Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In The World Without A College Degree

The false notion usually carried today is that a degree is a must to get a good job and get settled in life. We know that the world is behind success and money. Ever since one’s childhood, peer pressure and the social structure compels the idea of having a job only after attaining a degree to one’s mind. Education is important to shape one’s character and to bring out the best in him, but it should not be the criteria to decide his ability to do a job. Today, there are numerous job opportunities that do not require a degree, but can be helpful to earn handsomely.

Here is a rundown of the Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In The World Without A College Degree

10. Surgical technologists


Number 10 on this list is a job with a fancy name. Never the less, it is a high paying job with individual annually earning an average of 44000 dollars per year. They are also called as operating room technicians. They work hand in hand with surgeons and nurses. They are every bit important just as a surgeon as they have to know which operating procedure the surgeon is conducting and also his next move with regard to an operation. They have to know hundreds of instruments and surgical procedures. Their work and expertise vary according to the region. They see to that the surgeon can conduct his or her surgery with ease and maximize patient safety. The best part is that very little educational qualification is needed.

9. Mechanical insulators

Mechanical insulators Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In The World Without A College Degree

Number 9 on this list is mechanical insulators. Insulation is the covering of pipes and mechanical equipment for safety. The ones who do this are called as mechanical insulators. They work in commercial as well as residential buildings. Their job varies from insulating piping to HVAC systems. They work in many industries like mills, pharmaceuticals, and also food and waste processing plants. They are not involved in a high risk area but negligence can cause severe consequences.

8. Computer user support specialist

Computer user support specialist Top Most Popular Highest Paid Jobs In The World Without A College Degree 2018

Number 8 on this list of professions which do not require a college degree is computer user technical specialist. As the name suggests, their job is to provide assistance and support to computer users. They have to be well versed in software and hardware related queries. Not only that, they have to be able to help customers by phone or in person. Most of the IT companies require full time specialists to help them ease their work.

7. Machine tool programmers


Another job which is in demand is machine tool programming. As the world is improving in technology each and every day, this job is one of the most sought after. They basically develop programs which control machines used for processing of metal, plastics. They also work under various classes of industries such as aerospace, architecture, bolt manufacturing and the list goes on. Their annual salary is around 49000 dollars, featuring at the 7th position in this list.

6. Industrial machinery Mechanic


At the 6th position of highest paying jobs without a degree is Industrial machinery mechanic. They are skilled workers whose job is to maintain and repair industrial machinery and factory equipment. They take care of the maintenance of machines like assembly line conveyor, hydraulics, robotic arms and many more. They clean, run machinery at regular intervals. Not only that, they also perform periodic checks to see if the machine is efficient. They diagnose and fix minor problems with these machines before a major damage occurs. These mechanics are at a slight risk as they can get damaged, fall, and also work in congested places. Therefore they have to wear safety gear at all times. A mechanic has an average annual salary of 49150 dollars. This is one amongst the Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs In The World Without A College Degree 2017.

5. Aircraft Assembler


Number 5 on this list is a job which many people are fascinated about. It’s the Jon of an aircraft assembler. Even though technology has improved immensely, not everything can be done by them. That’s where these assemblers come in to play. They install the parts, equipment and also various components of an aircraft, rocket and missiles. They have to perform this task with great precision using the blue prints. They also set up the assemblies and make sure that all the equipment is working perfectly.

4. Plumbers


Plumbing features at the 4th position in this list. Although it is not such a high paying job in some countries, it is in great demand in countries like the USA. They specialize in laying down pipes, wires, etc. Not only that, they also help with systems which carry gases, acids and other harmful chemicals. Plumbing involves skills of handling turbulence and hydraulic pressures. These professionals earn an average annual salary of 51000 dollars.

3. Service sales representative


Number 3 on this list is that of service sales representatives. They sell services and goods to customers and other clients. They sometimes work in an office but also take part in field work. They have to be confident and must have good communication skills in order to please their clients. A good position in this job can earn you 51,970 dollars annually.

2. Electrical power line installer


Number 2nd on this list is not for the faint hearted. It is the job of electrical power line installer. It is a good paying job but also a very risky job. They are in charge of laying and repairing power lines for commercial as well as residential buildings and also check and examine high tension cables. They take care to see that in case of any accidents, the safety of the people is not compromised. This high risk job has a good annual average pay of 66000 dollars.

1. Commercial Pilot


With an average annual salary of 75,000 dollars, number one on this list is commercial pilots. Commercial pilots fly for emergency missions like rescue operations, crop dusting, aerial photography, etc. They need to have a private pilot license which can be got by taking training classes. In this job itself, there are a lot of variations depending on the type of aircraft, etc. Fitness is a must for this job.

Therefore here is the list of the top ten highest paying jobs 2017 which do not require a degree to work. There are a lot of jobs other than ones mentioned above which also pay handsomely and it’s up to an individual to choose based on his or her interests, strengths and weaknesses . A job is very much essential to earn one’s living wages and in today’s world, entrepreneurship has gained wider scope and the youth can actually get huge success in it.

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