Top 10 Finest Women on Earth

There are many hot women out there. Some of these women are better looking than others. These women can get the attention of any man or any woman for that matter. They have the right look and are just so good looking. Being considered to be one of the finest women on Earth is not an easy task but these women are looking that good.

These are the top 10 finest women on Earth

10. K.S. Chithra

K.S. Chithra Top 10 Finest Women on Earth

This beauty is one of legends. She has a very pretty face and all of her facial features are almost perfect. She is just downright beautiful even when she does not have her makeup on. She has a great smile which even makes her more attractive to look out. She is a great beauty and she is said to have a nice personality as well.

9. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Top Famous Finest Women on Earth 2019

Jessica is an actress, model, as well as a business woman. In addition to her great looks she has the brains. She has a nice body on her as well including her well tanned skin and great look. She is not afraid to show off her best features during her photo shoots. She also has some of the nicest eyes on any woman which adds to her appeal.

8. Shakira


Shakira is a beauty and exotic women. She has a number of different looks and she looks great no matter what way she is wearing her hair. She is a singer, songwriter, producers, and is known for her great dance moves. She is able to shake her hips which makes her very appealing. Shakira is from the country of Columbia but her roots are based out of the Middle East. She is good looking whether she is dancing, performing, or working as a model.

7. Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes Top Most Famous Finest Women on Earth 2018

Eva just seems to get better with ages. She is oozing with sex appeal. She is graceful and works hard to stay in shape. She does yoga and exercises to keep her in shape and looking good at any age. She is talented and can command the attention on stage. In addition to her talent her hot looks really get people to stop and pay attention to her.

6. Julianne Hough


This lovely lady is known be being a good dancer and singer. Many also know her for being a hot blonde with a nice body. She has a very sexy personality and this can be seen in most of her dance moves. She has been on the large and the small screens. She is a hot girl with a nice body. People do like her for her talent but her looks help her along as well.

5. Clair Bidez


This blonde beauty is known for her great looks as well as her athletic ability. She is originally from the United States but her work takes her around the world to compete. She is young and talented not to mention strikingly good looking. In addition to her sports work she does some modeling from time to time. Her pictures show off her well toned and hot body in bathing suits and other various degrees of being undressed. The pictures also make her look warm and friendly in addition to sexy. She is focused on winning the gold metal but her looks help her get the attention of the world.

4. Gracie Gold


This is another hot blonde that uses her athletic skills to make a living. She is a very talented figure skater and in addition to looking amazing she does amazing things on the ice. She is a skater from the United States. She has a beautiful yet innocent look to her. She is good that people think that she can go all the way to the gold. That has yet to be seen but her good looks and her talent keep her in the spotlight of fans from all around the world.

3. Anna Fenninger


This beauty is from the wild country of Australia. She is a well liked and well talent athlete. Being an athlete allows her to have a great figure and she has to stay in shape as part of her job. She has a nice smile and her beauty makes her even more appealing to the fans. She can be found out on the field as well as in television and magazine ads. She has taken pictures in everything from dressed up clothing to being photographed with animals from the outback. This hot woman is sure to keep on kicking butt and looking good while she is doing so. She is popular on the ski slopes and has even won the Australian World Cup. She is also an Olympic gold medalist which makes her even more appealing then every before.

2. Nicole Scherzinger


This pussy cat doll is even better looking when she is performing solo. She has a nice singing voice and an even hotter look. Her dark hair and deep eyes make her very appealing to fans. She has a great exotic look to her. She has a nice personality which only adds to her hotness. She is smart, attractive, and has a nice body.

1. Olga Kurylenko


This beauty is from the Ukraine. She has dark hair, dark eyes, and a sexy look to her. She is a model and is a television presenter in Europe. She is gaining the attention of the world with her great looks. She has caught the attention of the camera since she was a young child. She is also an ambassador for many beauty companies all over the world. Even when she is not made up she is the best looking woman on the plant and this is not an easy title to keep.

These are the hottest women on the planet. They all have striking good looks and are sexy even when they are not trying to be. These women have the talent and are able to stay in shape due to their profession. That will help these women look good for years and years to come.


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  1. Number ten on this list does not even remotely compare to the other nine. Did she pay to get on the list?

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