Top 10 Most Feminine Jobs

There is no limit to what the world can and cannot do in this time and age but there are just some industries that being dominated by women. All of the jobs listed below can be done and completed by a man but for some reason the majority of them are women. Women are looking for equality in many different areas of daily life but when it comes to these industries below women are on top and in charge!

Following are the Top 10 Most Feminine Jobs

10. Insurance Underwriters

Insurance Underwriters Top Famous Feminine Jobs 2019

Insurance Underwriter’s are an employee group that is currently dominated by women. They are the ones who analyze information to determine your eligibility for insurance and how insurance affects you. It’s their job to determine the appropriate price range for insurance based on your history. They are the main and hidden link between the insurance company and the insurance agent who is offering you insurance. It’s their job and responsibility to determine the risk between the person being insured and the company they are desiring insurance from. Insurance Underwriters have to be good at analyzing information, making decisions, being detail oriented and have great mathematic skills.

9. Meeting & Convention Planners

Meeting & Convention Planners Top Popular Feminine Jobs 2019

This is yet another job that’s being lead by women. This job requires that the planner understands what the convention or meeting is for, be able to organize everything so that it’s up and ready for the day agreed on. They are employed by convention centers, restaurants, corporations and more. The median pay for this job is approximately 22 dollars an hour as of 2015 and to be able to complete the job it is usually required to have obtained a Bachelors degree. The job usually require the person to be in office or on site at the convention center or hotel making sure everything come together as agreed. This job is expected to grow in demand around 4 percent by the year 2024 which is great news for anyone looking to do this for a living.

8. Advertising & Promotion Managers

Advertising & Promotion Managers Top 10 Most Feminine Jobs 2017

The average advertising and promotion manager is currently responsible for creating promotional advertisements like coupons, flyers, contests, giveaways, commercials and pretty much anything that will bring attention to a desired business or organization. This employment is requested in pretty much every industry to help grow their businesses and make more profit. The average hourly pay for this position is between 20 and 40 dollars an hour. They are mostly in demand by radio and television companies, newspapers, publishers and authors.

7. Psychologists


Psychologists usually work with their customers through therapy and are unable to provide prescription medications. They meet with their patients privately, typically in an office to discuss life events and coping mechanisms. It’s their job to study human behavior, emotional and social processes. The need for psychologists are expected to grow around 19% by 2024, which is great news for those in the industry or studying to be in it.

6. Human Resource Managers


Human resources managers coordinate and plan the administrative purpose of a business. They oversee and are responsible for recruiting and hiring new staff members, consulting with executives on business functions; and serve as a link between management and staff. Good Human Resource Managers have great interpersonal skills, communication skills, organizational skills and more. Human Resource Managers are utilized in almost every single industry. This job is expected to grow 9 percent by 2024 which is great news for those out there studying to join the industry.

5. Tax Preparers


Also known as accountants and auditors, they help manage the financial revenue of a business. They can represent an individual in regards to issues with the IRS and also communicate between the government and civilians. Modern day tax preparers use software to simplify their work but they used to have to complete their work manually with paper and pen. The industry has come a long way but they are still in demand by businesses, organizations, and individuals all over the country.

4. Counselors


Counselors work in multiple different fields. They work with groups and individuals to assist with emotional and psychological support. To be a counselor you have to have a strong sense of compassion and empathy for other people and the situations they are finding themselves in. With the help of a counselor, people can make healthy decisions to ensure they experience the best quality of life.

3. Social Workers


Very similar to counselors they work with groups and individuals to help them through life issues. Social workers go through many years of schooling before beginning their work. They have to have many hours on the job training before venturing off into the industry alone. Social workers have to understand have knowledge of human functioning as well as social and economic affects people endure. Social workers help people overcome racism, poverty, addiction, divorce, disability, mental illness and more.

2. Elementary & Middle School Teachers


The majority of elementary and middle school teachers are female. These teachers have to achieve at least a Bachelors in Education and have to be able to understand adolescent behavior. These teachers help prepare them for the rigorous years ahead in High School and College. They must be able to guide students to comprehend basic skills in English, math, science and history studies so that they will be the most successful when entering high school and beyond.

1. Nursing


Nursing is the number one “pink-collar” job in the country where 9 out of 10 nurses are women. Nurses work in a variety of health care fields, working in schools with students, mental health facilities, hospitals and medical doctor offices. Nurses are expected to help the sick and injured, as well as provide emotional support in times of distress. It is considered one of the most emotionally draining jobs in the world. They typically are expected to do more than the physician in many cases and are expected to perform to a specific standard. The demand for nurses is expected to increase as the baby boomers continue to age.

All of the jobs listed above can be performed by men, and sometimes they are, but for whatever reason, they remain to be the top pink-collar jobs in our time and age. These jobs are dominated by women and it doesn’t seem to change any time soon.

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