Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Dads

Hollywood is filled with actors and actress that hook up with each other all of the time. Many of them even have children together. An actor can be a good dad and still keep his career on track. He does not have to give up his good looks or starting roles just because he has children. It is possible to raise children and still work in the movie business. Some of these dads have one child that lights up their life. Other dads have several children and enjoyed parenthood so much that they did not want to stop. They are still able to have solid careers.

Here are the Top 10 Hottest Hollywood Dads

10. Hugh Jackman

This Hollywood leading man has played a number of roles. He has shown that he can be tough, sing, dance, and still be one of the most respected men in Hollywood. His looks only seem to get better with age. He has been married to Deboora Lee Furness for the past 16 years. They have two children together. They have a son that is 12 and a daughter that is 7. Hugh is hands on and is open about the adoption of these children. He is still look good even when he is bringing the kids to school.

9. Ricky Martin

Sexual preference aside Ricky is one great looking man. He is one of the best looking men to take the stage in a long time. He has the sexy Latin look and has dance moves that no one can compete with. Ricky is also the proud father of two adopted boys. These boys are happy and well cared for. Ricky is able to have it all and still be a good father at the same time. He still has the moves and his music can still make people get up and dance.

8. David Beckham

David is a great looking man. He has the sports skills, has worked as a model, and is the father of four children with his wife former spice girl Victoria. David had managed to keep his sense of style and his good looks through fatherhood. His children are now in their teens but he is still look good. He is one of the best looking fathers in Hollywood and seems to be getting better looking with age.

7. Matt Damon

Matt is the father to several children. He has his wife had four. Matt has managed to keep his looks through the year even though he has daughters. The girls did not affect his appearance at all. When he was filming the Bourine series he felt out his wife and children to be on the set with him. He missed them so much that they had to come all the way to Morocco to be with him. This made him look and feel even better.

6. Orlando Bloom

Orlando and his wife supermodel Miranda Kerr got together and had baby Flynn. This baby is destined to be good looking. Orlando is a very good looking guy and it does not hurt that he is married to a model. He thinks the world of his daughter. Having a child did not slow down his move career or put a damper on this good looks. He is still looking good looks even better when he is holding the little girl.

5. Patrick Dempsey

Patrick is a tall, dark, and handsome man. He has been seen playing the leading role on movies and on television. He has said that having a child has been the greatest accomplishment of his life. He is for his role as a doctor and fans have nicknamed him Dr McDreamy. Having a baby and wanting to take care of the child makes him even more attractive and dreamy.

4. Chris Hemsworth

Chris has been known for playing the roles of ancient Gods and characters from myths. Fans get the chance to see his handsome face as well as his body that is well toned. He has become famous for playing the role of Thor and many fans turn in to see his good looks in addition to this story. Now that he is a parent he is still looking good. Having a child has only made him more attractive.

3. Channing Tatum

Channing is still looking as good as ever. He well toned body is picture perfect and he makes the women go crazy wherever he goes. His good looks have not changed ever though there is a little leading lady in his life. Channing is the father to a little girl. He is still as hot as ever even now that he has to keep his clothing on. Being a parent has not interfered with his good looks at all.

2. Ben Affleck

Even though things are not looking to well for Ben as far as his romantic life goes he is still looking good. Even through the tough times he is still there for his children. He is looking as hot as ever. His romantic life has seen better days but he is still looking good. His career is still hot as well. He has been in a number of hit movies and is even know to keep his family close by when he is shooting.

1. Adam Levine

This hot front man recently became a father. He and his wife welcomed a daughter this year. While Adam is a new dad is it not taking its toll on his looks. He is still working with the band and making appearances all over the papers. He is also spending time with his family and showing that he is devoted to his child. This makes him a lot celebrity dad and his career is not slowing down at all.

These are 10 of the hottest Hollywood dads for 2017. Some of these days have one child and are new to parenthood while others have several children and are loving every minute of parenthood. The fact that these dads are taking care of their families make them even hotter.

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