Top 10 Best House-Related Jobs

Many of these jobs can be easy start ups where you can find your first client on craigslist. There are many families out in the world looking for help in many different areas, whether it’s mowing the lawn, taking care of the kids or designing and renovating the rooms of their homes.

Following are the Top 10 Best House-Related Jobs

10. Landscaping


Landscaping is a great job for those of us who have a green thumb and love experiencing life outside. If you can’t do the physical work, you can still get into the industry with landscape design. There are homes all over the world that want their lawn looking great but don’t have the time or ability to personally take care of it. You get the chance to work with live plants and choosing what flora will live together peacefully and beautifully. People who have an education in turf management can find the opportunity to work with large lawn and landscape companies that contract their amenities to uphold ornamental lawns for businesses, college campuses and other large facilities when not working with a small home or neighborhood.

09. Baby Sitter/Pet Sitter


There are many of us out in the world that love working with pets and children. If you do, maybe babysitting and/or pet sitting is the ideal job for you. This type of work is not limited to children trying to earn an allowance. Many adults are getting educations learning how children and pets work and are finding a huge demand for their knowledge. Now that most homes have two adults working finding someone to care for their children and pets is in high demand. There are websites available like that make these opportunities easier to seize.

08. Caregiver

Caregiver Top Most House-Related Jobs 2017

There are more people than just the elderly requiring caregivers these days. Many of them are cancer patients, the mentally disabled and more. The need for caregivers comes from adolescents and adults alike. If you truly want to help your fellow human and you would love to do it for a living the challenging job of being a caregiver might be right for you. You get the opportunity to help people with handling life issues like bills and communicating with customer care over the phone, help make meals for them, help them bathe and provide daily support and encouragement.

07. Housekeeper

Housekeeper Top Most Popular House-Related Jobs 2018

Housekeepers are not limited to working in hotels and motels. A great deal of people, either elderly or younger are hiring housekeepers to keep their homes in order. If you love cleaning and seeing the beauty in the result of your hard work, housekeeping might be the perfect job for you. Many people are housekeeping all on their own, relying on craigslist’s ads and posters posted in grocery stores and Starbucks. They get the chance to create their own hours and their overhead supplies usually can be found in the local dollar store for cheap. As long as you have a vehicle to transport your supplies and you can follow through with scheduling promises, there is no limit to the housekeeping opportunities that you might have.

06. House sitter


There are websites and apps available like and that connect you with people who need their home looked over. If you a tidy guest and can follow simple instructions this might be the perfect job. Many people looking for house sitters are snowbirds that are far from their home most of the year, or only visit it on special occasions. You get to stop by, check the mail, make sure the home is in good condition for their return, water any plants in the home and keep things up to speed for the owners when they decide to come back. Maybe the home is on the market to be sold and just needs someone to occupy it for potential buyers and its next owner. This is a rewarded career with very little demand.

05. Personal Chef


According to sweet potato soul, “The start up costs are minimal, and you have the freedom to decide who you work with, how much you charge, when you work, and how you do your job.” That is awesome news for someone looking for a new career and want to get into being a personal chef. In order to be a truly successful personal chef you really need to have a knack for cooking and it’s desired that you have some cooking education under your belt. Personal chefs typically have to create weekly meal preparation, create private dinners, coach them on healthy eating and buy the products they need to make the meals.

04. Personal Assistant


Being a personal assistant is great if you want to work for one person instead of a conglomerate of people above you. But because you are working with that one person, it will be expected of you to know that persons schedule in an out and be able to work with it. You get to handle the mediocre stuff like scheduling flights, travel, phone appointments, buying and picking up gifts, getting their dry cleaning done and so much more. The most important thing about being a personal assistant is that you must be good with organization, scheduling and communicating.

03. Bookkeeper


As a personal book keeper you will most likely be managing the books of multiple households. You have to be able to keep track of all the money they spent, their bills and create financial information from it. You also will have to be able to communicate with the household how to better manage their finances so they can increase their wealth over time. A college education is usually necessary for this line of work as you must be able to understand multiple facets of the financial industry.

02. Professional Organizer


Professional Organizing is becoming a more popular job option these days as people are trying to learn how to better organize their homes and businesses for ease of use. Professional Organizers are able to look at a cluttered home or messy room and how it should be put back together for the biggest benefit of the customer. They are able to recommend products that will keep things in order. They should also give advice on what behavior they should practice daily, to maintain its order, once the professional organizer has finished organizing everything.

01. Interior Designer


The interior designer is a specialist on how to design a room or many rooms, potentially an entire home so that is its most functional and almost most appealing. There are also exterior designers that help decide what will be more appealing outside of the home. Interior designers help choose furniture, décor items, wall paper or paint colors. They also help organize workers that will be prepping the home or rooms to fulfill their imaginations creation. Interior design has recently become topic of many popular reality tv shows. They showcase creations, DIY projects, and renovate the way the average homemaker wants their home to look.

Whether you are looking for a new job or wondering what services can be done for you since you are so busy this list has it. Working with the home or near the home is some of the best work offered since much of it allows you to choose your own hours and own clientele.

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