Top 10 Cheapest Business to Start in The World

People nowadays have started to work independently. Therefore they are searching for the cheapest means of business to start. Starting a Business with low investments is needed at the most, and if the plan fails to get you profit, then nothing much of harm is incurred as a result of low investments. Even if you’re looking to make money or thinking of going into business for yourself, check out, here is this list of cheap start up business ideas. If you’re thinking of starting up your own business, but don’t want to make a huge investment, you’re in huge luck. We’ve assembled a list of 10 cheap startup business ideas that won’t disrupt the bank, and you can work on in your spare time or even in full time. Based on your interest and requirement, you can choose wisely whatever type of start-ups you are capable of doing.

The list of 10 cheapest business to start here follows-

10. Consultant

Consultant Top 10 Cheapest Business to Start 2017

You might have changed because of your working lifestyle and you might have started feeling like it’s not what you wanted and want to work in the previous kinds of jobs, then you can offer your skills to those industries and can work as a paid consultant. You already have contacts you could market to as being available for hire since you worked in the industry.

9. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant Top Most Famous Cheapest Business to Start 2017

If you like organizing things, posting to social media, weeding through e-mails, and keeping people on a schedule, market those skills to small-business owners who are too busy growing their own businesses to take care of those things themselves. Just a computer and stable internet connection are the two most important things required to do this job, you can be of great help to many of the people in need.

8. Handyman

Handyman Top Most Popular Cheapest Business to Start 2018

If you can do simple electrical repairs, fix a rain gutter or know how to spackle, turn those skills into a side business. If you really can convert this into a high class business then better check for the possible licenses or permits required to run this to avoid further problems.

7. Errands


If you like to help people then you may run errands for people in your community. Market to those in your community who don’t have a lot of time for errands or may be housebound.

6. Catering


If you like to cook and like to serve people meal from beginning to end whether it’s on daily basis or on a particular day for a particular occasion. This could be a side business for you. Offer party catering as well as business lunches as a way to keep business offers available. Build a customer base by creating connections in your community and ask for client recommendations as a way to show potential new customers what you have done at past events. Costs would include making fliers and possibly having samples of your cooking available for tasting by future clients. It is one amongst the Top 10 Cheapest Business to Start in 2017.

5. Cleaning services


Cleaning is the most essential part in day to day life. Where there are people there is a need to clean. It doesn’t matter whether you focus on cleaning houses or go after business from companies, this cheap startup business idea will cost as much as supplies and the fliers needed to get your name out in the community. The hours for the cleaning service could dovetail nicely with a standard Monday through Friday job—businesses usually want their buildings cleaned at night and on weekends.

4. Homemade gourmet foods


A love of cooking can be turned into a business. Anyone can make jams, jellies and spreads right in their kitchen. If you’re just getting started, the cost is cooking supplies, packaging, and basic marketing materials, and depending on where you’re going to sell your goods, either the cost to set up a website or rent a retail store.

3. Babysitting


. If you like children, then this could be a side business for you. Babysitting isn’t a teenager’s job anymore Network in your community and be prepared to be available for work at night and even on the weekends. Loss cannot take place in this if you are trustworthy enough for the parents, and can manage your work without any problem.

2. Lawn care


This is kind of a seasonal job that can be profitable if marketed to time-munched homeowners who have better things to do on their days off than trimming their lawns. It is a good job for someone who likes to work in outdoors, and can be started inexpensively with fliers, business cards and a lawnmower. Also, this type of business that can be easily scaled into a bigger operation.

1. Sales Consultant


Pampered Chef, Avon, Mary Kay, and Tupperware all list the help of local sales agents to market the word out to shoppers about their products. If you’re comfortable talking to people about a product or you are good in communication skills, this start up is the best one. This business idea could be for you. To start, Avon costs just $5 to register, Pampered Chef is $80; both Mary Kay and Tupperware cost $100 to start with each company. Beverly Kemner of Pottstown, sees being an Avon representative as a way to earn money to supplement her income and has been running her part-time business for about four years.

This was the list of the Top 10 Cheapest Business to start in 2017 for those who wish to earn on their own and setup a creative start up.

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