Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India

India is one country that is very famous for having people friendly government even though it is criticized by a lot of people for not being up to the mark. One reason that it can be called people friendly is, unlike a lot of nations where people struggle a lot to make their ends meet and have a lot of problems also from the side of the government which doesn’t agree with their demands or needs, India is one such country which is known to have a government that usually complies to the needs of the majority at least. But what makes the Indian government quite important is a fact that a lot of people search for employment that has to deal with any organization that comes under the government because it provides a very safe and sound job rather than a lot of private firms which do not have any form of guarantee concerning the whereabouts or schedules of the job.

Even though India is known to be a developing nation with the lot of information technology and marketing firms making way into the market, these private firms have still not been able to replace the sense of security that the people of India gain from getting a government job. At least the majority of the people in India still prefer to get government jobs rather than private jobs because of the attractive possibilities like decent pension plans after retirement and extra benefits like Health Insurance. So keeping this graceful idea about the government jobs in India in our minds,

here is a list of the top 10 highest paid for successful government jobs in India

10. Government doctors

Government doctors Top Most Famous Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India 2018

One of the most amazing jobs in India is that of a government doctor especially because he or she needn’t worry about any other alternate possibilities of future security in terms of jobs as everything is being taken care of by the government. All they need to do is take care of their patients with utmost care and make sure they serve the country well with their knowledge.

9. Bank probationary officer

Bank probationary officer Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India 2017

Another attractive government job in India as that of a bank probationary officer. The banking sector has got quite an upper hand in the recent past thanks to the increasing economy of the country. A lot of people even in rural India are changing their opinion about the banks, and protecting their savings with the help of banks. A Bank probationary officer has a very decent salary and is still considered to be one of the best government jobs in India.

8. National Thermal Power Corporation employee

National Thermal Power Corporation employee Top Famous Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India 2019

The NTPC is very famous in India as almost all the power consumption that happens in India has to do with Thermal Power. One of the highest consumed forms of power in India at least for the general households the National Thermal Power Corporation guarantees a lot of safe and Secure jobs which are quite difficult to find a place like India. Most of the people applied here are happy enough and I also known to have great job satisfaction.

7. Railway engineer


The next one on this list is undoubtedly the job of railway engineer. Indian Railways are some of the most common forms of transport in India the government spending a lot of money into making the Railways much better and affordable. But making sure that all the technical aspects of the trains and their surroundings are safe and sound is the duty of a railway engineer and this is not an easy job. That is why it is still considered as one of the oldest jobs in India that still gets paid the highest.

6. Defence services


One of the most unique jobs in India that of being a part of the Defence Services. The Defence Services can be broadly classified into 3 units namely the army wing, the Navy wing and The Air Force wing. Landing in any three of these units of the Indian Defense Services is undoubtedly good enough to fetch a handsome amount of salary, even though a lot of people have to stay in dangerous places and protect their country. This job also gives a lot of reputation since many people respect a soldier in these times of great difficulties. This is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India 2017.

5. Scientist


One of the most interesting as well as extraordinary jobs in the Indian government history is that of a scientist. Some of the most reputed institutes in India like the DRDO and ISRO one of which is a different services unit and the other an Aerospace unit are both known to recruit a lot of scientist to work in their facilities. It is said that getting into any two of these institutions is good enough for a person to live a decent life.

4. Government lecturer


The role of government colleges in India out of which many of them are of international repute. While some Institutions like the iits, iisc and TIFR are recognized throughout the world for the extraordinary contributions to the Sciences a lot of other government colleges too are good enough at least in the local levels. These colleges require a lot of lecturers and the government puts a lot of effort into bringing some of the best lecturers with a decent salary.

3. Public sector units


Being a part of the public sector is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and highly paid jobs in India. A lot of people get into the public sector especially because of the attractive salaries that this job fetches and also the extra facilities like medical insurance, housing loans and general insurance that these jobs provide.

2. State public service commission


The state public service commission is one of the most important institutions of the Indian government and any employee working in this institution is said to have one of the greatest possible salaries of any employee under the Indian government. Most of the people enjoy working in this place as that also renders a lot of job satisfaction.

1. Civil services


Undoubtedly one job to make it to the top of this list the civil services are one of the coolest ways of serving the country in India. A lot of people try to enter the sector by writing one of the toughest exams in the entire history of India known as the IPCC. A lot of other entrance exams are also available for the respective civil services like the Indian Forest Service or the Indian Administrative Service. It is still considered as one of the highest paid jobs in India where some people after 45 promotions are also said to have salaries up to millions.

So these above are the Top 10 Highest Paid Successful Government Jobs in India 2017.

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