Top 10 Best Job Sites in India

Job sites are simply websites or search engines which collects results from multiple independent job providers. These sites deals with only employments and careers of the users. Through a job site, an aspirant job seeker can locate and fill the requisite forms or resume to the required position. The work of the job sites are to be carried with much care as there is a possibility of identity theft. Hence the job is of trust and truce. These sites inform the user with career advice and employment opportunities. India is a land with huge youth population and joblessness is one of the main problems faced now. So these job sites help in obtaining some job be it part time or full time.

Listed below is the top 10 job sites of India.

1. Naukri

naukri, Top 10 Best Job Sites in India 2019

Type- Job Portal; Founded in March 1997
It’s a brain child of Sanjeev Bikhchandani. The heard quarters is located in Noida, India. has a data base of 46 million registered job seekers as on 2017. The same has also launched a mobile app in 2012. On an average about 11000 resumes are added to this website daily and about 130000 resumes are modified daily!

2. Monster India


Type- Job site; Established in 1999
It is one of the most visited employment website in United States. It is also famous in India. Its headquarters in India is in Hyderabad. It has 5000 employees spread over 36 countries. Its international headquarters is in Weston, MA in the United States. A provider of rankings of the amount of unique viewers per month ranked third internationally. It was created by the merger of The Monster Board (TMB) and Online Career Center (OCC).

3. Times Jobs


Type- Job Portal; Established in 2004
It is an Indian employment website but also operates in India and Middle East. It is owned by The Times Group. Its corporate office is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and has approximate 1000 employees. It has more than 10 million registered job seeking candidates.

4. Shine


Type- Job Site; Established in 2008
It is a leading placement web portal in India. Its headquarters is in Hyderabad. It is a part of Hindustan Times Group. Its marketing offices are widely distribute around India in all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Pune. It has data base of about 9400 companies. The number of registered job seekers is more than 1 crore.

5. Placement India


Type- Job website; Established in 1997
It is owned by Pvt. Ltd. It has its head office in New Delhi, India. It has about 12 million registered job seekers. Its network is well established across India. It also has about 160000 corporate clients. It also provides consultancy services. It is a well-known website for placements all across India. It is one amongst the Top 10 Best Job Sites in India 2017.

6. Career Age


Type- Job website; Established in 1996
It is one of the leading website in India. It was established in the year 1996 and went online in the year 1999. Its headquarters is in Noida, UP. It provides job opportunities for fresher as well as for experienced hands. It is termed as the one of the most sought after web site for placement.

7. Job street


Type- Job website; Established in 1995
The job postal was founded in 1997. It was first founded in Malaysia. It is now Southeast Asia’s largest online employment company, states a report. It currently serves about 80000 corporate customers and 11 million jobseekers all over the globe. It is an international employment portal, however its activities in India are prominent. In India its head office is placed in Bangaluru, India.

8. JobsDB


Type-Job Portal; Established in 1998
It is Hong Kong’s highest rated web site for jobs, employment, career options and recruitment. Its branches are spread all over India. It corporate office in India is located in Chennai. It was launched in India in the year 1998. From then on it is well known for its placements and recruitment. In India JobsDb has around 1000 employees working for it.

9. Sarkari Naukari


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Type- Job Portal; Established in 2014
It is quite different from other web sites. It is a local Indian website. It only publishes latest government jobs and official notifications for job aspirants. It is an ideal web site to keep track of government advertisements and notices. Many people have reported this website to be extremely useful.

10. Job is job


Type- Job Site; Established in 2007
It was started in 2007 and the company has grown many folds from then. Presently it has around 95000 registered job seekers. It also has data base of more than 90 companies in India. It has more than 5 lakh jobs on its portal. It helps in finding all types of jobs, i.e IT, government, core.

So, these above are the Top 10 Best Job Sites in India as of 2017.

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