Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World

Power is one of the most basic needs of household as well as industrial enterprises. It has become a vital part of the nation’s economic growth as well as improving the overall lifestyle of the citizens. Utility companies provide energy which is the backbone of the nation. Therefore the costs to build and maintain such infrastructure is emerging as one of the greatest challenges in emerging nation. Most of the companies face many hurdles like loss of energy during its transmission.  Most of these companies are based in either USA or Europe.

Here we have a glance at the top 10 best Power generating companies in the world:

10- Hanery:-

The 10th one on this list is Hanery which is headquartered in Beijing, China. It is a privately held conglomerate which is very active in solar, wind, hydropower generation. It also claims to be the largest thin film solar power company.

9- Southern company: –


The southern company is an electricity producer distributor based in Atlanta, Georgia. It constructs, manages, acquires, owns and also sells electricity in the wholesale market. Has an electricity producing capacity of 46,000MW, serves approximately 4.4million customers. The company has 26,000 employees, 18.5 billion dollars in sales and 40.9 billion dollar market capitalization as of the previous year.

8- Iberdrola: –

iberdrola, Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World 2017

Based in Bilbao, Iberdrola SA is a Spanish public multinational electric utility company. Its subsidiary include Scottish power, Iberdrola USA and Elektro. With a workforce of 28,000 employees in over 4 continents it serves around 32 million customers.

7- Dominion resources: –

dominion resources, Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World 2018

Featuring a 24,000MV generating capacity, 12,200 miles of natural gas pipeline and 6,490 miles of electric transmission lines, this gargantuan industry is based in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of the largest producers and transporters of energy in the United States. With 928 billion cubic feet of storage capacity of natural gas, it provides retail energy to customers in 14 states. With over 14,000 employees, it makes 13 billion dollars in sales and 42.8 billion dollars in market capitalization.

6- ENEL:-

enel, Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World 2019

Situated in Rome, Italy Enel is a multinational power company and also a leading Integrated player in the world’s power and gas markets , with  particular focus on Europe and Latin America. With over 61 million users worldwide, it has the largest customer base among European companies. Currently it operates in over 30 countries across  four continents, producing energy through 89,000MW capacity also distributing electricity and gas through a network covering over one million miles. Adding to this enel operates hydroelectric, nuclear, geothermal, wind, solar pv, and renewable sources which accounted to more than 47 %of the electricity produced and was free from carbon dioxide emissions.

5- EDF:-

edf, Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World 2017-2018

This conglomerate is a French state owned  electricite de France SA (EDF)   provides power generation, transmission, distribution and energy  supply and trading. It is involved in aspect of the electricity industry. The company has its operations in France and Europe and  its increasing its presence in key emerging countries such Brazil, China and Russia. EDF owns and operates three of the world’s top nuclear power plants by capacity and also in terms of largest  low – carbon electricity in the United Kingdom.EDF has 97 billion dollars in sales and 46.3 billion dollars in market capitalization  as of 2015 is its market is increasing rapidly.

4- NextEra:-

nextera, Top 10 Best Power Generating Companies in The World 2019

It is an investment company with its interests in power generation, transmission and distribution in the United States and Canada. It is based in Juno beach, Florida.  This gigantic company operates with a 44,900MW generating capacity, has 13,800 employees and made 18 billion dollars in sales. Through its 2 major subsidiaries, Florida power and light and NextEra energy resources, the company has a 46.9 billion dollar market capitalization. It also owns 3 out of 10 largest power stations in the United States.



It is a multinational electricity and gas utility company with its principle activities in UK and northeastern United states. The high voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales is owned and maintained by this company. As the owner and operator of the only gas transmission infrastructure in the United Kingdom, it owns the monopoly in this business. As of previous year this company has 24 billion dollars in sales and a 49 billion dollar market capitalization.

2- ENGIE:-


It is a France based company. Previously known as GDF Suez,  Engie SA, it has operations in mostly electricity generation and distribution, natural gas and renewable energy. As of previous year, the company has 2, 36,000 employees, 99 billion dollars in sales and 49.5 billion dollars in billion market capitalization.



The first one on the list is Duke energy. By merging with Progress energy in 2012, Duke energy became the largest electric utility in the United States. Situated in north Carolina,  its regulated business units serves 7.3 million retail electric consumers in six states  in the southeast and Midwest regions, boasting approximately 57,500MW of electricity generating capacity. Its electricity generation comes from coal, natural gas, and oil. This monstrous company boasts 57.5 billion dollars in market value, 25 billion dollars in sales and 118.5 billion dollars in total assets. Duke energy also operates 32,000 miles of total transmission lines, 2,63,000 miles of total distribution lines, 7,200 miles of natural gas and 6,200 miles of natural gas service lines. They hold 25percent in Saudi Arabia’s National Methanol Company.

To sum up we have the top 10 power generating companies in the world, which provide a backbone to this world and its countries. All these companies have various sources of energy production as renewable energy is not enough to satisfy the demands of the nation. Hence we need to understand that it takes a toll on the nature and we need to learn how to conserve energy as it is as precious as air or water.

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