She is very young and enthusiastic and especially known for her very impressive and hot personality. She is considered as one of the most important people if it is for a photoshoot and is considered in the beginning of the list usually. She has also done a lot of impacting roles in cinema too.

9. Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia

Coleen Garcia is one of the most famous, gifted and beautiful Filipino models and actresses. Even though she has not done a lot of projects, she has surely posed in some very reputed events and made by name for herself. She is concentrated totally about her career and is making a lot of money in very little time as she is considered as one of the most desirable Filipino models.

8. Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis

One advantage that she has to appear here is the fact that she is an amalgamation of Australia and Filipino beauty. She is really a very gorgeous babe whose beauty has brought a lot of eyes directly to stare at her. She is a top model in the Filipino television industry and her certain killer looks can just make anybody go crazy enough by themselves. It is also said that most of the people get addicted to her photo shoots

7. Jewel Mische

Jewel Mische

She is also one of the most famous of the Filipino actress and model. Her origin is Philippines even though she has a lot of relationships with Germany, Spain, and the USA. While her mother is from Philippines, her father is from different Origins. She is a talented and beautiful actress who has done several acts and photo shoots for the Filipino media industry. She is trying hard right now to make a big name for her in the industry.

6. Cristine Reyes

Cristine Reyes

Christine reyes is one of the most significant Filipino models and actresses who seems to be rising to stardom since recent times. She has managed to earn quite a decent amount of success in South Korea. There is a very strong probability that we will get to see a lot of big projects from her in the near future.

5. Kristine Hermosa

Kristine Hermosa

Kristine Hermosa is originally from Spain but is currently a Filipino actress and model.she is considered as one of the most pretty actresses in the history of the Philippines. She has made herself a very good name especially because of her mesmerizing performances in a lot of movies. It is said that almost anybody will instantly fall in love with her just with the single glance at her beautiful skin. She is a very young and charming Filipino actress who has made quite an impression because of her talent She is one amongst the top 10 most beautiful girls in Philippines 2018.

4. Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin is a 30 year old Filipino actress who has achieved a lot of things in very little time she has done a lot of television Drama series. Modelling in Philippines most reputed magazines of the world, people have totally appreciated her hot personality and her mesmerizing looks. She has done quite well in her career to make her famous enough and also be put on this list.

3. Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo

”She exhibits both a very beautiful face and an innocent look”, Sarah Geronimo is the name that should come to your mind. She is a very beautiful and talented Filipino film and Television industry actress. She has very hardly tried to maintain her figure and looks especially because most of it seem to fulfill by their self. She is a talented and gorgeous women of the Philippines who has a great name today and is working out to earn more success in life.

2. Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili

Katrina Halili is one such actress of the Philippines who’s hot photos have inspired generations of people’s ideas that have taken their imagination to great extents especially because of her mesmerizing and charming appearance. She has the extraordinary abilities of gaining the attention of the audience towards her just with a beautiful smile and mesmerizing lips. She is an actress and model in the Philippines film and Television industry and has a huge fan following there.

1. Marian Rivera

Marian Rivera

This beautiful actress needs no introduction and is still considered as one of the most beautiful Filipino actresses in the world. She was born in Spain and then decided to build her career as an actress of the Philippines. She is so hot and beautiful that no normal man can resist the temptation to stare at her continuously. She is one of the top most models in Philippines right now and has appeared in a lot of interesting and beautiful roles.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful girls in Philippines in 2018. These are some stunning beauties and will definitely be some exotic models and actress in their upcoming years. These beautiful girls have already gained a lot of popularity and are no less than any other models or actress.

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