Top 10 Most Adorable Guys of All Time

What makes a man adorable is not always the looks or age but the amazing personality that shines from them. This list includes all ages of men because of their ability to woo our hearts and minds over the ages. There are so many other adorable men in the world but let’s look at the top 10 most adorable guys of all time.

Here are some of the Top 10 Most Adorable Guys of All Time

10. George Clooney

It’s rare to find a woman who can’t escape George’s amazing gaze. His salt n pepper hair and cute smile is enough to make your heart beat fast. George is also an activist which puts him in the adorable bucket: women love a man that cares about the world and who actively puts in the effort to improve it. He is very active in preventing mass atrocities, advocating a resolution in the Darfur conflict and so much more. Not to mention, he is just as adorable now-a-days as he was on The Facts of Life.

9. Dave Franco

All of the Franco brothers are absolutely adorable but this one in particular has something special in his eyes and personality. His most recent appearance in Nerve melted women’s hearts everywhere. His super cute smile, clean cut hair and rocking body definitely put him on the list of adorable guys. In Now You See Me he played a pick pocketing magician with a cute quirky personality. It made women everywhere want to date a pick pocketing magician.

8. Tony Bennett

This is a man who used to make women swoon in the 50’s as an accomplished crooner and still sweeps women off their feet with his fantastic voice and adorable smile. In the 90’s he sang next to the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Flavor Flav at the MTV Music Awards and won the hearts of a much younger audience. Now in his 90’s he is still performing and writing hits with Billy Joel, Lady GaGa and so much more. This cute older crooner has won the hearts of women everywhere with his gentle smile and attractive voice.

7. LL Cool J

There is just something heartwarming about his smile and his cute dimples. His big brown eyes won the attention of women in the 90’s and is still winning women over to this day. His character on NCIS: Los Angeles showcases his personality perfectly. He has won so many awards for both his music and his acting career and along with that he has attracted the hearts of many admirers. He is also known for being a huge family man and hosts Lip Sync. He always provides a positive and fun atmosphere. He is both adorable not in just looks but also in personality.

6. Seth Rogan

Seth is not typically thought of as the most attractive man in the world but all of his acting characters have not failed to make women everywhere say “awe” at least once. He has such a cute and cuddly personality you can’t help but like him. He has been absolutely adorable since he hit the acting scene in the early 2000’s with “Knocked Up.” His ability to show love, care and adaptability has made women everywhere claim his adorableness. His recent performance in “The Interview” changed and educated people all over the world about the acts of Kim Jong-un through humor. He also made women ooh and aah at his character in The Night Before when he showed love and care for his friend who lost his parents. He is so versatile he even played The Green Hornet where he changed his entire physique for the character. You can’t help but love the guy.

5. Emmitt Smith

He has the sweetest smile on earth and made women take a double take when he joined Dancing With the Stars. This bald headed cutie became famous as a football player, but really made hearts beat when he danced his heart out on Dancing With the Stars. Emmitt was applauded for “making dancing look manly” and for his “natural charm” on the show. This is why he made the adorable list.

4. Nyle DiMarco

This talented, green eyed, amazing deaf man won women over when he won Americans Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars. He can accomplish anything and be humble the entire time through. You can’t help but melt when you get a good look at those eyes, watch him sign with gracefulness and glow with confidence. This man deserves all good things coming his way because he is definitely adorable.

3. Sam Elliott

His lanky physique, thick mustache, deep and resonant voice, and Western drawl have given him frequent roles as a cowboy or rancher. He isn’t typically thought of as adorable by first glance, but when you watch him act and observe his personality you can’t help but fall in love with him. His most recent character on Grace & Franky made both young and older women swoon over him. Everyone is rooting for him to win Grace’s heart because he won ours. This man definitely deserves to be considered “adorable.”

2. Josh Hutcherson

This Kentucky native won the hearts of millions of women when he exposed his soft side on The Hunger Games. His soft features, gentle voice and vulnerability made women cry, laugh, smile and cheer for him. He is a highly involved with “Straight But Not Narrow” which is a gay-straight alliance. His care for human kind and his amazing personality definitely made many women consider him adorable.

1. Shemar Moore

He is most acknowledged for his character on Criminal Minds. He shows love, care, and has a deep sense of friendship that all women long for. When his time ended on Criminal Minds women everywhere were devastated and some women cried in sadness. He had such a deep effect on so many women’s emotions we know for sure this man is not only adorable but absolutely charismatic and passionate about life. He has his own charity for MS because of his mom being diagnosed with it. Who doesn’t love a man who cares that deeply about their mom?

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