Best Employers In The World – Best Global Companies to Work For

Finding a good employer can be a hard thing. Finding an employer that will be fair and gust, have a nice benefit package, is flexible, and has room for advancement for their employees is something that is hard to find. There are some employers that people would love to work for. They companies treat their employees well and the employees work for them until they retire. These companies are the top 10 employers in the world in 2017.

Here are the Best Global Companies to Work For, Best Employers

10. Wegmans


This food market is one of the best in the world. There is plenty of room for employee advancement and there are a number of stores on the east coast of the United States. This employer looks out for the best interest of their employees. They offer great pay and a nice benefit package for their employees and their families. A person can go from being a cashier to working as a leader in this company as they are willing to train and promote from within.

9. Quick Trip


Many people would not think that working at a convenience store would be one of the top places to work. This chain has a number of stores in the Midwest and the Southern part of the United States. People like to work for their company because they offer one of the best benefit packages out there. They allow employees to be flexible with their hours so they can meet family commitments. This company will also help train the employees and allow them to continue their education to move to higher positions within the company. This organization also does a lot of work for charities and donates a nice amount of money to them.

8. Ikea

Ikea Top Famous Employers In The World 2019

This company makes and sells furniture and home appliances. People like to work for this company because they are allowed to work a flexible schedule including nontraditional hours. Full time employees get a full benefit package for themselves and health care for their family. People working for this company will get educational assistance as well as paid holidays. The company also hosts a number of social gatherings for employees. This company is great for working mothers as they will allow a mom to work around their schedule and to them family always comes first. The main office for Ikea is located in Detroit, Michigan.

7. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic Top 10 Best Employers In The World

This medical practice and research group is dedicated to helping people get better. The company has a great benefit package for their employees and the company promotes from within. This company respects their employees and gives them plenty of training to help support their work. This company also respects diversity and is sensitive and accepting of different cultures. There are a number of centers all around the world.

6. BASF Corporation

BASF Corporation Top Best Employers In The World 2017

This company works with chemical manufacturing. People like to work for them because they value their wellbeing and offer great pay as well as benefits. The employees will get some good discounts when they go to purchase the products as well. BASF has offices all around the world and will offer educational assistance to their employees. The employees can grow within the company and they also promote their workers from within.

5. Lululemon


This company designs and makes athletic apparel. People enjoy working for this company because they get to go to work and be creative. There are a number of perks that is offered by the company as well. A person can work a flexible schedule. They can also get free passes to the local gyms and fitness centers. They also get some free clothing to wear while they are working out. The main office is located in Dallas, Texas.

4. Microsoft


This leading computer company is good to their employees. The employees are paid well and they are allowed to work flexible schedule, work from home, and share jobs. The company has a strong presence all over the world and employees feel proud in the work they are doing. This company also offers assistance with child care and a number of other perks for their workers. There are offices all over the world.

3. Apple


This software and technology manufacturer takes care of their employees. They offer a nice salary as well as bonuses for things such as holidays. The management is always will to help and assist their employees. Everyone is part of a team. Employees are able to work from home and work hours that allow them to meet other commitments in life. Employees have a nice work life balance as well as a nice salary. Apple has offices all over the world.

2. Costco Wholesale


This company has a number of retail stores throughout North America. The people matter to their employees. Job security is strong and the company does everything that they can to keep their employees working even when times get hard. Managers work with their employees to give them plenty of training and continuing education chances. This site also pays their employees well and is willing to work around their family commitment. This makes both happy and productive employees.

1. Genentech


This company works in biotechnology as well as pharmaceuticals. They have a number of opportunities where a person can continue their education and advance within the company. This company has some of the best benefit packages including healthcare and there is paid long term maternity leaves for parents. A person can work a flexible schedule and the company is willing to work around their family commitments. People that work here are passionate about making the world a better place and curing illnesses. People are driven to succeed. This shows with the way that the company treats their employees and offers some great perks to help with a work life balance.

These are some of the best companies in the world that a person can want to work for. These companies pay their employees well and offer them room for advancement. These companies will allow an employee to have a healthy work and life balance so when they come to work they can be happy and productive.

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