Top 10 Men With The Prettiest Eyes

There is something about a nice set of eyes that really gets a person’s attention. Beautiful eyes can enhance the facial features. Women tend to notice a man with nice eyes and they are very hard to resist. Pretty eyes can take an already attractive man and make him even better looking. These are the top 10 men with the prettiest eyes that get the attention of ladies all around the world. These are some of the nicest eyes that a person cannot help but look into.

Here are the some of the Top 10 Men With The Prettiest Eyes in the world

10. Orlando Bloom

This actor has the talent and he has a nice set of eyes as well. His eyes shone through in the epic Lord of the Rings movies. Bloom’s English eyes are dark and intense. They were great for appealing to fans in this classic fantasy movie. The ladies are taken in by his good looks and they stay drawn in by his deep eyes. There is something that is mysterious about his eyes that keep people glancing into them and thinking about Orlando even after the movie has ended.

9. Roger Taylor

This musician is another man from England with some pretty eyes. He is multi talented as well. he is also to play a number of instruments, sing, and write songs. He was the main drummer for the band Queen for a number of years as well. Roger has a set of deep and intense eyes. He stands out from his band mates due to his beautiful eyes. He has blue eyes and long lashes. His eyelashes alone are something that many women envy. He has he hottest look and this is in part due to his beautiful eyes.

8. Jared Leto

This actor has deep and intense blue eyes. Some people may say that his eyes are the deepest and most intense that they have ever seen. When Jared is looking at a person on or off screen it is like his is looking into their soul. He has a youthful look with deep eyes that are beyond his time. Many people say that when he looks at them with his blue eyes they are in a trance. He has some of the best and prettiest eyes that a person can ever hope to see.

7. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel is best known for playing the role of Harry Potter. There is something about these wizards and their eyes that are attention getting and breathtaking. He had dark eyes and his eyes are very intense. They light up his whole face. These eyes are very pretty and Daniel has some of the best eyes lashes as well. a person cannot help but to take notice of his beautiful eyes.

6. John Cusack

John has hazel eyes and they are really pretty. These eyes stand out no matter what role he is playing. In addition to having great eyes he has some of the best eyelashes that a person could want. His eye color is soft and gentle which gives him a trusting look. This can be why his roles are some believable. People can also look at John and think about how nice his eyes are. This does not hurt his ability to get movie roles.

5. James McAvoy

James is an actor from Scotland that has some beautiful blue eyes. He started acting in his teens and since then fans have been staring into his pretty blue eyes. He has been on a number of television shows as well as movies. It seems that people remember his pretty blue eyes more than they remember his roles. James is talented but it is his eyes that people pay attention to.

4. Haley Joel Osment

Since this boy was young people have been taking notice of his deep and dark eyes. He played a little bit of spooky role as a boy. His eyes really made him shine through. As he grew up his intense eyes only got deep and more appealing to the fans. Haley has some of the best eyes in the business and people have been looking into them since he was a child.

3. Billie Joe Armstrong

The front man of his punk band has been known for a lot of thing. He is known for his singing, guitar playing, and all out punk behavior. Another thing that Billie Joe has become known for is his eyes. His eyes have gotten him some acting jobs as well. When Billy Joe is performing on stage people often look past him and his colored hair and tattoos. Fans are attracted to his pretty eyes. Billy Joe made is cool for a rock star to have pretty eyes and not be ashamed of how good they look.

2. Bradley Cooper

Bradley has a very appealing look to him. He is an actor as well as a producer. He has some of the prettiest eyes on this planet. His eyes are a shade of blue that are some pretty that many people have never seen such nice eyes. Bradley and his pretty eyes have been nominated for four Academy Awards. Three of these awards were for acting and one is for his production skills. He and his eyes have also been nominated for a Tony Award. Many people say that Bradley’s eyes are prettier than the eyes on most women. After looking at his blue eyes a person cannot disagree with that.

1. Paul Walker

Even though he has passed on people still remember his great blue eyes. These are some of the prettiest eyes to have made it onto the big screen. His eyes were also blue as can be and they are intense. A person cannot help but get drawn into his eyes. Many people miss Paul dearly and they miss looking into his pretty blue eyes.

These are the top 10 men with the prettiest eyes. Their eyes are clear and they can draw a person in. While these men are attractive and their eyes really make them stand out and get the attention of everyone in the room.

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