Top 10 Best Engineering Companies in The World

Engineers through their work make our world a better place to live in. A lot of technological advancements especially since the beginning of the industrial revolution have made hitherto impossible tasks achievable. most engineers work through established engineering companies. The engineering world has its shares of giants who command respect in the field. The domain over the past has grown and companies have come up to stamp authority in the field. These are companies that offer essential products and services to people all over the world. With the growth in the technological world, so has the engineering world. The following companies made it to the top ten list after consideration of many factors. Have a read.

Here are some of the Best Engineering Companies in The World

10. Apple

Apple Top 10 Best Engineering Companies in The World 2017

It has made a name for itself even after the death of its founder Steve Jobs. They have come up with electronics ranging all the way from phones to computers. They have been ranked the best with a majority of consumers terming them as quality. They are durable and have been priced quite high. As much as they are expensive and one may have to break the bank just to purchase them, they are worth every penny. The employees that work there are of the engineering background. Apple products especially the iPads have a huge demand all over the world. But perhaps the reason Apple is among the best engineering companies in the world is because of the way it encourages innovation. In a recent poll, Apple was ranked as among the best companies to work for.

9. Procter and Gamble


In the United States of America the beauty line has become a household name. The employees however have been derived from the engineering world. Most of them have a base in the beauty industry. It has household names for example Olay as well as the Max factor. In an ad that was aired they came under fire for the model twiggy who was airbrushed. That brought up controversial issues that was carried along for some time. It has attracted so many employees from the engineering world.The company’s products can also be found in most stores all over the world.

8. Siemens


This engineering company has in the past been vocal in the domain. The Siemens also announced plans that it was to build a wind turbine. Years later the idea materialized. The engineering company over a survey carried out garnered the number high in the list to make it to the top ten positions. It is attractive to the employees masses.

7. General Electric

General Electric Top Most Famous Engineering Companies in The World 2018

The company hit the headlines for the development of road-side charger. The function of the road side charger is to cut down or rather reduce the time that will be used in a bid to restore the batteries of electricity. In this regard it has then made it to number seven of the list. General Electric employs a lot of engineers.

6. Intel


Intel is a technology company with a background in engineering. Its employees are well conversant with the engineering know hows. It bases its functioning mostly on electronics. It has gained fame owing to the touch screen displays that many own by now. All the way from phones to computers, they are renowned. Intel Corporation is also big in giving. The company runs and supports many charitable ventures all over the world.

5. BMW


Well everyone or at least the pool of people well known to some would like to own one of the series of the BMW. Famed for a term coined by an anonymous character ‘Be My Wife’ ,this engineering company has expanded its horizons and indeed become a household name. It has become renowned for its minis but the company keeps growing. The BMW vehicles are the ultimate show of perfection in the motor industry.



When one comes around to talking about music and mentions Sony, there is no doubt they know what they are talking about. The Sony company has also been known for sound engineering. Other areas that the Sony series is establishing itself in, and with authority for that matter, are the phone manufacturing industry. It has then ended up in fourth place.

3. IBM


Also cropping from the IT world is the engineering company by the name IBM. IBM is well renowned the world over. It recruits graduates to work in the IT department as well as the civil engineering department. It has indeed made a name for itself in the technological world. In the domain of software development it has been known to develop new applications for use in the day to day activities hence managing to remain relevant. It has then comfortably earned its place in the top tier.

2. Microsoft


If you own a computer then Microsoft is not foreign. In the recent past it has started manufacturing phones and in the industry it has become renowned. This engineering company has over the years expanded and spread across the continents. It is not only found in the Americas but also in Asia, Africa and the world over. According to a survey done this engineering company is the second most popular. Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates is the richest man in the world in 2017. But the riches have not gone into his head. He and wife Melinda are down to earth individuals who also support many charitable causes. They do this this through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

1. Google Inc


The world over Google is well known. The company has provided the platform for search engines. Google inc derives its task force or rather work force from the engineering domain. It has proved to be very attractive to its employees. It is a company that also rides on innovation as its greatest anchor.

In conclusion the engineering world has not yet reached its peak. With the technology evolving and man becoming more knowledgeable as well as innovative, there will be more changes to behold in this sector. Therefore this is a flexible sector that is susceptible to changes over and over again as well as the change in the positioning.

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