Top 10 Hottest Female MMA Fighters in The World

The world has so many sports and games. It is hard to keep track of all these sporting events taking place worldwide. Each country has their own national sport and it highlights the history and the pride behind it. Some sports are so dangerous that they have been dominated by mostly men. But many things have changed, and one can see that women also have done a very good job when it comes to such sports.

The traditional masculinity and femininity don’t apply here. Both the genders have proved to be tough and when it comes to girls , it is no more giggling and gossipping as typical stereotypes call it. Instead its teeth grinding and and jaw dropping that bring shivers down your spines. One such sport is MMA or mixed martial arts. This sport involves the hands and legs to fight and not for play dates. It’s not surprising that these women maintain their physique and fashion at the same time.

Therefore here is the list of top 10 hottest female MMA fighters

10. Courtney Casey

courtney casey, Top 10 Hottest Female MMA Fighters in The World 2018

Dazzling the crowd and fans with her beauty and punches, its Courtney Casey Sanchez who stands number 10 on this list. She was born on 5th may ,1987 in Mesa , Arizona , USA . She is also called as cast iron and this nickname can tell you about her personality. She has a winning streak of 2 and rightfully deserves this spot.

9. Felice Herrig


With her jaw dropping kicks and punches , number 9 on this list is Felice Nicole Herrig . This American fighter was born on September 18th , 1984. She was born in buffalo grove, Illinois , USA. Starting her career in the year 2009, she has come a long way since. Having an impressive physique and confidence , she has an impressive fan base. If that’s not enough, she has played in a video game. her strengths are Maui Thai and kick boxing.

8. Kailin Curran


Some impress people with their intelligence, some with their beauty. What do you call a woman who impresses others with her fighting skills and beauty? Number 8 on this list is kailin Curran . She was born on April 11th, 1991 in Hawaii , USA . This beautiful and graceful fighter is of Irish, Samoan , German descent . Although she lost against Paige VanZant in November 2014 , she was awarded fight of the night for UFC championship .

7. Ashlee Evans Smith


Number 7 on this dazzling list is Ashlee Evans Smith. She was born on July 9th ,1987 in Ukiah , California, USA . She competes in UFC under bantam weight division . Her main strengths are in Jiu – Jitsu . She is famous for her bold hairstyle .

6. Claudia Gadelha


Ana Cláudia Dantas Gadelha was born on December 7th , 1988 in Rio Grande do Norte , Brazil . This tough beauty is number 1 in official UFC straw weight rankings . Although she does look like a girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth , her life was not full of rainbows and lollipops . She had a rebellious nature which was disliked by her parents . Her childhood gave her the ” don’t mess with me ” attitude . She not only grabs attention with her beauty , but also grabs championship titles making her number 6 on this list of Top 10 Hottest Female MMA Fighters in The World 2017.

5. Juliana Peña


Number 5 on this list is Juliana Peña . This American fighter was born on august 19th , 1989 in Spokane ,Washington , USA . She is famously called by her nickname ” the Venezuela Vixen ” . This gorgeous woman has her interest and strengths in kickboxing , Brazilian jujitsu . I’d that’s not enough , she has featured in MMA documentary called Fight Life directed by James Z Feng . She had not lost her charm even after being involved in an accident with a drunk driver, Juliana Peña has regained her ground and has proved to be determined to win .

4. Ronda Rousey


Taking number 4 on this list is Ronda Jean Rousey . She was born on February 1st , 1987 in Riverside California , USA . She is called Rowdy and also as The arm collector . Her main styles are Judo . She started her career in 2011 and has come a long way since then . One should not be mistaken to take her to be a sweet princess cause she is not . She did her country proud by bagging the bronze medal in 2008 Summer Olympics for Judo held in Beijing . She is also the first US woman to win that title . If that’s not enough , she was the 3rd most searched person on Google in 2015 . She also has done a good number of tv shows and films . Some of her acting can be seen in furious 7 and also the expendables . She is well known to smile at her opponents before the match and after the match . But in the middle , she is a total mean machine and her nickname justifies that . This beauty with a kind heart has also participated in a number of charity programmes and fund raising programmes including for animals .

3. Meisha Tate


Number 3 on this list is the sizzling Meisha Tate . Meisha Tate or Meisha Theresa Tate was born on august 18th 1986 in Tacoma , Washington , USA . She is also called as cupcake but don’t don’t mistake her to be a sweet goody two shoes cause her other name is takedown . She is good at wrestling , Muai- Thai and many other forms of martial arts . She has been going strong since 2007 and has a total of 18 wins in her MMA career .

2. Paige VanZant


At the 2nd position on this list is the young but unrelenting Paige Michelle VanZant . She was born on march 26th , 1994 in Dundee , Oregon , USA . Her stunning fitness and beauty has made her a model for several fitness companies like Nike and Columbia Sportswear . She takes her talent in the ring and has been awarded Fight of the night and performance of the night in UFC . Her nickname is 12 gauge.. need I say more.

1. Michelle Waterson


Making it number 1 on the list of hottest female MMA fighters 2017 is none other than Michelle E Waterson . She was born on January 6th , 1986 in Colorado springs , Colorado . Her nickname is the karate hottie . Now that’s a name worth looking out in the ring for. She has mastered many types of martial arts and also has 13 wins to her credit . She was featured in the music video for American metal band , Megadeth . This gorgeous model has also featured in the 2008 knockout calendar . She is married and has a daughter named Araya .

Thus here is the top ten list of hottest female MMA fighters of 2017 .

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