Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Korean Girls

Korea is one of the most famous Asian countries of the world. It is undoubtedly famous for its military rule but for a lot of other things like its division into two distinct countries North Korea and South Korea. It is also famous for the capitals of these Nations Pyongyang and Seoul. Korea is an Asian country which is considered as one of the most interesting places that produces some of the most interesting actresses of the world. This interest clearly arises from the very distinctively beautiful damsels from this Nation who are considered as the symbols of beauty and sensuality. It comes as no surprise given the number of actresses that exist in the Korean film industry as well as the Korean TV industry that a lot of effort is put in this Nation to look beautiful and make the best of one’s appearances.

So, here is a list of the top 10 most beautiful sexiest Korean girls in the world

10. Kim Jin Sol

kim jin sol, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Korean Girls 2017

She won the beauty pageant of Miss Seoul and is currently Miss Korea. This beautiful and seductive lady even though unable to compete in the Miss Universe especially because Korea lost its franchise will be competing in Miss International or Miss Earth. Even though most of them would be against her being in this list, it is totally true that she has one of the most stunning bodies in the entirety of the Korean film industry.

9. Eugene Kim

eugene kim, Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Korean Girls 2017

Eugene Kim when is one of the most curvy and sensual Korean actresses in this list. If present in a room, she is naturally going to make a lot of men want to leave their mind in a land of fantasy. She drives them crazy and she is an actress and also a singer. She was a part of the Korean pop girl gang SAS and has also released a lot of solo albums and also movies including Unstoppable marriage, One mom and three dads, and also the famous TV series Kim of baking.

8. Lee Si young


Lee Si young who is born with a very beautiful and mesmerizing smile is one of the most famous Korean actresses to feature on this list especially because she is also an amateur boxer and unlike most other actresses in this class who are just beautiful, Lee is one of the hot and wicked kind of ladies as her boxing abilities have made her world famous. She has appeared in a lot of TV series and movies such as the kingdom of the wind. Boys over flowers and loving you a thousand times

7. Park min young


Park min young also known as Rachel Park is one of the best Korean actresses known for some of the most famous TV shows aired on Korean television. She is like the next door girl for most of the Korean people especially because of appearances in series is such as Healer, Glory Jane City Hunter and Remember: War of the son she was also seen in the very famous movie The cat and appeared in a number of music videos.

6. Kim Hyuna


This beautiful dancer better known by her stage name Hyuna is a very famous singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer and model. She is a part of the Korean girl gang 4 minute and she is especially talented when it comes to Kpop, dance pop and hip hop. She has also become a very notable singer with her debut change in which she featured solo. She is also very famous for her appearance in Gangnam Style.

5. Lee honey


She is also better known as honey Lee is one of the most famous models Gayagim players and a classical musician who has made her presence in the South Korean film industry very important because of her unique set of talents. She had won the title of Miss Korea in 2006 and was the third runner up in the Miss Universe Pageant of 2007. She has her own vegan recipe TV show which showcases how talented this beautiful girl is. She is one amongst the Top 10 Most Beautiful Sexiest Korean Girls 2017.

4. Kim Tae hee


This beautiful actress started her career as a small time model for television commercials and print ads before appearing in quite a small role in The Melodrama Last present and she followed her success in this role with another short film called living in New Town. She also became famous for the TV Sitcom let’s go and then Rose to popularity one she made her appearance in Stairway to Heaven. She works as a model for quite a lot of famous companies like Olympus Toyota, LG and Samsung.

3. Park Shin Hye


Park Shin Hye is a model actress and singer all of which are packed into a completeness in her as she is a South Korean screen and dramatic artist who made quite an appearance in the Korean drama Stairway to Heaven in 200.3 she quickly in popularity and success by acting in the Korean series, and also bagged critical acclaim with her television series you are beautiful in 2009.

2. Kim Yoo Mi


Kim Yoo mi also famous in the American newspapers as Yumi and is especially famous for her victory in the Miss Korea 2012 beauty pageant. She went on to represent her country also in the Miss Universe Pageant in which role was considered quite significant. She has played a lot of roles in some very famous movies and television series is like Cantabile tomorrow and My dearest lady.

1. Song Hyekyo


Song Hyekyo is undoubtedly the most beautiful and one of the elders of the Korean actresses to make it to this list. she started out as a model for her school uniform company from which she got a very famous role in the Television drama of Korea called First love. She also kept acting in a lot of small roles until Autumn in my heart was released. She is also famous for her recent film The Crossing Part 2. She is involved in a lot of advertising with very famous brands like Olay and LG.

So here was a list of the top 10 most beautiful sexiest Korean girls in 2017.

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  1. Song Ji Hyo should be on the list, she is the epitome of beauty, I consider her to be not only the most beautiful korean actress but one of the most beautiful actresses in Asia

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