Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Graduate Jobs in The World

Employment is one of the most essential needs of any person who wants to live a safe and secure life. There might be many people would disagree with employment being a key source of income as many people have different ways of getting money. They might already have inherited millions from the ancestors, some people might have a different way of finding money like gambling or winning a lottery.

But at least 99% of the people in this world will surely agree that the most common way of leading the safe and secure life is to get employed somewhere. Most people like to get employed in the places which have importance for the talents they have and ideas they possess. Even though not every job that is given depends on how skillful the employees are in that particular job, it is usually customary to test a candidate for a job based on his/ her aptitude can the skill set defined for the job. One of the most ideal ways that people use to determine proficiency of a candidate for a job is the candidate’s educational qualification.

While most people use to get a jobs in earlier days just after they completed High School, in a competitive world like the one at present it is quite difficult to get placed in a job without having a graduation. It is said that the graduates are the people who usually get the best possible jobs throughout the world as they have significant amount of skills as well as qualifications to take meaningful jobs.

So, here is a list of the top 10 highest paid successful graduate jobs in The world

10. Physicists and applied physicists

Physicists and applied physicists Top Most Highest Paid Successful Graduate Jobs 2017

Being a physicist is one of the coolest things in the world especially because a lot of active research is being done in the field of Physics. Some of the greatest cutting edge research Technology that has made quite a name in the field of Physics in recent times include, blue leds, extraordinary powered lasers, and some telescopes that can look into the origin of the universe. All these make physics one of the most interesting fields in which a graduate can get a job.

9. Material science engineering

Material science engineering Top Most Famous Highest Paid Successful Graduate Jobs 2018

With the recent upsurge in nanotechnology a lot of things are coming into picture as scientist from the materials science department of building better and better nanosized equipment which can be put to great use in very important fields like medicine, defense and also computing. A lot of governments are funding their science centres to perform active research in the field of materials science. It is said that within the next 30 years nanotechnology might replace almost every other field as the most radical field on which research is performed.

8. Electrical engineering

Electrical engineering Top Most Popular Highest Paid Successful Graduate Jobs 2018

Electrical engineering is one of the most important fields, at least in the present situation especially because a lot of people are spending a lot of time all electrical and electronic goods. It’s No surprise especially given the number of electrical grid lines that are present in the world that a lot of effort and scientific and technical knowledge is required in order to keep all this in a proper condition and even a slight mismatch in any of these might lead to serious consequences. Electrical engineering jobs offer a very interesting opportunity to young graduates.

7. Aerospace engineering


Aerospace engineering since the inception of aeroplanes is one of the best forms of Engineering especially because unlike a lot of Engineering categories which involve taking care of things on land, this deals with aerial flight and achievement of better ways to get rid of the same. Aerospace engineering is also considered as one of the only fields of Engineering where the starting salary itself is quite high. Most of the defense and military services also require Aerospace engineers and are therefore keen enough to recruit graduates for the same.

6. Computer science engineering


Computer science engineering is one of the most ideal fields of Engineering especially because it deals with the study and creative development of better ways to compute and create better interfaces and applications depending upon the client’s needs. This is one of the most famous and emerging fields of Technology and along with computational Sciences and information technology, would rank as the best job for any graduate.

5. Electronics and Communications engineering


Another similar branch is that of Computer Engineering this brands deals with the hardware and some software related issues of computers and computing devices of the same kind like Smartphones and Tablets. It also deals with the creation of other such Smart devices which are expected to have great demand in the market. Most graduates expect to get jobs in these subjects especially because they are quite interesting and deal with hands on expertise in using electronic and automated gadgets. This is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Graduate Jobs in The World 2017.

4. Chemical engineering


Chemical engineering is one of the most attractive fields for graduate to pursue a job in especially because it deals with the study of Sciences like chemistry and also sometimes has to do with collaborations with life sciences like Genetics and biochemistry. It is one of the ideal ways of being a scientist and some places offer very attractive jobs in the same field. Chemical engineering is also said to be one of the most important fields for the development of any Nation because manufacturing most of the important products like Pharmaceuticals and food requires high skilled expertise in the field of Chemical Engineering.

3. Nuclear engineering


Ever since some extraordinary scientists discovered the fact that every atom can be split into its respective nucleus and electrons the world has been about the new kinds of possibilities that this would render. Even now nuclear engineering remains one of the most attractive fields to get a job in especially because there’s a lot of nuclear power plants in the world which promised better alternative for energy has most of us seem to be exhausting some of the common forms of energy and within very little time will have to switch to nuclear energy in order to cater our needs.

2. Actuarial mathematics


Mathematics is undoubtedly one of the most interesting subjects in the world even though most people would disagree with that. But actuarial mathematics is one of the most applicable fields of mathematics which deals with the application of mathematics to social fields like economics. When mathematics meets economics a lot of things can be made much easier. Actuarial mathematics has become one of the most attractive fields of study in the world after the advent of Game Theory and subjects like graph theory and perturbation theory.

1. Petroleum engineering


Still on the gold inside petroleum engineering is one of the only fields where graduate could expect the highest paid jobs. This is especially because even though the petroleum reserves are getting exhausted as quickly as possible that still exist some ideal places from where petroleum can be extracted. In order to do this a lot of Manpower and technical knowledge is required which cannot be done by ordinary people. That is why a lot of graduates of filling in to perform tasks related to this and are thereby profiting in the same.

So, here was a list of the top 10 highest paid or successful graduate jobs as of 2017.

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