10 Greatest People of The 19th Century

The 19th century was an interesting era for all of humanity. During the 1800’s the world was changing within significant ways. At the forefront of these changes were significant people who contributed to the revolutions that were taking place in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and within the Caribbean.

These continents had famous personalities that were making decisions which would impact millions of lives all around the globe. Here is a look at the most influential and greatest people of the 19th century and how their contributions helped to shape the world as we know it today.

Here are some of the 10 Greatest People of The 19th Century

10. Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte Top 10 Greatest People of The 19th Century

Napoleon Bonaparte changed the old order of Europe during his time within the 19th century. He was a military genius whose conquest of Europe started the French Revolution. From this revolution, the ideas that shaped the United States Constitution would emerge.

However, long before his ideas influenced the new American nation, they helped to define his own era. The Napoleonic code spread across Europe and to other parts of the world. This code was instrumental with developing legal systems for other countries within the Middle East and across the globe.

9. Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln Top 10 Greatest People of The 19th Century 2017

Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the United States. He served in office for only four years but his time as president has and will never be forgotten. Lincoln was instrumental in keeping the fragile American nation alive during his time in office. He led the union during the Civil War. His efforts not only kept the U.S. intact, he also helped the U.S. to become the nation that it is today. Lincoln was and is one of the greatest presidents that the U.S. will ever have.

8. Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

When Queen Victoria was in charge of Britain from 1837 to 1991 – she literally turned the British kingdom into the world’s greatest empire. She is considered one of the leading monarchs within the nation. Her efforts has helped the empire to expand into powerful world leader that still influences the nations today. Britain controlled at least one-fourth of the world during the 1800s.

They held territories in Asia, North America, Africa and Australia. The reason why English is the most dominate (universal) language in the world today has to do with the British Empire’s conquest of the world.

Queen Victoria had forged an empire and inadvertently made the British people and the English language a huge influential force in the world. The United States benefit from this legacy of the British because they too are English speaking people. Their influence in the world is indirectly the result of the British Empire.

7. Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar

Simon Bolivar is known as El Libertador or the Liberator. Bolivar led many South American countries to freedom during the 1800s. Countries such as Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil all owe their independence to this man.

Bolivar ensured that people who live within these countries were free from Spanish rule. He served as the president for the Federation of Latin America until his death. His influence into the Latin world of politics and leadership inspired future South American and Cuban leaders such as Fidel Castro and Caesar Chavez. He also created a country called Bolivia.

6. Karl Marx

Karl Marx Top Famous Greatest People of The 19th Century 2019

The thing that set Karl Marx on the map was his Communist Manifesto which outlined a new economic system called capitalism. Keep in mind that Marx was more than just a creator of a new economic theory. He was also one of the greatest economists of all time. He wisely told the world that capitalism was going to separate people according to classes.

He also said that the people in power would steadily increase their position while individuals without power would become poorer. Modern day capitalism clearly bears this out. He also knew that communism was going to take place within industrial societies. His theories and insight shaped the modern world as we know it today.

5. William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce

William Wilberforce was the key figure in ending the slave trade. When Wilberforce was younger he used to be a slave trader. One day, the Lord made him see the era of his ways. He became a Christian. Once he gave his life to Christ he began to campaign against the slave trade. Wilberforce was instrumental to ending the slave trade in Britain. Once the trade ended within the most powerful empire on Earth at the time, it slowly started to end within the U.S., the Caribbean and in Africa.

4. Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin Top Popular Greatest People of The 19th Century 2018

Charles Darwin was a scientific genius that lived during the 19th century. He created a taxonomy system that classified many species that are known today. As a matter of fact, he released the On the Origins of Species which was huge best seller during his time in the past. The book was used in academic circles and is still being used today to educate and to inform people about science and the world around them.

3. John D. Rockefeller

John D. Rockefeller Top Most Popular Greatest People of The 19th Century 2018

When a person hears the name Rockefeller they usually associate it with money. That is due to a famous 19th century business mogul who was extremely rich even by today’s standards. Rockefeller was a business magnate that controlled the U.S. oil and railroad industries.

His name had become associated with wealth. The fact is that Rockefeller was incredibly rich from his holdings. He had so much money and power that he was able to literally control various aspects of the early American economy. Rockefeller’s offspring still continue to benefit from his immense wealth in modern times.

2. Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison was and still is one of the leading scientists and inventors of all time. He did much of work during the 19th century. Created over 1,000 patents during his lifetime. He made useful products such as the light bulb and the phonograph. His inventions changed society and how people function in everyday life. When a person can make inventions on this level it clearly shows that they are true geniuses within the field of science and technology.

1. Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell Top Most Greatest People of The 19th Century 2017

Alexander Graham Bell made the world grow smaller through his invention called the telephone. This communication device helped information to travel across the globe at an alarming rate of speed. People did not need to wait months or years to receive information.

The telephone also allowed people to transmit information directly from the sources that were making news or who were present during an event, situation or some type of incident. People could also speak directly with their family members who were far away from them. This invention has literally altered how people communicate in modern times.

These individuals were among the most notable figures of the 19th century. Their contributions to humanity were groundbreaking in their time and they still remain important today.

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