Top 10 Stock Broking Companies in The World

Share market plays a very important role for the world and even for very existence of a country. As the share market hiccups controls the price of the currency of a country and the price of things in the market of a country and for which many companies played their chance to stand in the vast game of share exchange.

Here are the top 10 Stock Broking Companies In the World

10. Deutsche Bőrse

Deutsche Bőrse Top Most Stock Broking Companies in The World 2017

Founded in 1992, Deutsche Bőrse a financial company whose headquarter is placed in Frankfurt am Main, Germany has revenue of €2367 billion (2015), operating income of €992.6 million (2015) and a total profit of €3.695 billion (end of 2015). With a total no. of employee of 3,200 and employee service all over Europe.

9. Australian Securities Exchange


Founded in 1987, Australian Securities Exchange is yet another fascinating companies whose headquarters is located in Sydney, Australia and unlike others its owned by ASX Limited and the preferred currency of dealing is Australian Dollar and market capital of A$ of 1.6 trillion (May 2014) and has an average daily turnover of A$ 4.685 billion.

8. BM&F Bovespa

BM&F Bovespa Top 10 Stock Broking Companies in The World 2017

Founded on August 23, 1890 and currently owned by BM&F Bovespa S.A where Edemir Pinto (CEO) and Arminio Fraga (Chairman) are key persons of the company. And headquarter built in São Paulo Brazil, preferable currency for deal they use is Brazilian Real and market capital is of USD 1,627.7 trillion (Dec 2015). They also have offices in New York, Shanghai & London.

7. Toronto Stock Exchange


Founded in 25¬th October 1861 and headquarter currently located at Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is currently owned by TMX Group, where Nick Thadaney (president and CEO, Global Equity Capital Markets, TMX Group) and Lou Eccleston (CEO, TMX Group). Preferable currency they deal is Canadian Dollar and a market capital of $2.781 trillion (May 31, 2016).

6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange

Hong Kong Stock Exchange Top Popular Stock Broking Companies in The World 2018

Founded in 1891 and headquarters currently situated at Central, Hong Kong and currently owned by Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, under the leadership of Li Xiaojia, Charles (CEO) and Chow Chung-Kong (Chairman). Currency they deal with is Hong Kong Dollar, Us Dollar, Chinese Yuan and a market capital o0f HKD 24.68 trillion.

5. Shanghai Stock Exchange


Founded on 26th November 1990 and headquarter located in Shanghai, China and currently owned and run under the key persons Geng Liang (Chairman) and Zhang Yujun (President).Preferable currency they deal with is Chinese Yuan and the market capital of the company is of USD 3.5 trillion(Feb 2015).This is one of the few Top 10 Stock Broking Companies in The World 2017.

4. London Stock Exchange Group

London Stock Exchange Group Top Most Popular Stock Broking Companies in The World 2018

Founded in 2007 and the headquarter situated in 10th Paternoster Square, City of London, England, United Kingdom and currently under the ownership of Donald Brydon (Chairman) & Xavier Rolet (CEO) with a revenue of £1,418.6 million (2015) and operating income of £584.7 million (2015) and a net income of £357.1 million (2015) and other division currently located in Borsa Italiana and London Stock Exchange.

3. Tokyo Stock Exchange


Founded twice in May 15, 1878 as Tokyo Kabushiki Torihikijo and May 16, 1949 (as Tokyo Stock Exchange) and currently owned by Japan Exchange Group. Inc. (Tokyo Stock Exchange Group Inc.) under the leadership of Taizo Nishimuro (Chairman), Atsushi Saioto (President & CEO), Yasui Tobiyama (MD,COO & CFO). Currency they prefer is Japanese Yen with a market capital of JPY ¥492 trillion (Sep 2014).


NASDAQ OMX Top Most Popular Stock Broking Companies in The World 2019

Founded on 4th February, 1971 and headquarter situated at One Liberty Plaza, New York City, USA. Currently under the leadership of Donald Edward (Chairman) & Robert Greifeld (CEO) with a revenue of US$ 3.438 billion (2011), operating income of US$ 678 million (2011) and a net income of US$ 387 million with total assets of US$ 14.09 billion and with 2503 employee(2012).

1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)


Founded on 17th May, 1972 and headquarter situated at New York City, New York, US and currently owned by Intercontinental Exchange under the leadership of Thomas W.Farley (CEO) and the preferable currency is United States Dollar with a market capital of US$ 19.3 trillion.

Hence this is the list of top 10 stock Broking Companies of the World, there are still many other companies but these became diamonds in coal and are known for better competitions and profit making.

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