Top 10 Best Courier Services Companies in India

Courier service is not at all new to humans. Even from olden time this service was there but in a different way. In olden days homing pigeons, horseback riders and foot messengers were used to deliver message on time. In olden time in Royal courts people who were working as labours they were paid some amount for delivering couriers.

Nowadays we have automated courier service and express service for speed delivery. Domestic courier service is rapidly expanding in India. These courier service safely deliver many items such as Deliver food products, medicines, home appliances, grocery items, stationary items, corporate gifts, furniture, chemicals, books, toys, letters etc and what not, the list will be endless.

In India there are several companies who work to deliver items or goods. The main motto of courier service is to deliver goods on time and help people to get their items on time.

Here is the list of Top 10 best courier services companies in India



In the year 1987 this company was established there are total 20 regional offices and more than 20,000+ serving location. This is situated at New Delhi, it is domestic courier which has expanded its service rapidly all over India from last two decades and it serves more than 200 countries all over the world.

This company has got success till the present year. It is mainly due to trust on them and their facilities provide uper them from packing to delivery of the product. Both rural and urban area this service is given. And transportation is through land, sea and air. There are many shipping partners which help this particular courier service.


overnite express limited, Top 10 Best Courier Services Companies in India 2017

In the year 1987 this service was established situated in Chennai. It is renowned domestic courier service in India who transport goods and other important items to the customer on time. In India at 2800 various places it is handled by different operators. And across world more than 1000 different places it is situated.



GATI LIMITED is Singapore based company which was established in the year 1989. It’s facilities and express service provided by them is most liked by the customers. Hence it is placed among top domestic courier service in India.



This courier service has its headquarters in Bangalore which serves as logistic solution segment. It is Netherland based company which was established in the year 1974. All over the world it operates 190 different stations. And offers express delivery across the globe.



In U.S in the year 1973 it was established. It is counted as one of prestigious domestic courier service in India due to its express delivery service. At present it serves 220 countries on globe including corporate, e-commerce and individuals.



Blue dart express limited is subsidiary of DHL and it was launched in the year 1994, and operates in 220 countries. Headquarters is at Chennai, India. It is mainly cargo airline transportation. And this courier service is well recognised for its delivery on time and without any damage. Hence it is one of recognised courier service companies in India 2017.



First flight courier Ltd., Was established in the year 1986 in Mumbai. It is one of leading domestic courier service in India which has 1200 domestic offices and even they serve international territories.

3. DHL


DHL EXPRESS INDIA Pvt Ltd: DHL EXPRESS was established in the year 1969. It’s headquarters is situated at Bonn,Germany. DHL provides international express mail service. DHL express is division of German logistic Company. First delivery was of documents between

San Francisco and Honolulu which was in the same year 1969. DHL express shares it’s DHL brand with other deutsche Post business units, such as DHL global forwarding and DHL supply chain. Even DHL offers best service across India and many branches are situated all over the world.



DTDC courier and cargo Limited, it was established in the year 1990 in tinsel town of Mumbai it has wide distribution network in India and even across world. It offers door delivery to both business and individual customers. This courier service holds a reasonable market shares in domestic courier service in India.



on April 1 and in the year 1774 it was established. It is government operated portal system.

Slogan: Dak Seva Jan Seva.

Headquarters is situated at Sansad Marg, New Delhi. There are more than 4,60,457 employees. There are more than one lakh forty five thousand post offices in India.

Services offered in Indian Postal Service are:

1.)Letter post.
2.)Parcel service.
5.)freight forwarding.
6.) Third-party logistics.
7.) Deposit account. etc.

So Indian Postal Service stands at first position because of its timing of delivery and they will provide good quality service. All across India both rurla and even across urban areas.

These were top 10 courier services companies in India 2017 who provide their best service to their customers on time without any damage to the products or to other items. Packaging, transportation and delivery at the destination without any damage is the main aim of these courier services companies.

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