Top 10 Richest Companies in USA

We all know at least a few of the richest individuals in America and the most expensive colleges in America, but what are the richest companies? The top ten richest companies in the U.S. consist of insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturing companies, and several others. Read on to find out the ranking:

The list of the richest companies in America is generated by Forbes which ranks the companies based on their annual revenue. In total, the companies generate $12 trillion in revenue and $840 billion in profit with 27.9 million employees.

Here is the list of Top 10 Richest Companies in USA

10. AT&T- $146.8 billion


AT&T Inc. is a conglomerate which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It comes in second of providing mobile telephone services and is the largest provider of fixed telephone services in America. It provides broadband internet access, digital television, and digital home security services aside from telephone services. The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company is Randall Stephenson. As of October 2016, AT&T announced to buy Time Warner.

9. Ford Motor- $149.6 billion


This motor company is headquartered in Michigan, and was founded by Henry Ford. It is an automaker of automobiles, commercial vehicles, and luxury cars. Henry Ford was important to the manufacturing industry due to his introduction of the assembly line which is a method for the large scale management of industrial workforces. This company is the second largest automaker which is based in America and the fifth-largest internationally based on 2010 vehicle sales. William C. Ford, JR. is the executive chairman and Mark Fields is the President and Chief Executive Officer. The Ford family controls 40% of voting rights.

8. General Motors- $152.4 billion


This company headquartered in Michigan manufactures and markets vehicles and parts as well as selling financial services. It produces automobiles in 37 countries and its brands include GMC, Cadillac, Baujun, and Buick. The engines of this company have been used in various races such as the World Touring Car Championship, 24 Hours of Le Mans, NASCAR, and the Indy Racing League. The President of the company is Dan Ammann and the Chief Executive Officer is Mary Barra. It’s production output for the year of 2016 was exceeding 9,958,000.

7. CVS Health- $153.3 billion


This retail company focuses on pharmacy and health care. The company’s assets include CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, CVS Specialty, and the retail clinic, MinuteClinic. The speciality pharmacy of the company operates 24 retail specialty pharmacy stores and eleven specialty mail order pharmacies. This has given them the name of the specialty pharmacy in the United States. The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust is one of the company’s philanthropic ventures which provides funding for health care, education, and community involvement initiatives for the communities in which the pharmacy store is situated.

6. UnitedHealth Group- $157.1 billion


The UnitedHealth Group is a managed health care company which is situated in Minnesota. Another subsidiary of the company is Optum which operates through Business Process Outsourcing services. The founder of the company is Richard T. Burke who is the Chairman today. The chief exectuvie officer is Stephen J. Hemsley.

5. McKesson- $181.2 billion


This corporation distributed pharmaceuticals as well as providing health information technology, medical supplies, and tools to manage care. The company has its roots in New York City and was an importer and wholesaler of botanical drugs. It has offices located in America, Australia, Ireland, France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. The chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company is John Hammergren. This is one amongst the Top 10 Richest Companies in USA 2017.

4. Berkshire Hathaway- $210.8 billion


Berkshire Hathaway is a corporation holding company owned by Warren Buffet. It holds many companies which fall in the categories of insurance, utilities, energy, manufacturing, service, retailing, and finance. It owns GEICO, BNSF, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, Helzberg Diamonds, as well as many others wholly. The company also has minority sharing in companies including American Express, Wells Fargo, Coca-Cola and Restaurant Brands International. The chief executive officer of the company is Warren Buffett who is one of the richest people in the world according to Forbes.

3. Apple- $215.6 billion


The Apple Company designs, develops, and markets electronics, computer software, and online services. Some of the well-known products are the iPhone smartphone, iPad tablet computer, Mac personal computer, iPod portable media player, and the Apple Watch smartwatch. The founders of the company are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne who started the company in April of 1976. Apple comes at the top of many lists and holds several ranks such as being the largest information technology company by revenue, the largest technology company by total assets, and the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer. As of March 2017, there were over one billion actively used Apple products. Currently, the chairman of the company is Arthur D. Levinson and the chief executive officer is Tim Cook. This company is amongst the most desired and admired companies in the world.

2. Exxon Mobil- $268.9 billion


This American oil and gas corporation is the largest oil company in the country descending from the Standard Oil Company of John D. Rockefeller. This company is in competition with Walmart for being the biggest publicly held corporation according to revenue. The company holds thirty seven oil refineries in 21 countries which make up a daily refining capacity of 6.3 million barrels of oil. This makes it the largest refiner in the world which has been a rank always associated with Standard Oil since 1870. The chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company is Rex W. Tillerson. This is world’s largest publicly traded Global Oil and Gas Company.

1. Walmart- $480.1 billion


Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a company which has a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, as well as grocery stores. The headquarters of the company is in Arkansas and it was founded by Sam Walton. It is a family-owned business until this day, and the heirs of the founder control more than 50 percent of the corporation through the holding company Walton Enterprises and individual holdings. Of company’s sales in 2016, 62.3 percent of its $480.1 billion sales came from the stores located in America.

This was the list of the Top 10 Wealthiest and Richest Companies in the United States of America 2017. These companies have gained a huge market share in the country and do a lot of business. Many of them are Multinational companies and their worldwide operations earn them a lot of revenue. Stay in touch with this space for more latest and trending topics from around the world.


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