Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever

Comedy is a popular form of entertainment that many enjoy watching. This genre of film is often does well at the box office. To make the best comedy films, a studio would need to hire the right actors, have the right type of script and they will need a director to guide the film.

Comedy directors are especially important to films because they can make a Hollywood production into a successful hit or a box office bomb. The following information will highlight the best comedy directors in Hollywood. These guys are truly comedic geniuses that have the ability to make a comedy film into a really funny flick.

Here are some of the Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever

10. Trey Parker/Matt Stone

Trey Parker &Matt Stone

Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park fame have been in the comedy business for a very long time. This comedy duo first started in the 90’s and they are still going strong today. Parker and Stone understand comedy and they often push its limits. Their South Park animated cartoon series is a testament to this truth.

The duo uses their show to speak on subjects such as pedophilia, racism, religious persecution and various other social issues. Apparently, the duo’s use of controversial topics have not harmed their success. Their cartoon show, South Park, is still going strong for nearly 20 years.

9. Chris Rock

Chris Rock Top Most Comedic Directors Ever 2017

Chris Rock is a comedic genius who used to do stand-up before transitioning into film. He then moved on to become a comedy director. Chris Rock has directed his comedy hit Everybody Hates Chris, I Think I Love My Wife, Top 5 and Head of State. Rock knows comedy and he knows what audiences want in terms of amusement. He is an accomplished director that continues to keep making films that showcases his talents and skills as a director.

8. Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright Top Most Popular Comedic Directors Ever 2018

People might not be too familiar with Edgar Wright but they are familiar with his films. He had directed films such as Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and the World’s End. Pilgrim’s films are funny, fast paced and filled with simple humor that is effective to make people laugh. Wright has the ability to get audiences up and going with his releases because his films touch basis with people on a personal level that they can related to.

7. Ben Stiller

Ben Stiller Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever 2017

Ben Stiller is truly a comedic genius. He has made and directed numerous films throughout his long career. Stiller has been making films since the 80’s and he started to directing in the mid-90’s. He directed the Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Zoolander 2 and the Cable Guy.

Stiller is a student of comedy and he knows how make great comedy flicks that people enjoy seeing. He is still coming into his own as a director but he is still a great director and performer. Ben Stiller also stars in many of the films that he directs. At the very least he will make a special guest appearance. Stiller’s presence in films just helps to further his cause as a comedy director.

6. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Top Famous Comedic Directors Ever 2019

Kevin Smith is a comedian director who is primarily known for his Silent Bob character. This character was connected to Jay. They both appeared in various films that Kevin Smith made about life in the New Jersey area. He directed films such as Clerks, Clerks II and Dogma. Smith is a great comedian and he understands modern audiences enough to make them laugh. Smith is a great director and he is very funny.

5. Danny Devito

Danny Devito Top Popular Comedic Directors Ever 2018

Danny Devito is a comedic actor that has been in the business since the 70’s. He has acting and performing for many years. Devito has appeared on many comedy programs and in movies. He was real popular in the 70’s and 80’s. He directed films such as Matilda, Throw Mama from the Train and Death to Smoochy. He is a comedic genius who uses his talents to make comedy films a great thing.

4. Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen

Seth Rogen is one of the most popular film makers and directors today. Many of his films are considered comedic masterpieces and Rogen is definitely one of the hottest comedian actors and stars today. He directed film such as The Interview and North Korea. Rogen’s string of hits are very important to modern comedy and his work is among the best in comedy today.

3. Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is a director, actor and producer. He has created many plays and his breakout character, Madea, is the personality that has helped catapult him to success. Tyler plays Madea and he this alternate character of his is a great personality that people love to see. As a matter of fact, Madea’s films are among the funniest in the business. He has also made and directed many other films as well that have been very successful comedic hits.

2. Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Woody Allen is a classical funny guy. He has been making films for many years and his movies are among the best comedy pictures in history. Films such as Manhattan, Annie Hall, Sleeper and Bananas. Allen’s comedic genius has been in effect for many years. He has worked with some really great actors and producers within Hollywood. He has even appeared within many of the films that he personally directed. Allen is among the best directors in Hollywood today.

1. Mel Brooks

Mel Brooks Top 10 Best Comedic Directors Ever

Mel Brooks is an actor and comedic funny man who has been making films for many years. His career spans for nearly a century. Yes, he is that old. During his heyday, Brooks appeared in and directed films such as History of the World Part I, Blazing Saddles and Robin Hood Men in Tights. His films are filled with lots of simple one-liners and a lot of slapstick comedy routines. Mel Brooks is considered one of the best Hollywood comedy directors. He knows comedy and has been making hits for many years.

Comedic films are important for everyone today. These comedy directors made it a point for people to laugh and have a good time while watching their films.

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