Top 10 Best Miss Universe Winners of All Time

The Miss Universe Pageant is the biggest beauty contest in the world. Beautiful women from every country come together to compete with one another to figure out who is the best looking (and most talented) women on the planet. This is not an easy contest to win. The fact is that there are so many beautiful women that trying to find the best looking one of all time is no different than looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack.

The following top 10 list is going to present 10 of the best Miss Universes Winners in the history of this pageant. Hopefully, the 10 winners selected here are truly among the most beautiful women that the world has ever seen.

Here are the Top 10 Best Miss Universe Winners of All Time

10. Canada’s- Natalie Glebova


Natalie Glebova became the 54th winner of the Miss Universe Pageant in 2005. She ended up winning by dominating on the runways during the competition. Glebova is a Russian woman by birth and ended up resettling into Canada when she was older. While Glebova has a lot of talent at modeling and looking good on a stage – she is also a marketing expert and a motivational speaker. Remember, a model is supposed to have talents as well as looks.

9. Venezuela – Gabriela Isler

Gabriela Isler Top Most Famous Miss Universe Winners of All Time 2018

In 2013, the nation of Venezuela swept the Miss Universe Pageant when Gabriela Isler represented her nation in the beauty arena. She is just one of seven contest winners that has ever won the title. Gabriela is a CEO which is a highly-rated talent for any person to have.

She runs an organization called the Universe of Blessing Funds. This organization strengthens young girls and helps to prepare them for life. She also holds a BA in the fields of management and marketing. Isler also an international spokesperson for HIV and AIDS related issues.

8. Norway – Mona Grudt


Mona Grudt is a Norwegian modeling honey that is truly a beautiful woman from the land of Norway. She is an editor of a wedding magazine and she is also a host for the Next Top Model, Norwegian Edition. Keep in mind that Grudt is Norway’s first Miss Universe Contest Winner. She is truly a beautiful woman to behold. She won the title many years ago back in 1990. She was also the last Miss Universe Winner to travel with Bob Hope on his final USO tour.

7. USA – Olivia Culpo


Olivia Culpo used her beauty to become a Miss Universe winner in 2012. She hails from the United States. Her win helped the U.S. to get the title back after a 15-year dry spell. Culpo is from the state of Rhode Island and won the Miss USA title during the same year. Culpo is a minor actor and hostess. She is also a cello player. This lady is truly an American winner.

6. India – Sushmita Sen


India’s Sushmita Sen was Miss Universe in 1994. After she won this prestigious honor she went on to become an actress. Sushmita then started to set popular trends in clothing, shoes and fashion. She is now one of the most recognized and leading actresses within her nation. Bollywood fans really love them some Sushmita Sen. This former pageant winner is not just a beautiful honey – she is cultural icon and a Bollywood legend.

5. Venezuela – Alicia Machado

Alicia Machado Top 10 Best Miss Universe Winners of All Time 2017

Venezuela beauties are world known for her beauty. In 1996 a woman from this country named Alicia Machado captured the crown. She used her talent as a magician to help her capture the title. Machado went on to act, sing and to be a television hostess once her time as Miss Universe was over. Machado might have been a winner in her public life but her personal affairs were filled with turmoil.

After her time as Miss Universe she encountered a lot of controversy and issues. Apparently, she caused a major scandal by cheating on her husband with an alleged drug lord. This made Machado and the Miss Universe Pageant look bad. She also made herself look extremely ignorant when she said some very foolish things on Twitter back in 2010.

4. Dominican Republic – Amelia Vega


Amelia Vega was barely legal when she won the Miss Universe Pageant back in 2003. She comes from the country of Dominican Republic. She is considered one of the youngest winners at the age of 18. Even though Vega was so young, she was very well poised and an accomplished musician. Vega also graduated from a premiere acting and modeling school in Santo Domingo. She ended marrying a NBA player by the name of Al Horford.

3. Australia – Jennifer Hawkins


Jennifer Hawkins comes from the Land Down Under. She won the title in 2004. Hawkins works as a model, hostess and she is an entrepreneur. During her time as a model she was the face of many brands including Myer and Range Rover. She even has her own products that she sells. They include swimwear and a tanning line. Hawkins is considered one of the best Miss Universe Winners of all time because she kept her life free from problems and she is an outstanding citizen within her home country.

2. India – Lara Dutta


Lara Dutta won the title in 2000 and went on to become an outstanding Bollywood actress. She is still young enough to be a box office draw and her on-screen talent is great. Dutta is a lovely woman to watch on the screen and her talent as an actress is not bad either. She is also a great member of Indian society. She is a honey of epic talent and beauty. Many people come out to the theater to see this Bollywood on a regular basis. She is a truly a former Miss Universe Winner that is a bankable star.

1. Panama – Justine Pasek


Oxana Fedorova won the pageant in 2002 but she did not live up to her responsibilities. As a result, she had to forfeit her crown to Justine Pasek from Panama. President Donald Trump was the person that put the crown on her head back in 2002 in New York City.

Keep in mind that Trump was not the President of the U.S.A. then. Pasek went on to represent her country and she speaks against HIV and AIDS. She has created a prevention center for these diseases within her home country. She also does a lot of charity work for her countries.

These pageant winners are among the best in the history of this contest. Each of them has elevated their nation’s position in the world with their beauty, charm and outstanding abilities.

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