Top 10 Best Food Related Jobs

The food industry is so much larger than just standing behind a stove and cooking the same meals every night. The food industry is a giant show constantly being presented to us through media, advertisements, billboards and even right in front of us on the menu we might be staring at. There is a lot going into all of this; photographers, scientists, inventors and even critics.

Here are the Top 10 Best Food Related Jobs

10. On-Camera Recipe Developer

On-Camera Recipe Developer Top 10 Best Food Related Jobs

Recipe developers work for many different industries including television, newspaper, magazine and more. They are the ones who get to come up with the recipes people all over the country are trying to replicate. Being able to create recipes that will be showcased on television is of utmost excitement. Watching famous cooks take your recipes and turn them into a beautiful work of art is an honor.

9. Food Truck Event Organizer

Food Truck Event Organizer Top Popular Food Related Jobs 2019

Food Truck Event Organizers get food trucks together for all sorts of events from malls, fairs, community get-togethers, and even weddings! It’s becoming more popular for weddings to host food trucks so their guests get a rural and rustic experience where they are also welcome to order and eat pretty much whatever it is they would like. You get to bring together people who are passionate about the mobile food industry as well as the people who love to eat the newest creation. Some of the most interesting contributions to the food industry have come from food trucks; often times giving the food truck owner the opportunity to open a brick and mortar restaurant.

8. Food Critic


Food Critics are relied on to review and critic our local restaurants and favorite food places. They often time post their critics on a blog, in a magazine or even television show. The typical food critic visits the desired restaurant, remain anonymous and make mental notes of all things related to the restaurant like the ambiance, food taste, smell, presentation and so forth. One of the most important parts of being a food critic is writing up and presenting your opinion. The critics you write should be creative and appeal to all of the senses when reading it.

7. Food Photographer


Food photographers specialize in food still like photographs. They are typically the ones who are photographing trying to pull out everything appealing about the dish through imagery. It’s these images that help us decide that we desire it and want it in our lives. For a long time, food photographs were taken from straight above showing the table setting. Table-setting is still important but less significant in the instance of food photography. The stress is taken away from the utensils that surround it and the angles at which photos are taken are becoming more adventurous.

6. Food Taste Tester


Food and Taste Testers are important in both the science industries for sensory analysis and food scientists and helping manufacturers to decide what items to deliver to the public or market. These taste testers speak on behalf of the general public, sharing what is appetizing and what is unpleasant to the taste buds or smell. Taste testers also have a huge affect on the companies ability to sell their products by using their testimonies of the food for marketing.

5. Appliance & Food Technology Tester


Good Housekeeping hires appliance and food technology specialists. These people come up with new gadgets to make our lives easier in the kitchen. New kitchen appliances that just came out on the market get tested, tried and approved through their rigorous review process. They get to test everything from gadgets, refrigerators, appliances, pots, pans and etcetera. Everything cooking related comes through and is tried out.

4. Wine Taster/Developer


Wine tasters are important in the wine industry. They often times have to be able to notice and make note of different tastes, scents, and coloration. Before being able to do the job they often times go through rigorous testing covering the history of wine, what wine is grown where, how to determine the year and so on. These wine tasters develop wine notes which are used by wine enthusiasts to determine what it will pair well with. They are experts in the human taste bud and are able to identify which wines will pair best with red meats, white meats, fish, shellfish and even desserts.

3. Whiskey Taster/Developer


Whiskey tasters’ are very similar to wine tasters except they often times are not pairing the liquor with food but other beverages or nothing at all. These tasters are examining the whiskeys appearance, flavor and smell much like wine. They get to examine the coloration and darkness or lightness of its shade. They typically swirl the liquid similar to the fashion of wine. They then finish their examination with smell and taste. A professional whiskey taster will be able to determine how the whiskey was made and when.

2. Cookbook Developer


Cookbook developers are responsible for not only choosing and coming up with the recipes they will be presenting but also have to determine how the book will look, feel and be designed throughout. What photos should be used? They are the ones who get to create the books that guide us through the kitchen. In these books, you also have to be creative in explaining what they will taste like and what it should look and feel like when all done.

1. Travel Food Blogger


This is every food fanatics dream job. Not only do they get to travel the globe learning how to make and cook different dishes, they get to eat amazing and exotic cuisines. Travel food bloggers get to travel wherever they are able to go and write about the amazing creations that come out of places we thought were only in our imaginations. If we are lucky they get to share their recipes with us and maybe even tell us about the amazing families and businesses that are behind their images.

If you love food but maybe would like to participate in the industry in a non-chef position hopefully this list inspired you. The world is endless in its possibilities and it feels like the food industry is no different. Home cooks and professional chefs everywhere are looking for the next handy gadget that will simplify their lives, new recipes they can showcase on their tables and more.

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