Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India

Today in this world business is everything foreign person life and the opportunity to provide a business for everyone even living in your own house. Nothing is better than that situation and to provide the opportunity many people the companies world wide are providing such jobs and the technique included by the company include door to door selling of goods and this is commonly known as direct selling and India is such a huge market with such a huge population, the company sees a huge opportunity to make profit in this huge markets.

So here’s he list of top 10 direct selling companies in India:

10. Altos Enterprise Ltd


What’s in the name, Altos Enterprise Ltd, Ludhiana is an Indian direct selling companies. It was put to work in April 2000 with a least number of 7 products. It’s is an active member of IDSA from 2003. Now it has been selling around 150 products varying levels of products including WS7 detergents and Orefresh Tooth Paste. Most of the products are manufactured by Abhisheik Pharmaceutical, a GMP certified company. And the products range varies from health care, personal care, hair care, Aroma Natural and beauty products and skin treatment products.

9. Oriflame

Oriflame Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India 2017

Founded in 1967 a company from Switzerland founded by Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick. It’s generally a company which has been interest in selling cosmetic, food supplements. It’s one the leading beauty products selling companies of the world and has deep in India too. And services providing centers all over India. It’s been selling products ranging over more than 50 countries

8. Herbal life

Herbal life Top Most Famous Direct Selling Companies in India 2017

Founded in February 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Founder was Mark Hughes. The revenue of the company was around US$ 3.825 billion as on 2014. The company operates More than 95 countries through a widely distributed independent distributors of 3.2 million. Their products also include many products varying from health care to beauty products, they even sell protein snacks fitness supplements etc., They also sell products made specifically for vegetarians, kosher, allergen free, halal etc.,

7. Avon (The Company for women)

Avon (The Company for women) Top Most Popular Direct Selling Companies in India 2018

Yet one of the very oldest direct selling companies of the world founded in 1886 founded by David H.McConnell and the company sell products for personal care and beauty products. The company has a total revenue of US$ 9.955 billion as on 2013. Avon uses both door to door sales person and even models for advertising and even sell brochure for selling purposes. They use multilevel marketing technique for profit. They also started toward breast cancer in 1990 and expenditure over their research.

6. Tupperware Brands

Tupperware Brands Top Most Direct Selling Companies in India 2018

Yet another fascinating name, the company was founded in 1946 in Orlando, Florida, US. Their products generally include range of food storage cosmetics, personal care products, etc., And the revenue of the company was $2,300.4 million, Tupperware sells overseas and includes offices in Africa and Latin America and more than 100 countries. In 2008 the company received “Most Favoured Brand by Women” and “Company with the Best Corporate Face” due to huge success rate in India and China.It is one amongst the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India 2017.

5. Unicity


The company name is one the attractive present on the list, the company was established in 1999 in Orem, Utah, United States. The company has roots all over the world, earlier known by Unicity Network. The company boasts in selling products including Nutritional supplements and personal care. And the best selling products sold by the company is Bios life and Bios Life Slim. And including more than 400+ employee. They even sell weight loss products and green tea.

4. Dewsoft ( Your partners for life)


The company was established in year 2000 and made in India it’s headquarters benn situated in New Delhi. It’s a software based multilevel marketing company. It’s also provides services over seas and provides offers from software to extensive range of business in hardware services also.

3. Vestige


The company started operation in 20014 is one the leading direct selling companies in India with leading class health care, personal care and cosmetics products. It is growing at a phenomenal rate in Indian market. It’s a ISO 9001:2008 certified company and has customers all over insia. With over 200+ sales outlets and several distribution centers. It is a proud member of IDSA.

2. Hindustan Unilever Ltd


The reigning king of the Indian market the company was founded in 1933 . With a huge employee strength of 18000+ and the products of the company which goes into the market ranges from foods, beverages, cleaning agents, water purifiers etc., With the company having a total revenue of US$ 4.5 billion. The company is a multi award winner company. And serving all over India and services providing every corner of India.

1. Amway


The king of direct selling companies not only in India but in world and was founded in November 9, 1959 by Rich DeVos and Jay Van Ansel. The products of the company include huge amount of variety of goods ranging from vast subunit Nutrilite, Amway Queen etc., The company has a huge amount of revenue of US$ 9.5 billion as in 2015. And services provided all over world and India and this the company which has more number of door to door sellers in India and the quality of good, no words. The company also sells house cleaning merchandise, health and beauty merchandise also. Recently the also started to sell their own water purifiers named as eSpring and started to sell their own energy drink called as XS. Even they use technique such as multilevel marketing including advertising and door to door service.

So, these are the Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in India 2017. So here’s the list end but still there are other companies in the market which offers many attractive deals but these are the best of the best either in terms of quality and quantity.

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