Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World

Every product has to be advertised creatively and uniquely in order for it to reach the target audience. What better way is there than to advertise it using a talented as well a good looking individual. And that’s where models come in. Models are individuals whose main job is to advertise the products of the company or clients. They advertise it using different means like photo shoots, campaigns, awareness, etc. Models can be males or females and their job is modeling.

They have to be the best at what they do as by their looks and personality, they need to effortlessly convey the message to the audience. Both the genders have scope in this market as there are many products which are exclusive for one gender. Some of the products are clothing, accessories , health and hygiene, and many more. Although there is a huge number of fan followers for this industry, we shall be taking into consideration, the top 10 hottest male models of 2017.

Here is the list of Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World

10. Sean O’pry


Number 10 on this list is Sean Richard O’ Pry. This model cum actor was born on July 5th , 1989 in Kennesaw, Georgia, USA. He started his career in 2006 and has been going strong ever since. He advertises for DKNY, lacoste, Armani jeans, H and M, and also Versace. Interesting fact, he appeared in Madonna’s music video ‘ girl gone wild’ and also in Taylor Swift’s ‘ blank space’.

9. Miles McMillan

Miles McMillan Top 10 Best Hottest Male Models

Number 9 on this list is Miles McMilan. This model, actor was born in La Jolla, California. He has endorsed for a good number of companies like Calvin Klein , etc. He has also appeared in various tv shows such as Star trek, American horror story, the agency .

8. Sung Jin Park


Making it number 8 on this list is the south Korean model Sung Jin Park. He was born on September 3rd , 1990 . He is a very talented model who advertises various international brands like Calvin Klein , DKNY , Diesel and many more. Not only that, he also has been featured in various magazines like Dazed , interview magazine , MFF magazine ,etc. This talented model had bagged the model of the year 2014 award .

7. Clark Bockelman

Clark Bockelman Top Most Famous Hottest Male Models 2017

Number 7 on this list is Clark Bockelman. He was born on April 14 , 1992 in Indiana. Although he has worked with many artists and other clients, his most notable works were as Wilhelmina model. He has a huge fan base and it’s not surprising that he is the 8th most famous person with a name Clark in social media. He loves the outdoors and spends most of his time mountaineering and trekking. He has also climbed the Ecuadorian Volcano Catopaxi.

6. Rob Evans


Making it number 6 on this list is Rob Evans. This natural model was born on January 25 , 1989 . He is a citizen of United Kingdom. He has traveled all around the world promoting various companies and their brands in New York , Paris , Barcelona LA and many more. Some of his clients are Adidas , Calvin Klein , Givenchy ,etc . He has also appeared in many magazines such as Spanish V magazine, client magazine , fiasco .

5. Jon Kortajarena


This Spanish model was born on 19 may ,1985. He was born in Bilbao , Basque country , Spain. Jon Kortajarena works with prestigious companies such as Versace, Zara , Pepe jeans, Tom ford and many other clients. He is a favourite of many and his keeps traveling and hiking with his friends regularly.he also has a keen eye for interior designing and photography. He is one amongst the Top 10 Hottest Male Models in The World 2017.

4. Johannes Huebl


Number 4 on this list is the German model Johannes Huebel. This celebrity grew up in Hannover. Unlike many models, he had a keen interest in business studies with respect to management. He has come a long way since then doing modelling, for big companies like Month blanc , Hugo boss , Ralph Lauren , and also banana republic. Not only that , he has collaborated with various renowned photographers and also perfume companies . When it comes to hobbies, Johannes Huebel loves traveling around the world.

3. David Gandy


One of the hottest models alive , and number 3 on this list is David Gandy . He was born on 19th February, 1980 in Billeriay , Essex , United Kingdom. He has been the main face of D and G since many years. He even has his own exclusive fragrance line from them called light blue fragrance since 2008 . His successful career led him to be featured in a wide range of appearances like magazines , TV , photoshoot, etc. He is an active blogger for vogue with respect to health and fitness and also fashion . He has a keen interest in cars and races and has been writing for automobile magazines .

2. Andre Hamann


Andre Hamann was born on 12th august, 1987 . He was born in Oberhausen . He is a well known male model , entrepreneur , digital influence. This talented model started his career in the Austrian capital Vienna. He also models for Hugo boss, Calvin Klein , Mens health , and Vogue and many more. With a vast knowledge in business , he co founded Haze and Glory and has opened branches in Bali and Berlin with the prospect of opening many more in the future.

1. Matthew Noszka


Topping the list with his charm and sizzling hotness , Matthew Noszka stands number 1. This charming model was born on 27th October , 1992 . He was born in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . Starting his career in 2014 , he rose to rapid fame in no time and is now the favourite of numerous brands . He is from an Irish , polish , and German descent . Currently signed by Wilhelmina models , he has done numerous contracts with prestigious companies like Calvin Klein , Nike , Hugo boss , as well as tom ford. He has numerous awards to his credit and always manages to steal the limelight in this industry . Other than modelling , Matthew Noszka loves playing basket ball . When he is not in front of the camera , he is in the court and you know which one.

Modelling is not just posing for the camera if you have a good figure. It is much more than that. It requires a great deal of confidence and the right personality. These models have understood that and that’s why they have made it to the top hottest male models of 2017.

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