Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in The World

From time Inception, man has always has always been trying out to figure out how the human body works and what the causes of different aliments and disorders affecting him. If you look back into history you will see that during the period of the Vedas, they used to practice medicine and also prepare various medicines to treat the diseases and disorders affecting humans. all these medicines were Ayurvedic which meant it was derived from different sources of nature. but as Time passed, the knowledge of traditional medicines decreased as some believed that if the knowledge was passed on to others, the plants would loose their healing capability and this is the main reason why traditional medicine lost its scope.not only that,

After the 20th century new inventions in technology improved the lifestyle of the people and also allopathic medicines came into place. due to fluctuating climatic changes and changes in the environment because of pollution and other various factors diseases became rampant and there was a need to treat these diseases. And that’s how allopathic medicines started taking over to do the job. Presently there are various medicines in the market used to treat different types of diseases and disorders . all these are manufactured by biotech companies who carefully spend years and millions of dollars into Research and then release them into the market, helping if not billions at least millions of people. we can proudly say that it is due to these companies , smallpox has been eradicated from this world and also polio is in the verge of eradication. All the companies work hand in hand to make others life easier.Therefore ,

here is there list of top ten Biotechnology Companies in the world which deserves a mention.



Number 10 on our list is Juno therapeutics. This company is based in USA. This is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company which specialises in the development of cell based cancer immunotherapy with the use of its chimeric antigen receptor and high affinity T cell receptors. This helps to find and recognise and kill cancer cells. With their ground breaking technology ,they are able to create best in class engineered T cells.



Number 9 in our list is Ligand pharmaceuticals. It was founded in September 1987 by Brook Byers. This pharmaceutical company has its headquarters in La Jolla California. There are currently 356 employees and currently the CEO is John Higgins.



Number 8 on our list is pacira pharmaceutical company. This esteemed company is unique in its own way as it manufactures pain killers which do not contain opium derivatives. Also this is used after post surgery . this company aims to spread awareness about how doctors administer various drugs and how the drugs influence a person. A note worthy point is that this company manufactured an anesthetic drug , .exparel which was an instant hit.

7. Acadia pharmaceutical


Number 7 on our list is Acadia pharmaceuticals.this company was founded in 1993. It has its head quarters in San Diego,CA,U.S. this important company employs nearly 95 employees. It struck lottery when it manufactured a drug for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.. It is run by its CEO dr.uli hacksell. It currently trades its stocks in NASDAQ.

6. Celgene

Celgene Top Most Popular Biotechnology Companies in The World 2018

Number 6 on this list is celgene. it is a biotechnological company .this esteemed company was founded in the year 1986. It currently has its headquarters in summit,new jersey, US.. This company was actually a unit branched off from celeanese corporation and later became an independent company..this company specializes in manufacturing drugs for cancer therapy as well as for inflammatory disorders.

5. Vertex

Vertex Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in The World

Number 5 on this list of world’s Top 10 Biotechnology Companies 2017. is vertex pharmaceuticals. It was founded in is a bio therapeutic organization.its headquarters is located in south Boston,Massachusetts. It currently has 2 reasearch facilities in California and currently specializes in treatment for viral infection, auto immune disorders and cancer therapy.

4. Biogen

Biogen Top Popular Biotechnology Companies in The World 2018

Number 4 on our list is biogen. This company serves the public in terms of biotechnology. It was founded in 1978 after its merger in geneva. It was founded by 4 individuals namely Kenneth Murray,Phillip Allen sharp,walter Gilbert, charles weissmann. This billion dollar company is head quartered at Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. currently it has more than 7550 employees working under them. They currently are experts in the field of treatments for patients in areas of neurology as well as immunology.

3. Allergan

Allergan Top 10 Biotechnology Companies in The World 2017

Number 3 on this list is allergan pharmaceuticals. It was recently established in 2015 through the acquisition of allergan by actavis,PLC. This mighty company was founded by Allen chao, and also David hsia. It currently has its headquarters in Dublin situated ireland and also in parsippany -troy hills, new Jersey, United States. It currently has a whooping 40 manufacturing facilities and also 27 global research and development facilities under its control. It serves to more than 100 companies .it manufactures a range of products for many disorders ranging from glaucoma to packets disease of bone treatment. It currently employs 30,000 people as of previous year.

2. Gilead

Gilead Top Famous Biotechnology Companies in The World 2019

Making it in the top ten list as number 2 is gilead sciences. It was founded in 1988 . it currently has its head quarters in foster city, california, US. It started its inception in in manufacturing drugs for the treatment of HIV, Hepatitis B , and also influenza.

1. Amgen

Amgen Top Most Biotechnology Companies in The World 2017

Making it to the top of this list is none other than Amgen. This multi-billion dollar company has its headquarters at thousand oaks situated in California. This biotechnological company was founded for the public in the year 1980. Surprisingly this is the world’s largest independent biotechnological firm. They specialise in drugs used to treat infections in patients who are undergoing various therapies such as chemotherapies ,etc. the famous drug which helped them establish their name in the market is neulasta and neopogen. As this company is at its peak, it nearly employees 17,900 people for the day to day activities in various departments.

Thus this is the top ten biotechnology companies from all over the world 2017. There will be a great need for these companies in the future.

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