Top 10 Worst Places to Work in World

Technology is allowing more and more employees to share their work experience online. Employees are now sharing their opinions about their managers, supervisors, companies, and other job-related details on the internet. These views are out there for prospective workers and customers to see how a company is handling their employees. When a company gains a bad reputation of mishandling their employees, it can impact how customers look at them and impact their business. These opinions will also affect their ability to attract new hires and eventually hurt their financial performance.

These are the top ten worst places to work in world that may be facing these consequences.

10. Computer Sciences Corp.

Computer Sciences Corp. Top Most Worst Places to Work in World 2017

Computer Sciences Corp. employees over 70,000 worldwide with a CEO approval rating of only 37% found in 3,500 reviews. This company is based in Virginia and has experienced falling revenue each year since 2011. One reason for this decline may be they were forced to settle fraud charges with the Securities and Exchange Commission in 2015. Another reason for the decline may be their current and former executives were also obliged to pay hefty fines.
On the whole employees with Computer Sciences are dissatisfied. They state their work-life balance is a joke and the turn-over in both employees and management positions is incredibly high.

9. Ross Stores


Ross Stores are located in 33 states, the District of Columbia and Guam with more than 1,200 locations. They first opened for business in San Bruno, California and with the sale of the store to William Isaacson in 1958 the chain began to grow across the country. In 1982 a group of investors purchased the stores and completed the growth of department stores and also changed the format to an ‘off-price retail unit.’ They employ more than 71,000 employees throughout these sites, and according to their slogan, they make everyday priorities to treat associates with respect. Employees, however; tell a different story. They complain wages are extremely low and some of the lowest allowed under the law. There are complaints by employees of being overworked and underpaid.

Despite the company making more than $900 million in 2013, their employees compare their jobs to those of an indentured servant.


AECOM Top 10 Worst Places to Work in World 2017

AECOM is an architectural, engineering design, consulting, and management firm providing services to corporate and government clients. They are considered an American multinational engineering company with a broad range of customers. Fortune listed AECOM number 156 on their 2016 Fortune 500 list and ranked them Number 1 as a Global Design Firm. This company grew from 20,000 employees in 2005 to over 100,000 in its current state. The biggest complaint by employees is AECOM has become a ‘bloated bureaucracy. The complaints say, this company is now run by accountants and not by management that understands employee needs. The allegations also state the current CEO, Michael Burke cares more for the stockholders of the company than filling employee satisfaction. Burke succeeded John M. Dionisio in March of 2014.

7. Xerox


Xerox is an American global corporation selling documents and solutions in more than 160 countries including the United States. Their headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut with its largest employee base in Rochester, New York. In 2016 it was announced, this company would be spin off its business services unit into its own publicly traded company. Xerox will continue as the document management business and continue under that name. Xerox employees over 145,000 employees and as a company who satisfies them, it only received a 2.5 rating. Ursala Burns, current CEO worked her way in the company, and now under her leadership, earnings have dropped from more than $1 billion before she took over to a little less than $993 billion. Burns administration has seen a 25% drop in earnings for the company. This reduction supports employee complaints about her position in the company- only a small 32% approve of her running Xerox. In May of 2016, Burns did announce she would step down as CEO but will continue as chairman of the document management business.

6. Kmart


Kmart employs more than 195,000 employees throughout many different locations. They are owned and managed by Sears Holding Corporation since the merger of Sears and Kmart stores in 2004. Employees scored this retail variety store at 2.5 in employee satisfaction due to several reasons. Some of the main complaints made are the store’s management is not organized, and much of their equipment is outdated. Others complain that working conditions are intolerable as they are hot or otherwise unpleasant. Their biggest complaint is the wages they pay. Employees complain their salaries are frequently low and only as much as the law requires them to pay.

5. Express Scripts


Express Scripts is a retail drug store who employs more than 29,000 throughout their various locations. They received a 2.3 rating in employee satisfaction with only 28% of the employees surveyed claiming they would recommend this job to a friend. This is one of the lowest recommendation rates of large companies surveyed by Glassdoor. There were numerous complaints made regarding the working conditions at this retail drug store. One of the main concerns is the threat of being fired or the branch store being shut down. The horrible condition which employees report does seem to have affected the company’s bottom line. Their net income continues to rise despite the complaints received on their employee satisfaction.

4. Dillard’s


Dillard’s, a retail department store is the second worst company and worst department store to work for according to the Glassdoor survey. The Dillard family manages the store with William Dillard III as the CEO. A profile published in Arkansas Business reports William Dillard believes the manager’s role is to bring out the uniqueness in each employee. Employees with this retail chain disagree this is the attitude he displays. Most employees surveyed by Glassdoor rated him one out of five stars. According to some of those surveyed it is believed management cares little for the employees ‘down in the pit’. Other complaints listed were the unrealistic sales goals set by management and inadequate benefits. These employee complaints do not appear to be harming the retailer’s profit as they continue to show an increase in the past several years.

3. Forever 21


Forever 21 is an American fast fashion retailer with headquarters in Los Angles, California. They started out with 900 square feet and have grown to the fifth largest specialty retailer in the United States and also have branches in Asia, the Middle East, and the UK. Forever 21 employs more than 34,000 employees across their various locations. According to the results of the survey conducted by Glassdoor, only 28% of those asked would recommend this retailer as a place to work with their friends. Their satisfaction as employees ranked 2.5 with one of the benefits they enjoyed was their employee discount to purchase merchandise in the store. Many do not agree this perk makes up for the long hours they are asked to work at low wages. Whether a sales associate or full-time manager, you are expected to put in long hours with very low pay. The average pay for a sales associate is less than $9 an hour.

2. Sears


Sears, Roebuck, and Company, simply called Sears is the fifth largest retail department store in the United States with stores also located in Canada and Mexico. This chain started out as a mail order service and opened its first retail outlet in 1925. Kmart purchased Sears in 2005 just as it emerged from bankruptcy and the chain in now called Sears Holdings. Sears employs over 195,000 employees across their many locations. This is a retail department store that only rated 2.5 on the employee satisfaction survey conducted by Glassdoor. Senior management had the loudest complaints and only gave a one out of five-star rating for their treatment as an employee. They stated there is little connection between upper management and the staff in the stores. It was said the company needs a global restructure and culture change. The survey results show only 21% of the respondents to the survey approve of the CEO, Edward Lampert.

1. Dish Network


Dish Network is a cable/satellite service provider employing more than 19,000 employees. There were over 2,000 respondents to the survey who ranked their treatment of employees at a 2.6. The biggest complaint stated was the lack of communication between the technicians and customer service representatives and upper management. A lot of the employees said the central dispatch would create routes that were unrealistic to accomplish. There were also many complaints regarding the heavy, black uniforms required by staff even in warm temperatures.

Employees at most businesses interact with customers on a daily basis. When an employee is dissatisfied with how they are being treated, it will have an impact on how they, in turn, treat the customer. Businesses need to make an effort to improve employee satisfaction so they can then achieve better customer satisfaction. These are top ten worst places to work in world 2017 that need to take a closer look at their employee satisfaction policies.

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