10 Greatest American Women of All Time

Some of the greatest women ever have lived and worked in the United States, perhaps more than any other country in the world. For a long time now, women have always fought for equal rights with men. Sadly, it has never been achieved. Regardless, there are those women who managed to stand out in this male dominated world. There are also many women who have contributed in a huge way to American History. So many that they can’t fit on a single list.

Our society and women in America have advanced in a great way. These women became most powerful and most inspirational of all time. They became great warriors, visionaries and leaders. These women left an incredible mark on the world we are living. They changed it in ways better than men could have done it. Having shaped the world to be a better place. The rounded up list below shows the top 10 list of the greatest women of all time.

Here are some of the Top 10 Greatest American Women of All Time

10. Mary Musgrove

Mary Musgrove

She majored in trading and interpreting. Mary bridged the gap between two societies and further became a surgical doctor. She counseled those who were aware of her capabilities. Mary fought for her own rights and attempted to recreate the world’s she had joined to her own image.

9. Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson

She was captured during King Phillip’s war by Native Americans. Afterwards she wrote firsthand accounting of 17th century. Rowland composed a narrative of her captivity and the stages of her encounters in 20 different journeys. After the King Philip’s war, the tension between the colonists and Native Americans was a source of anxiety.

8. Mary Bliss Parsons

Mary Bliss Parsons Top 10 Greatest American Women of All Time

She was wife to the well-known Salem, Massachusetts. Parsons was charged with witchcraft charges in an unusual witch hunt trial in history. Mary ruled in 1628-1712. These family became prominent members of the community that experienced financial success.

7. Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet Top Most Greatest American Women of All Time 2017

She was among America’s first poets. Her poetry was known for its important historic content up to mid-1800. Contemplations was a book on religious poems. Later, her writings developed a unique style that focused on her role as a mother, the struggles and sufferings of life and Puritan faith. She is described as an “educated English woman” from portraits painted. Her volume of poems were met with positive feedbacks in both the Old World and New world.

6. Mary Barrett Dyer

Mary Barrett Dyer Top Popular Greatest American Women of All Time 2019

She reinforced religious activism and reigned in the early 1600s-1660. Quakers led to Dyer’s hanging and since she constantly defiled a puritan law. She was later known as a martyr, Mary is one of the four hanged martyrs. This was because she quickened the reversal of anti-Quaker laws in Massachusetts.

Mary got married to William and together were interested in changing the Anglican Church from within. Before Mary left Boston where she was staying with her husband, she gave birth to a deformed baby. The stillborn baby was buried secretly and later the authorities learnt about this. It was concluded that the monstrous baby was as a result of ‘monstrous” religious opinions.

Later she was hanged as the third of four Quaker martyrs.

5. Margaret Brent

Margaret Brent Top Famous Greatest American Women of All Time 2019

Margaret was the first woman to appear before a court. She was a key settler in the early histories of Maryland. She dealt with human rights and specifically women’s suffrage. Margaret ruled from 1600-1669 and was seen as North America’s first feminist. She was among the largest landowners in Maryland. This helped in resolving land issues, raised armed volunteer group.

Margaret made sure soldiers were paid and provided with food to ensure their loyalty to the colony. She was insistent on advocating her legal prerogatives as an unmarried woman of property.

4. Pocahontas


Pocahontas was noted for her association with colonial settlement in Virginia. She rescued Capt. John Smith from the hands of her father. Pocahontas later got married to the well-known John Rolfe. She reigned from 1595-1617 and met royalty in England. Many landmarks, places and products in United States were named after her. Her story has been recited over the years and Pocahontas is a subject of art, film and literature.

3. Anne Marbury Hutchinson

Anne Marbury Hutchinson Top Most Famous Greatest American Women of All Time 2018

Anne was a spiritual adviser and a huge participant in the Antinomian controversy. There was conflict between Anne strong religious convictions and the established Puritan Clergy. Later she was tried and found guilty. Reigning in 1591-1643, Anne pioneered the right of religious freedom of expression. She was excommunicated from Boston by Puritans in 1637 on her views on grace. Later in New York she was killed by foreigners.

Anne received a better education as compared to other girls. She offered help to those that needed her assistance and religious understandings. This led to her housing women in her house weekly. Anne offered notes on recent sermons and later started offering meetings for men too.

2. Lady Deborah Moody

Lady Deborah Moody Top Most Popular Greatest American Women of All Time 2018

Deborah was the only woman to begin a village in colonial America. Her leadership was based on Religious freedom. She reigned from 1586 to 1659. Deborah brought people that sought religious freedom to Gravesend in New Amsterdam. She was highly respected and an important figure in the community. Deborah was influential in a men dominated society and was regarded as a “dangerous woman’.

After her husband passed on in 1629, Moody left England due to religious persecution. She was able to lead her group of religious dissenters to flee persecution. These people from Gravesend were granted religious freedom which was not expected in that era. Later she became influential in New Netherland and developed good relations with Governor Peter Stuyvesant. She is always remembered for having founded the town of Gravesend built by women from New York.

1. Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams Top 10 Greatest American Women of All Time 2017

She was wife to President John Adams and mother to President John Quincy Adams. Abigail had positive influence in the development of US as a nation. She was a supporter of women rights. Abigail met her husband in Church while she was still a young girl. Later in 1762, they began exchanging love letters and their wedding was in 1764. This was one of the best partnerships since they were great friends, lovers, counselors and mentors.

Abigail had the ability to manage a farm and her husband didn’t resent her for this. John admired Abigail’s accomplishments. He didn’t fail to appreciate her success in budgeting, managing staff, regulating livestock and planting. Abigail also bought provisions, nursed and educated her children. That even their neighbors noted her hard work.

Since the old days, women have struggled a lot for their voice to be heard. In this modern era, they are now seen in high ranks with their counterparts. Women are the greatest beings on earth, so let us all appreciate the work they have done including their achievements. Salute to all women!

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