Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India

With the development of trade and commerce, there has been a significant growth in the economy of the world. We know that the 21st century is known for competition and competition and we can clearly make out the natural law proposed by Charles Darwin that is survival of the fittest and this law fits perfectly when we are talking about the most expensive shares of market of a country and the survival also depends on the shares that the company has achieved in its way of survival.

Here is the list of top 10 list of the Most expensive shares in India

That have been one of the best companies here and the investors have been found to show great interest towards these companies:

10. Nestle India:

nestle india, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2017

We all know the famous quote put forward by the company Nestle “ Good Food, Good Life”. This a Swedish company which was founded in 1866 by Henri Nestlé, Charles Page, George Page. The products generally sold by the company includes generally milk products and milk products derivatives like Baby food, Coffee, Bottled water, Ice cream, Pet foods etc., the company consists of more than 335000 employee as per 2015. And the CMP of Nestle India is around Rs.5975.


9. P&G:

p&g, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2018

Also known as Products & Gamble Co., Is an American based goods company which was founded in October 31, 1837 by William Procter and James Gamble. It’s is multinational company except it doesn’t sell its good neither in North Korea nor in Cuba. And they have their own slogan “touching lives, Improving Life”. Their products ranges from cleaning agents, personal care. Recently this company has been one of the best largest and fastest growing consumer friendly company of India, the CMP of P&G in India is around Rs.6393.


8. Bajaj Finance:

bajaj finance, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2019

Though a private company Bajaj Finance is a part of Baja Group which was founded in 1926 by Jamnlal Bajaj. This branch of the company generally deals with the financial matter of the Bajaj Group and the things that are included in the branch of this are Bajaj Allianz General Insurance, Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Bajaj Financial Services Ltd. And generally all the schemes are focused on lending , asset management, wealth management and insurance. The CMP of Bajaj Finance is around Rs37,861.38.


7. Honeywell:

honeywell, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2018

Yet another company made in USA founded in 1906 by Mark C. Honeywell. And yet the service provided by the company is all over the world and produces different commercial and consumer products. They produce thermostats and Garrett turbochargers. The current CMP of Honeywell is around Rs.9023.


6. 3M India :


Quite hilarious name still it is one of the best renowned company that once introduced the sticky gum tape to the world, the company was founded in June 13, 1902 by John Dean, Stanley Budd, Hermon Cable, Henry Bryan. Also known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. It is a multinational company and various things from the scratch bite dish wash to the gum tape it sells many things in India. It produces the things in a very ecofriendly way and also pays attention towards pollution caused by them towards environment. It has got one the most expensive stocks of Indian shares with CMP of Rs.12774


5. Shree Cements:

shree cements, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2019

Shree Cements is primarily an Indian cement, founded in Ajmer district of Rajasthan in year 1979 and is one the biggest North Indian cement manufacturer. It also sells cells in name of Shree Power and Shree Mega Power. It produces 17.5 million times Cements per annum and power generation of 597Mw.Also it’s a flagship brand of Bangur Cement. The CMP of Shree cement became Rs. 10,695 from Rs.4234 in 2014.


4. Page Industries:


Also known as Jockey India and moves with a famous quote “jockey or nothing”. Founded in year 1876 jockey is clothing multinational company which generally manufacturers underwear and related products of men, women, boys and girls. It was originally named Cooper’s Inc., was founded by Samuel T.Cooper and in India it was founded in 1995 by the Genomal family. It has got the license of Jockey underwear and speedo in India and Sri Lanka. It has a CMP of Rs 14,500.


3. Eicher Motors:


This company name every Indian has heard once in his life time and hence the company was founded in 1948 is a German automotive maker which later Incorporated into Indian market and produces from small pick up trucks and large size trucks that carry heavy goods. Apart from this they also own Indian Premium Motorcycle brand Royal Enfield. The CMP of the Eicher Group is around Rs.16000 which rose from 4500 in February 2014.


2. Bosch:


Whoever is associated with engineering work and has a keen interest in Engineering doesn’t heard this world famous German based engineering company and electronics Bosch company , the company was founded in November 15, 1886 by Robert Bosch. The company leads in making automotive parts, Power tools, security systems, home appliances, engineering and electronics. The even make brakes, electrical drivers electronics fuel systems, generator etc., Bosch has the second most expensive stock with a CMP of Rs. 21050 which has become 4 times of its past.


1. MRF:

mrf, Top 10 Most Expensive Shares in India 2020

This is a term that we have quite often seen on the stickers that was present on the bat quite often used by Sachin Tendulkar. The company was founded in 1946 by K. M. Mammem Mappillai. The company plays a lead role in producing rubber and vulcanized rubber items like automotive tires, sports , conveyor belts etc., Again this company is one of its kind in India and is a multinational company and is again one of the largest. The MRF stock price as on 23/05/2016 was Rs.32027 or else can say u can even buy 10g of gold on behalf of one stock of MRF.


This was the list of the top 10 Most expensive shares in India. These are the companies that hit the bells of shares in the Indian market. But the competition is very tight and narrow and one can’t stay at one place for ever and for which there are many other companies too but for the time today’s this is the list. A company has to be very efficient and stable in order to achieve the ranks of Top 10 of our list.

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