10 Famous People Who Died by Drowning

Death is not a topic that most people want to deal with. Regardless of this fact, the truth is that everyone is going to die. None of us can escape that coming day. That is true from the poorest and disenfranchised individual on Earth, to the greatest person that is alive today. Everyone that is alive today will eventually be dead and gone within a 120-years or less. This is also true for celebrities and famous public figures.

The following famous might not have thought that their deaths would come about by drowning. Unfortunately, they did. This is not a good way for people to meet their fate. The celebrities and public personalities that passed away in this manner probably though they would die in another way.

Here is a list of the many different celebrities who have died by drowning.

10. Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston died in 2012 from a combination of drug overdose and drowning. She was a mega starlet who was considered one of the best singers in the world. This superstar had personal problems that caused her to use drugs.

She eventually took some drugs while taking a bath that caused her to overdose and while she was in her overdose condition she drowned. Houston passed in February of 2012. Her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown died in a similar fashion. Survivor Bobby Brown was truly devastated that his wife and daughter had passed away in this manner.

9. Orville Redenbacher

Orville Redenbacher Top 10 Famous People Who Died by Drowning

A lot of people are familiar with Orville Redenbacher. He is well known for his popcorn company. Orville became popular from his commercial and specialty popcorn. Most people might not realize this but Redenbacher lost his life in 1995 when he was found dead inside of his whirlpool. He had suffered from a heart attack which caused him to drown.

8. Rodney King

Rodney King

Rodney King is the famous Los Angeles motorists who was severely beaten by 4 police officers in 1991. Videos of King’s beating were released to the public and it eventually set off an international condemnation of the L.A. police department for police brutality.

King’s actions led to the famous Los Angeles riots of 1992. This man had unwittingly become an international icon and indirect leader in the struggle against racism and police brutality within America. King was found dead in his swimming pool when he drowned from alcohol, marijuana and cocaine use while swimming. He died in June of 2012.

7. Nerine Shatner

Nerine Shatner Top Most People Who Died by Drowning 2019

Nerine Shatner was an actress and model. She was also married to William Shatner. Before she took on Shatner’s (the famous Captain Kirk) last name she was doing well within her perspective careers. One day while swimming alone at her home, this young lady drowned. The autopsy performed on Nerine revealed that she was drinking heavily and taking sleeping pills before she passed away. Her death was a sorrowful time in the life of Shatner who loved his wife dearly.

6. Jerry Anderson

Jerry Anderson Top Popular People Who Died by Drowning 2018

Jerry Anderson was a former safety for the Cincinnati Bengals. In 1995 he ended up drowning while trying to save two young boys who were trapped in deep water. The former Bengal’s player was a great hero who had helped to save people many years before his death.

When he set out to help the boys he believed that he could save them. However, the waters were too strong for him. He died in 1989 during his rescue attempt. Many people within his hometown of Murfreesboro, Tennessee still consider him a hero to this day.

5. Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood Top Most Popular People Who Died by Drowning 2019

Natalie Wood was real popular during the 50’s and 60’s. She made a lot of movies when motion pictures were gaining more popularity within society. Some of her most notable films included Rebel without a Cause and Love with a Proper Stranger. In 1981, Woods was out yachting and ended up being involved within an accident. She died by drowning. An investigation was launched into the incident and officials discovered that she might have been murdered. To this day, no one knows if her drowning was an accident or a homicide.

4. Jessica Savitch

Jessica Savitch Top Most Famous People Who Died by Drowning 2018

Was famous news broadcaster and reporter who lost her life in 1983. She drowned when her car was caught up in heavy rainstorm. She was driving trying to get through his bad situation but the heavy rainfall caused her vehicle to go off the road into a canal.

She sank into the water upside down. The water started to fill up the car and she ended up drowning. Jessica Savitch ended up losing her life during the height of her career. This great news woman was recognized for her great achievements within this field.

3. Brian Jones

Brian Jones Top 10 Famous People Who Died by Drowning 2017

Brian Jones was an original member of the Rolling Stone. He died in 1969 in his swimming pool. An autopsy revealed that he was drinking and doing drugs before his death. Jones was an instrumental figure for the Rolling Stones. He helped the group to establish its legacy before his passing. His unfortunate demise was a terrible thing. He died way too young but his memory with the group is still important to the world of music.

2. Virginia Woolf

Virginia Woolf

Legendary author Virginia Woolf took her life by drowning herself in 1941. This accomplished author had written Mrs. Dalloway, Orlando and a Room of One’s Own. All of these novels were great books. Woolf was a great author but she was also bipolar. She had to constantly struggle with bipolar disorder. In 1941 she committed suicide by drowning. Woolf could not overcome her personal problems with deression.

1. Friedrich I Barbarossa

Friedrich I Barbarossa Top Famous People Who Died by Drowning 2017

Believe it or not the Duke of Swabia and the Holy Roman Emperor named Friedrich I Barbarossa accidently drowned in the Goks River during the Third Crusade. He was on his way to fight in this holy war with the aid of Richard I of England and Philip II of France. Barbarbossa’s death was hard for the Germans people to deal with and it came at the wrong time. However, the Germans still continued to aid the Crusaders in their battle against the Muslims for the Holy Land.

Even though these famous people are no longer around their legacy and works are still around. Drowning has and will always be a terrible way for people to pass away.

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